Used Backhoe Loaders for Sale

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Used Backhoe Loaders for Sale

Are you looking to invest in heavy-duty machinery while staying within your budget limes? Consider purchasing a used backhoe loaders for sale. Whether you are a professional construction company or a temporary constructor dealing with short-term projects. Pre-owned equipment provides you with expected outcomes without compromising on quality or performance. Mico Equipment is a renowned company where you can find quality-assured used backhoe loaders with affordable price tags more accessible than ever.

Backhoe loaders have a unique design that combines the abilities of a loader and an excavator simultaneously. Obviously, it involves handling the digging, ditching, and material hauling operations at the same time. From excavating foundations to clearing debris from the project sites, using a backhoe is an unbeatable and versatile assistance. Moreover, its compact size supports heavy-duty tasks in tight spaces.

What Is a Backhoe?

In simple terms, a backhoe is a multipurpose machine utilized in construction and excavation work. Indeed, its large digging bucket mounted at the back enables it to excavate the ground like an excavator. At the same time, its loader bucket can scoop up material like an ordinary loader. Backhoe loaders combine two machines in one, with a compact design supporting many projects.

Interesting Facts About Backhoes

Joseph Cyril Bamford Company first manufactured and launched backhoe loaders in the 1950s from the United Kingdom. This innovative structure revolutionized the construction industry with unique machines that can act as excavators and loaders at the same time. 

Versatility of Functions

Backhoes are amazingly versatile machines that streamline intricate tasks in confined areas. They can excavate soils, dig trenches, and quickly load and lift heavy objects. Therefore, it supports construction, mining, landscaping, farming, and utility supplies operations.

Outstanding Compact Design

Despite their powerful abilities, backhoes have a comparatively more compact design than heavy-duty equipment. That aspect makes it an undisputable asset for performing demanding tasks in urban development and road maintenance projects.

Precise Hydraulic Systems

Backhoes control their movements and command control via accurate hydraulic systems to power their activities. Therefore, its boom, arm, bucket, and other components have precise movements through hydraulic pressure executions.

Attachment Compatibility

However, the capabilities of backhoes are fortified with various attachments to meet customized needs. Standard attachments available in markets are hydraulic hammers for demolishing old buildings, augers for boring massive holes, and grapples for freighting odd-shaped materials.

Remarkable Evolution

Over the years, these innovative backhoes have undergone remarkable technological upgrades to improve their utility and performance. Indeed, the essential provision is to support operating safety, optimized engine efficiency, and automated control systems to enhance its versatility and productivity.

Users of Backhoes Loaders

Obviously, the dynamic design and approved outcomes of used heavy construction equipment for sale make them unsuitable attributes for various professionals and industries. Backhoe loaders can perform a multitude of tasks, including:

  • Construction companies
  • Landscaping and excavation contractors
  • Utility companies
  • Agriculture
  • Municipalities
  • Homeowners for DIY projects 

Overall, backhoes are versatile equipment catering to different users and industries due to their ability to efficiently perform various excavation and loading tasks.

Choosing the Best Used Backhoe Loader for Sale

Selecting the correct backhoe loader size and model with technical specifications that complement the project requirements is paramount. Houston’s markets are rich with different brands and models of backhoe loaders that fabricate new designs. However, the used backhoe for sale suits small startups and financially constrained companies.

Intended Application

When selecting a used backhoe loader, assessing the machine’s capabilities with the proposed utility or application is crucial. Determine the primary functions the backhoe can perform, such as digging, material transportation, filling trenches, or landscaping.

A compact or standard-sized backhoe loader suffices for light-duty landscaping or small-scale construction projects. Indeed, these devices have lower horsepower engines and limited digging depth facilities; however, they provide excellent maneuverability.

In contrast, heavy-duty or large-scale construction operations require excavation in challenging terrain unsuitable for small backhoe loaders. Therefore, buyers must look for models with powerful engines capable of assisting with more considerable digging depths and better lifting proficiencies.

While purchasing a used backhoe, check the engine power in horsepower, digging depth in meters, and lifting capacity to transport the material to different locations.

