Used Crawler Dozers for Sale

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Used Crawler Dozers for Sale

Work efficiency and reliability in the construction sector depend on high-performance machines. If you are searching for a crawler dozer without breaking the bank, used crawler dozers for sale are the best solutions. Indeed, the markets are filled with top-quality, heavy-duty used equipment that perfectly tackles earthmoving and construction tasks.

In fact, the option of a second-hand crawler dozer is equally effective for small-scale contractors to complete their limited-budget projects and large-scale activities. Mico Equipment is invading Houston’s local and international markets with a well-maintained and diverse variety of pre-owned equipment. Please browse our online inventory to find the most suitable used crawler dozer to elevate your project outcomes.

Crawler Dozer Primary Users

These are heavy-duty tracked vehicles with a large metal blade mounted at the front to push large quantities of soil and other materials. Obviously, reliable technical support for construction, earthmoving, mining, and landscaping operations. However, they are considered the most trusted machines to deliver outstanding results even in challenging terrains and climatic conditions.

Construction Companies

Construction firms install crawler dozers for site preparation, soil grading, trenching, and earthmoving operations. Indeed, it is an essential tool for clearing land and reshaping grounds to meet construction requirements.

Mining Industries

In mining, used crawler dozers effectively manage ores, stripping, stockpiling, and developing haul roads. Per-owned heavy machines for sale enable the operators to meet desired results within limited resources.

Road Maintenance Services 

Crawler dozers are used to level the asphalt material over the prepared land and, therefore, have a vital role in road development and maintenance projects. Moreover, they can cut and shape roadbeds and clean roadway debris.

Government Agencies

Administration departments accountable for infrastructure development and disaster management use crawler dozers for various projects. However, they can work long hours to clear debris after natural disasters and maintain dames and public infrastructure construction.

Rental Companies

When the requirement for any heavy-duty device is temporary and for short-term bases, the most reliable substitute is to contact rental companies. They purchase used crawler dozers for sale at the lowest prices and provide them for rent.

Overall, dozers are versatile equipment that delivers reliable results in earthmoving and construction operations.

Different Types of Crawler Dozers

Crawler dozers come in different configurations to fulfil specific operational supplies. Obviously, their working efficiencies depend on models, maintenance practices, and compatibility with the intended use. Here, we elaborate on the common types of crawler dozers regarding their reliability:

  1. Standard Crawler Dozers 

In fact, earthmoving and soli grading standard dozers give maximum yield when conducting small- to medium-scale operations. However, Houston’s markets are saturated with dozers with different blade sizes and configurations. Moreover, they have comprehensive strength of engines to move in uneven, sloppy areas.

  1. Low Ground Pressure (LGP) Dozers

Conversely, LGP dozers are specially designed to manage construction and mining operations in challenging and soft soil terrain. Thay have wider tracks with massive footprint areas to control the impact of pressure on desired land. 

Therefore, effectively move in swamp and wetland restoration tasks. Additionally, they are deployed in environmental remediation and spreading utility pipes during construction.

  1. Waste Handling Dozers

These are mainly fabricated to handle landfill and waste management practices. Therefore, have specialized guarding systems and cooling systems to protect against dust and contaminants. Also, these dozers can tolerate high temperatures, moisture, and corrosive substance interactions.

  1. Hydrostatic Transmission Dozers

Interestingly, to have precise control and smooth operation, hydraulic transmission is incorporated to control the power drives to each wheel. Hydrostatic mechanism to facilitate easy maneuverability and precise blade movements.

  1. Mining Dozers

Mining dozers are potent machines that manage rigorous functional demands in limited spaces. Therefore, it is widely used in the mining industry to remove accumulated materials and stockpile management. These dozers have rugged and compact designs with adequate cooling systems to withstand harsh conditions.

  1. Specialty Dozers

Specialty structured dozers have various configurations to meet the needs of different applications and industries. Significantly, forestry dozers are fortified with protective cages and debris screens for operator safety and accurate logging operations.

Obviously, the valuable selection of a specific crawler dozer depends on its manufacturer’s reputation, quality build, and customer support. Also, the previous user’s review and feedback support the subsequent purchases. 

Most Reliable Models of Used Crawler Dozers for Sale

The markets of Texas are rich with different makes and models of pre-owned crawler dozers. In fact, the older versions are more adaptable to technological interventions. Furthermore, purchasing a specific dozer depends on project needs and available finances. A review of some renowned crawler dozer brands is compiled based on performance track records.

