9 Tips for Capturing Pictures to Sell Your Heavy Equipment

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Looking forward to offering your heavy equipment for sale? If yes, then you might need some guidance to build the best sale offer to get listed on different portals. One of the most important factors that are neglected most of the time by the seller is that they do not provide enough information about the product. Also, if they are posting the ad or listing down the product on different portals then they do not upload proper photos so that makes the buyer doubtful to do the purchase or not. If you will upload clear and great photos then it will eventually attract the customer and it will divert his attention and would also convince him to get the heavy equipment because they might think that your product is perfect for their needs. There are different websites that provide the heavy equipment listing where you can showcase your products because these portals have shared the statistics that listings that include quality pictures have the capability to attract more customers and it has a higher click-through rate. In this blog, we will be discussing the important factors that should be analyzed while capturing the pictures of your heavy equipment before offering it in the market.

Upload genuine pictures of the machine:

If you are building for sale listing then it might be better for you to add stock photos that are professional by OEM website or other online sources. But when the buyer is looking to purchase any heavy equipment then they always make sure that they are not being scammed by any dealer or seller by just seeing the condition of the machine. If you will offer your machine by providing detailed and real pictures then it will increase the reliability and credibility both. 

Use a camera of High Quality:

If you are using a flip phone for yourself then it is still cool but when you are looking to capture the photos of the equipment that has to be offered for sale then it might not be the right choice to use this phone to snap photos. It is important that you must choose a camera that can take high-quality images or a smartphone that has a camera with better megapixels. If you will take photos via such devices then it will give the buyer an idea about the condition of the unit and it will be easier for them to make the decision.

Capture A LOT of photos:

Images are considered as one of those sources that communicate more automatically because they are more powerful than any written description that is why it is important to add more photos because it will be better for you to connect with more buyers. It is important that you capture the photos from all sides of the machines by focusing on all parts with the help of multiple angles because it will help you to create the best sales pitch for your equipment.

Use natural daylight:

This is also a crucial factor because your machine will look perfect in the natural daylight so if you are taking the pictures of the machine when the sky is clear then it will give clarity to the images. If you are capturing the pictures when you are outside then it is important that you must place your machine in a clear area and there should be no trees or buildings that are overtaking its view or casting dark shadows on the machine as well.

Analyze the surroundings and background:

While capturing the pictures for your heavy machinery like wheel loader and offering it for sale then it is important to think about the focus of the buyer. This will give you an idea that how you can avoid the distraction in the background of the images. Before capturing the images you must analyze all the areas and do one last scan before starting to do its photoshoot.

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Display different angles:

When the buyer is looking to get the product from you then it is important that while seeing the photos on your listings there should be photos from all the angles so that they can view it from all sides. View of the photos should include its front, all sides, back, corners, top, and its undercarriage and in the end, you should also take the pictures with and without attachments.

Go for a wide shot for its body and Close-ups for parts:

It is necessary that while taking the photos of the machine you should clearly show the entire unit and also provide a clear view of all its parts. While taking the pictures of the body you should capture shots from a wide-angle so that it can show a complete piece of equipment. After that, you should be close to providing detailed pictures of its undercarriage, engine, wheels or tracks, joints on attachments, serial or VIN number, or any other important component or part for the buyer.

Display the machinery in action:

When the buyer is looking to buy a piece of machinery then he always makes sure that he is getting that product that is functioning properly that is why it is necessary that while taking its photos you should prove to the buyer that the machine is in perfect running condition and can get do all the jobs effectively. Action photos might include different images like extending the boom of an excavator, a loader with its bucket filled with full of material, etc.

Show any damage:

If you are looking to sell your heavy machinery in the business market then it is important that you should remain loyal to your customers. That is why you should be honest and should not have to misrepresent the condition of the machine that you are offering. If there is any type of dent, scratch, or any other damage on the machine then you should write all these details in the description of its document and should also show it by uploading its images as well.

All these factors and tips might help you when you will offer your construction machinery in the business market because details and descriptive listing will help you to attract more buyers and will increase your chances to sell your unit within less time. 

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