Specifications Size

In fact, the size of the backhoe machine significantly impacts its stable maneuverability, dynamic accessibility, and highest performance on different sites. Consider the machine’s physical dimensions to analyze its strengths. 

Compact backhoe loaders are unbeatable machines that can be navigated in confined job sites for residential landscaping and urban construction projects. These loaders have smaller dimensions and lighter body weights for easy and simple handling.

Larger backhoe loaders have extensive engine power to improve digging and lifting capabilities to execute heavy-duty operations and large-scale projects. However, the large body structures are not confined to open spaces without obstacles.

The horizontal reach of the bucket is evaluated to assess the lifting capacity from the ground. Likewise, the dumping height is the maximum height to that limit the loader can dig the surfaces, and the load carrying capacity is to transport that material to a defined location.

Attachments Compatibility

Backhoe loaders can be revolutionized with different attachments to support various applications. Indeed, the functionality and versatility of the loader are fortified with unique attachments. It may include heavy-duty hydraulic hammers, digging buckets, grapples, augers, and forks.

Study the specific attachments required for your project to analyze the compatibility with the selected backhoe loader model. Compatibility covers proper adjustments, hydraulic controls, and optimal performance. Likewise, the loader’s hydraulic system proficiencies concerning fluid flow rate and exerted pressure should be evaluated to accommodate the hydraulic supplies to linked attachments.

In fact, by considering these technical details, you can make a wise decision while opting for the best pre-owned backhoe loader for sale. Conduct thorough market research, analyze your requirements carefully, and prioritize aspects necessary for optimal productivity.

Inspection Checklist for Evaluating a Used Backhoe

When you purchase second-hand heavy machinery, performing a thorough inspection of devices is crucial for long-lasting investments. We have listed an extensive inventory for technical inspection of the pre-owned backhoe loaders from local markets for buyer’s convenience.

Engine Performance

Conversely, to perform heavy digging and lifting functions, the engine’s strength and reliability of its associated parts are prime necessary. To analyze their performance, check for pipe leaks, outdated filters, and broken belts. Maintenance records should also be reviewed to evaluate the history of scheduled filter changes and overhaul intervals. Moreover, starting the engine and listening for any unfamiliar noises or unexpected vibrations that depict underlying issues is suggested.

Hydraulic System

Inspect the interlinked hoses, power couplings, and hydraulic cylinders for damage signs and possible leakages or dents. Indeed, such indications verify that hydraulic fluid levels are up to the mark and free from contamination. Moreover, the hydraulic system performance can be tested by raising and lowering the backhoe loader arms and functioning the backhoe attachment to confirm smooth working.

Loader Bucket

Examine the used backhoe loader bucket for scratches, cracks, or dents of structural damage. Likewise, inspecting the bucket’s sides and edges is essential to assess their integrity and stability. Check the bucket teeth condition and placement of bolts for smooth and precise mobility.

Loader Arms

The backhoe loader performs the weight lifting functions with its powerful arm. Therefore, look for repairing signs like cracks and re-welds, which indicate the chances of mishandling. Also, the previous signs of accidents, overloading or structural damage. Moreover, the upkeeping history must be reviewed to confirm any previous modifications or malfunctions in the loader arms.

Tires and Cab

Inspect tire condition and size and ensure adequate inflation and tread width. Check for axle leaks and confirm the standard configuration, which is 4×4, 4×2, or 4x4x4, according to tire placement and differential transmission presence.

Moreover, the general condition of the cab, its power controls, seat belt accuracy, and instrumentation must be evaluated. Likewise, the performance of joysticks, foot pedals, and safety features should be scrutinized.

Inspection Points with Technical Details

Indeed, the technical features should be inspected under the supervision of certified technicians to have authentic results. We have listed the general details with some important figures to analyse. Moreover, the manufactures also provide the reference values. Therefore, at the time of purchase, cross-match these values with the actual measurements.