Caterpillar D6

Impactfully, this design is the iconic crawler dozer of the most trusted manufacturer, Caterpillar.  The D6 series is renowned for its rugged structure, powerful engines, and advanced technology. Therefore, it is effectively integrated with a wide range of applications. Moreover, D6T and D6N dozers are highly durable, versatile, and productive in earthmoving.

Komatsu D65

Komatsu’s D65 series is famous for its reliable performance, fuel efficiency, and ergonomic design. Additionally, have the most advanced technology and innovative solutions for remote control operations. Therefore, the on-site operator conducts demanding operations while staying in secure environments.  D65 dozers have the least operational cost and maintenance services.

John Deere 850K

When it comes to having robust machinery with powerful engines, John Deere’s 850K series of crawler dozers are at the top lead. They can perform well for extensive hours in challenging terrains. Therefore, it can maintain high torque at low engine speed. Also, have hydraulic controls over transmission and smart fuel consumption. 

Specifications Comparison of some Crawler Dozers
Indeed, our prime focus is to make the streamlined purchase of used crawler dozers for sale a long-lasting investment. Here is a detailed overview of frequently available brands with renewed dozer models. 

FeatureCaterpillar D6TKomatsu D65John Deere 850KLiebherr PR 764Case 1650M
Engine Power223 hp – 300 hp220 hp – 287 hp265 hp – 314 hp336 hp221 hp – 265 hp
Operating Weight (kg)19,000 to 22,00021,950 to 24,60021,400 to 24,10024,500 to 29,90020,800 to 24,950
Blade Capacity (m³)4.3 – 7.05.6 – 6.44.5 – 6.67.0 – 8.54.5 – 6.6
Transmission TypePowershiftHydrostaticPowershiftHydrostaticPowershift
Technology IntegrationAdvanced GPS and TelematicsAutomation Control, GPS, TelematicsJDLink Telematics, GPS,Liebherr Power Efficiency (LPE)Advanced Control Systems,
MaintenancesEasy Access PointsSimplified Procedures and Onboard DiagnosticsRemote Service Points and MonitoringAccessible Maintenance and DiagnosticsConvenient Maintenance Tools

This table provides insight into the technical aspects that define their practical implications to improve work efficiencies and outputs. However, the provided data are indicative features that may alter with users’ configuration.

Liebherr PR 764

In today’s challenging construction industry dynamics, Liebherr’s PR 764 dozers are prevailing in the markets with their precise functions and innovative design. Furthermore, durable engineering and excellent technologies seek customer satisfaction. Also, they have less fuel utility, maintenance costs, and environmental impacts.

Case 1650M

Case’s 1650M series of crawler dozers are acclaimed in construction and utility management practices for meeting high productivity and machine reliability. Conversely, it is facilitated with operator comfort, hydraulic control systems, and varied applicability features. 

These are just references based on the reviews and feedback of users; therefore, they can be objectionable at any time. Assessing your specific requirements before opting for used heavy equipment for sale is recommended. 

Used Crawler Dozers Available at Mico Equipment

Obviously, the impactful return on investment of used machinery is the pillar to flourishing pre-owned device markets in Houston. Mico Equipment is a top-notch company serving since the 1960s.  We have a wide range of quality-approved equipment with warranty protection. Moreover, dedicated professionals support users in selecting the suitable machine. Visit our online inventory of crawler dozers at economical price tags. 

Sr.No.Model NameYearUsage (Hours)Serial Price (US$)Inventory
CAT D6R – LGP II20053,494 105,000/-In Stock
2Deere 750K Crawler Dozer 20198,13598,000/-In Stock
3CAT D7G Ex-Army1988201588,000/-In Stock 
4CAT D5M XL199710,02842,500/-In Stock

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Houston TX 77044, USA.

Benefits Of Buying Used Crawler Dozers in Houston

Local and international markets are well-flourished to facilitate small industries and fulfil the demands of temporary contractors. They offer quality-assured heavy-duty machinery at a relatively low cost and in good working condition. However, there is a need to assess the desired technical efficiencies before making any decision.

Maximum Return on Investment

Indeed, a pre-owned crawler dozer provides a compelling opportunity for budget-constrained businesses with maximum return on investment (ROI). Obviously, used equipment is available at a significantly lower initial cost than new machines. 

Therefore, it assists buyers in allocating capital more efficiently. This upfront investment savings improved cash flow and ratio of profits. 