Inspection PointTechnical Considerations
EngineEngine oil leakage affects the system lubrication and engine performance damage. Engine Filters should be replaced after 250 to 500 hours of usage. Diesel engines require maintenance after 6,000 to 10,000 hours of usage.
Hydraulic SystemAfter seven years of service, the chances of Hydraulic hose failure drastically increase. Hydraulic fluid replacement time is 1,000 to 2,000 hours. Hydraulic cylinders should be changed after 10,000 to 12,000 hours of operation.
Loader BucketBucket needs to replace 8,000 to 10,000 hours of usage. Bucket teeth may be damaged between 500 and 1,000 hours.
Loader ArmsLoader arm failure increases after 15,000 hours of operation.
TiresBackhoe tires should be replaced after 2,000 to 5,000 hours of operational time. Differential and driveshaft parts need replacement after 10,000 to 15,000 hours.
CabThe average lifespan of cab parts is 10,000 to 15,000 hours before considerable wear.

By incorporating these guidelines into the inspection checklist, users should comprehensively evaluate a used backhoe loader for sale. These planning strategies help make wise decisions while investing in pre-owned devices.

Operating the backhoe to assess its functionalities firsthand is essential during the technical investigations. Indeed, attention to analyzing any abnormalities is paramount. The placement and efficiencies in steering movement, fluid temperature values, or unusual noises,

Review Service History

Request regular maintenance practice records from the dealer to gain insight into the backhoe’s upkeeping history. Reviewing service history helps to understand the machine’s overall performance and identify any red flags that need to be considered.

Evaluating Service Hours

Evaluate the backhoe’s total usage time as a critical lifespan indicator for left time and maintenance needs. Houston Construction Industry data suggests that average-size backhoe loaders last around 6,000 hours. After this suggested period, major repair and overhauling operations are required.

Remember that backhoe parts start to degrade after 8,500 hours. Moreover, the chances of machine failure increased after more than 3,500 hours of usage. By meticulously checking each component and analyzing the backhoe’s upkeeping history and usage hours, the buyers can make evaluating purchases. 

Operational Practices for Backhoe Loaders’ Longevity

To meet the industrial-specific codes of construction equipment in Texas, the users are provided with instructions for safely handling backhoe loaders. Let’s delve into technical points in more detail to achieve outstanding results while maintaining safety protocols.

Turning on Steep Slopes or Descending 

Indeed, the design structure of backhoes has a high center of gravity. Therefore, they are susceptible to tipping and rollover accidents while moving over steep slopes or uneven terrain. Moreover, turning sharply over uphill and quickly moving downhill increases the machine’s rollover risk.

The stability of the significant devices depends on the slope angle and the weight distribution between each wheel and the rear of the backhoe. Driving the equipment while staying within stability limits and following safe procedures is essential. Therefore, it is suggested that maintaining a slow and average speed on uneven surfaces is an excellent way to prevent accidents.

Starting the Loader in Gear

When the loader is in gear, and someone is standing near its wheel, it is hazardous and can lead to accidents. Moreover, backhoe loaders integrated with engines and powertrains can exert considerable force when starting from a stationary position. 

Therefore, the chances of accidents are increased when the loaders are in gear and lurching forward or backward. It is recommended that the device be kept at a safe distance when it is in running condition. Mico Equipment is a top-notch company that provides after-sales services for safely handling machines in practical operations.

Operating Without Stabilizers

Stabilizer legs, or outriggers, are essential safety features incorporated to enhance the stability of the loader surface grip during digging and loading functions. Additionally, using the stabilizer legs before action helps distribute weight equally over each part and wheel.

When the outriggers are utilized, lift the rear wheels from the surface, provide ultimate stability, and reduce the chances of tipping. However, failure to use these outriggers or operate the backhoe on steep terrains without proper stabilization is dangerous.

In summary, following these critical safe operating practices control the possibility of accidents and occupational hazards. Moreover, personnel protective equipment is essential for operators’ safety. Likewise, adhering to the manufacturer’s guiding principle, training, and caution in intricate handling situations is crucial for secure backhoe operation.

Backhoe Loaders Available at Mico Equipment

Mico Equipment has been a prominent player in serving the construction industry with used machinery since the 1960s. With the vision to provide quality-assured products at reasonable price tags, Mico has earned the reputation of being one of the most trusted suppliers within Houston and globally. Our online inventory of used backhoe loaders for sale is comprehensive to meet the needs of diverse industries.

Sr.No.Model NameYearUsage (Hours)SerialPrice (US$)Inventory
1DEERE 410J20078,482Call for PriceIn Stock
2Terex TX760B20053,12225,000/-In Stock

Our heavy-duty equipment has garnered customer satisfaction in the US and worldwide due to its flawless functionalities and outstanding quality. The certified experts conduct the performance checks of each piece of machinery before sale.

At Mico, we offer a diverse selection of second-hand construction machinery for sale and support customers in purchasing a suitable device. Contact us if you require an expert suggestion or buy a specific model machine. 

Understanding of Top Backhoe Loader Brands and Models

Indeed, Houston’s markets are saturated with different brands and models of used backhoe loaders for sale. However, depending on your needs and budget line, you can select the most suitable one. This comprehensive guide compares the top-used backhoe loader models to support buyers in making wise decisions, considering their technical specifications and real-time performance insights. 

This exploration provides valuable insight into top models with their technical details to assist the buyer in analyzing their capabilities and suitability for their specific needs.

  1. Caterpillar (CAT) 420F/430F Backhoe Loader

Caterpillar Inc. is a global leader in heavy-duty construction machine manufacturing, renowned for its design innovation and performance reliability. Among its outstanding backhoe product lineup, the Caterpillar 420F and 430F stand out as valuable workhorses crafted to excel in diverse industries.

Technical Specifications

These models combine superior construction, outstanding engine capabilities, and advanced features to tackle complicated tasks easily. In fact, it is a suitable solution for excavation and trenching to transporting heavy weights. 

With a legacy of exceptional machine durability, workload productivity, and operator comfort, the CAT 420F/430F loaders set the standard for effectiveness worldwide. Contact Mico Equipment representative at +1 (281) 468-9898 or for more information. 

EngineCAT C4.4 ACERT with 93 to 107 hp.
TransmissionPower Shuttle transmission with forward and reverse speeds of 4 levels
Operating Weight7,257 to 8,165 kg
Digging DepthUp to 14 feet
Loader Capacity1.3 to 1.5 cubic yards
  1. John Deere 310SL/410L Backhoe Loader

They are the pioneers in automation machinery and construction-related devices. Moreover, their 310SL and 410L backhoe loader models epitomize the manufacturer’s commitment to product durability and innovation. However, these backhoe loaders are engineered to excel in various applications, from sit excavation to landscaping and utility operations. 

Technical Specifications

With high horsepower engines, innovative transmissions, and rugged construction material, the 310SL and 410L provide exceptional results and on-site reliability. Featuring outstanding ergonomic cabins, adequate, intuitive controls, and an advanced PowerShift transmission mechanism, the John Deere backhoe leads this sector.

Moreover, Mico Equipment tested their machines from trusted professionals to meet quality standards worldwide. In fact, the 310SL and 410L exemplify John Deere’s capabilities to deliver superior, high-quality equipment to meet emerging challenges for today’s environments.

EnginePowerTech E 4.5L engine ranging from 93 to 110 hp.
TransmissionPowershift transmission
Operating Weight7,711 to 9,072 kg
Digging Depth14 feet
Loader Capacity1.25 to 1.4 cubic yards
  1. JCB 3CX/4CX Backhoe Loader

JCB is a global leader in heavy-duty manufacturing and the founder of backhoe design. Obviously, their specific crafts of 3CX and 4CX backhoe loader models represent their professional commitment to innovation and results efficiency. Moreover, the design structures of these loaders are compatible with different scales of operations in various industries.

Technical Specifications

With smart fuel consumption, powerful engines transmit power equality to each wheel. Moreover, the outstanding construction supports the high performance in harsh surroundings. Therefore, the 3CX and 4CX offer exceptional productivity and versatility on the job site. These backhoe loaders are integrated with updated safety features for operator comfort and machine well-being. 

Additionally, the JCB backhoe loaders 3CX and 4CX incorporated EcoMax engines and Command Plus cab’s outer design to support intricate operations. Also, JCB’s products are approved and tested for industrial performance and safety standards.

EngineJCB EcoMax T4F engine with 74 to 109 hp.
TransmissionPowershift transmission
Operating Weight7,711 to 9,979 kg
Digging Depth14 to 18 feet
Loader Capacity1.1 to 1.4 cubic yards
  1. Case 580 Super N/580 Super M Backhoe Loader

Case Construction is a prominent partner of heavy-duty equipment fabrication in the construction equipment industry. Indeed, it presents the 580 Super N and 580 Super M innovative backhoe loader models. Obviously, this reflects the brand’s commitment to high durability and versatility of designs in challenging terrains. These loaders are structured to fulfill the diverse needs of contractors, utility municipalities, and temporary rental companies.

Technical Specifications

Indeed, to meet the device’s expected outcomes, it is powered by innovative engines and advanced transmission mechanisms. Moreover, the backhoe 580 Super N and 580 Super M’s durable construction excels in digging, loading, ditching, and material freighting. 

Furthermore, outstanding features of ergonomic cabins with hydraulically operated joysticks and pedals deliver precise workloads. Likewise, advanced ProControl and Ride Control intervention support the intricate functions in complex environments.

EngineFPT Tier 4 Final engine from 89 to 110 hp.
TransmissionPowershift transmission
Operating Weight6,804 to 9,072 kg
Digging Depth14 feet
Loader Capacity1.25 to 1.4 cubic yards
  1. Komatsu WB93R-8/WB97R-8 Backhoe Loader

Komatsu, a Japanese company, satisfies its users with upgraded structures and excellent customer support worldwide. However, their WB93R-8 and WB97R-8 backhoe loader models invade Houston’s markets with work performances and safety practices. Therefore, the site engineers rely on their excavation and material handling capabilities.

Technical Specifications

With their powerful engines, power-shift transmissions, and durable structure, the WB93R-8 and WB97R-8 provide exceptional productivity on the job site. Moreover, innovations in safety features are another positive aspect of investing in these machines.

Mico Equipment provides after-sale services and troubleshooting provisions globally. Komatsu backhoe loaders revolutionized operator comfort and ease in their equipment. Trusted by professionals worldwide, these loaders exemplify Komatsu’s outstanding designs with a guarantee to deliver high-quality solutions.

EngineKomatsu SAA4D95LE-7 engine with 93 to 107 hp.
TransmissionPowershift transmission
Operating Weight7,711 to 9,072 kg
Digging Depth14 to 18 feet
Loader Capacity1.1 to 1.4 cubic yards
  1. Volvo BL60/BL70 Backhoe Loader

Indeed, Volvo, a leading brand from Sweden, has 180 years of excellence in this sector of heavy machinery manufacturing. They offer the BL60 and BL70 backhoe loader, epitomizing Volvo’s commitment to novelty, durability, and work efficiency. These loaders are crafted to deal with the emerging demands of various applications. Therefore, it is considered an undisputable asset in construction, mining, landscaping, and utility work. 

Technical Specifications

The Volvo BL60/BL70 Backhoe Loader blends the concepts of power, versatility, and efficiency to facilitate tricky construction tasks. Moreover, it is fortified with a robust engine, delivering ample power for demanding operations while regulating fuel efficiency. Its ergonomic cabs facilitate the operator’s comfort and ease.

Likewise, the Volvo loader’s hydraulic controls provide responsive performance, enabling efficient material handling and excavating operations. With durable construction and up to the mark, the features of additional attachments improve their bucket sizes and shapes.

EngineVolvo D3.8H engine from 83 to 98 hp.
TransmissionPowershift transmission
Operating Weight7,257 to 8,618 kg
Digging Depth14 to 17 feet
Loader Capacity1.1 to 1.4 cubic yards
  1. New Holland B95C/B110C Backhoe Loader

New Holland is a reputable brand in the domain of top-class equipment suppliers in construction and other industrial applications. However, the B95C and B110C backhoe loader models lead the way forward for users with affordability. Moreover, they reflect their commitment to innovation and device reliability. New Holland backhoe loaders are engineered to resonate with today’s needs of contractors in challenging surroundings.

Technical Specifications

B95C/B110C Backhoe Loader stays at the front lead for advanced technology and durability. Its powerful engine and transmission system deliver exceptional outputs and fuel efficiency. The loader provided a spacious, comfortable cab to minimize operator fatigue during long work hours. Moreover, upgraded with efficient hydraulic systems, it offers flawless operation and stable maneuverability.

EngineFPT F5BFL413G*A002 engine from 97 to 110 hp
TransmissionPowershuttle transmission
Operating Weight7,257 to 8,618 kg
Digging Depth14 to 17 feet
Loader Capacity1.1 to 1.4 cubic yards
  1. Terex TLB840/TLB890 Backhoe Loader

Indeed, to stay distinctive in the evolving industry of construction machine suppliers, Terex is considered a top-notch company for product reliability and performance. Their TLB840 and TLB890 backhoe loaders are novel models to manage the duties of the loader and excavator without compromising the outcomes.

Technical Specifications

The backhoes are innovatively designed loaders that conduct dynamic operations with outstanding stability of moves. Therefore, it has powerful engines, accurate transmission systems, and rugged construction. TLB840 and TLB890 excel in digging, loading, trenching, and material handling tasks. 

Obviously, Terex loaders ensure workers’ safety and productivity on the job site. Therefore, featuring user-friendly interfaces, ergonomic cabins, and upgraded technology. Additionally, these loaders are widely accepted and approved by different professionals from dynamic origins.

EnginePerkins 1104C-44 engine from 99 to 110 hp
TransmissionPowershift transmission with four speed levels.
Operating Weight7,711 to 9,072 kg
Digging Depth14 to 17 feet
Loader Capacity1.1 to 1.4 cubic yards
  1. Kubota BX23S/B26TLB Backhoe Loader

a Japanese company, Kubota, was founded in 1890 in Osaka, Japan. Initially, they craft cast iron pipes. However, they start manufacturing agricultural tractors in the 1960s. Afterward, it was considered the trusted partner of construction machinery. Indeed, today, Kubota used heavy-duty equipment for sale, which was approved as best in performance and resale value.

Technical Specifications

The BX23S and B26TLB are the Kubota’s signature for durability and work performance. Therefore, it is considered the ideal loader for digging and loading massive material in confined spaces. Moreover, it is fortified with user-friendly controls, ergonomic operator cabins, and robust engines.

The BX23S and B26TLB exemplify Kubota’s quality-assured products and excel in delivering outstanding designs with high outputs and safety features.

EngineKubota D902 engine with 23 to 26 hp
TransmissionHydrostatic transmission with low, medium, and high-speed levels.
Operating Weight1,587 to 1,814 kg
Digging Depth6.5 to 7 feet
Loader Capacity0.14 to 0.16 cubic yards
  1. Mahindra EarthMaster VX/EarthMaster SX Backhoe Loader

Mahindra EarthMaster VX and EarthMaster SX backhoe loaders showcase Mahindra’s reliable and efficient heavy-duty equipment solutions. As a trusted player in the global market, they are renowned for technological innovation and resale worth. The EarthMaster VX and SX models are fabricated to meet the challenging needs of construction and other industries.

Technical Specifications

With robust device construction, powerful engine support, and advanced safety features, these loaders simultaneously excel in excavation and material handling. Backed by Mahindra’s standing for quality and maintenance service, the EarthMaster VX and SX are wise choices even for pre-owned machine purchases.

EngineMahindra DI-TECH engine with83 to 85 hp
TransmissionSynchromesh transmission with four forward and reverse speeds.
Operating Weight7,257 to 8,165 kg
Digging Depth14 to 17 feet
Loader Capacity1.1 to 1.4 cubic yards

Conclusion: Buy a Backhoe from Mico Equipment

Mico Equipment is an approved and ideal option when considering the purchase of a used backhoe loader for sale. They provide tested products with extensive warranty protections. Moreover, it supports the device shipment service worldwide at affordable charges. 

With a legacy from the 1960s, Mico is considered the name of customer trust and reliance in the construction sector. Indeed, their recognition is their professional attitude, machine reliability, and commitment to providing quality products within strict budget lines.

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