Stable Resale Value and Depreciation 

Used machines have previously undergone a substantial part of their initial depreciation curve. Conversely, this results in more stable resale values than new equipment. 

In fact, purchasing older versions with good performing conditions effectively cut down depreciation impacts. There are minimum financial risks with stable resale values for a more extended period.

Already Proven Performance 

Notably, the buyers can have considerable reviews and feedback about that particular equipment. Moreover, they have insights into their technical flaws and needs for modifications. In fact, many users tested them in the real world with an actual history of operations.

The purchasers can pre-judge the performance characteristics and suitability for specific tasks. This empirical data is more valuable than the theoretical specifications.

Immediate Operational Availability 

Unlike the latest models, which take considerable time for fabrication, delivery, and installation, second-hand crawler dozers can be immediately deployed. This instant device availability minimizes delays and downtime. 

Constructors can capitalize on time-sensitive prospects and maintain working continuity in the long run. Additionally, these pre-owned tools have undergone necessary alterations and amendments, streamlining the executions.

Customization Potential

Older crawler dozers are more flexible and can interlink with existing setups without accessories. Therefore, engineers can get the expected outputs by integrating them with their machine fleets. This customization potential supports buyers in having precisely configured devices to address unique project needs.

Supportive Maintenance History 

Mico Equipment offers detailed maintenance records and overhauling histories. However, it provides valuable insights into possible repairs and faults in that machine. Also, support to analyses of its previous handling protocols and work efficiencies. Likewise, preventative maintenance schedules give an overview of reliability and potential future requirements.

Less Total Cost of Ownership 

Used crawler dozers offer a lower total cost of ownership (TCO) and insurance claims. Indeed, insurance companies are entitled to less capital for second-hand or repaired machinery. In fact, their errors are predictable and manageable with low repair costs. Moreover, their spare parts are readily available in markets.

Simply put, purchasing a used crawler dozer for sale has numerous technical advantages, such as approved performance standards with low investments. These benefits appeal to buyers seeking to maximize the value of their equipment investments while achieving superior outcomes in demanding workplaces.

Technical Inspection Guide: Purchasing Crawler Dozers

Indeed, investing in used heavy equipment requires careful examination of the chassis, battery, engine, and other parts. Moreover, the technical details to gauge the work efficiencies are more important. Engineers and contractors hire qualified and certified professionals to assist them in evaluating machine technical specifications. 

Here, we outline the necessary inspection protocols to streamline assessments and make valuable decisions.  

Examine Dozer Overall Condition 

Physical examine the body frame for wear and tera. Moreover, check the welding points which indicate the undergone repair. Also, the undercarriage components are crucial. Inspect visible damage or signs of corrosion.

Likewise, the wheels or traction rollers, belts, or tires should be observed as their alignment issues. There should not be any bolt missing that can lead to tracking tension. Evaluate the state of the blade. Their edges should not be broken to level the surfaces evenly. Also, the dents or pressure points indicate the rough and extensive use of dozers.

Undercarriage Inspection

It is supported with flawless undercarriage areas to maintain machine stability on challenging terrains. Moreover, the track shoe width and pitch are necessary. They should meet manufacturer specifications. Similarly, the adjustments of track tension are critical to keeping the balance of the dozer in its moves.

Users should have technical knowledge of each specification to analyses the reliability of proper tension values. Inspect track links and rollers for alignment of pins and bushes. The excessive usage demands the moving parts and needs to be replaced after a specified time.

Powertrain Engine Features 

The engine is the power support for the moving wheels and carrying the loaded objects effectively. Check the coolant system’s engine oil pressure and fluids to prevent overheating issues for long working hours. These fluids should be according to the manufacturers’ guidelines.

Monitor engine RPM and torque to execute the operational demands. Moreover, the exhaust emissions indicate that the engine’s condition should meet regulatory standards. Likewise, the transmission suspensions and clutch engagement provide stable measurability. Also, the smooth shifting between gears should be evaluated. Measure hydraulic fluids and flow rates with manufacturer specifications.

Accuracy of Hydraulic System

Inspect hydraulic pipes for damage and leakages. Start the dozer and check the leakage of fluid in the underneath area. Also, the hydraulic hose diameter must be measured to generate the required pressure. Indeed, the hydraulic system cylinders should be swiftly moved and responsive with adequate seals. 

Recommended Values for Technical Inspection

The manufacturers provided complete technical and design details for their different makes and models of crawler dozers. These documents are available on the manufacturing company website and other online resources. Here, we try to present some of the most essential aspects concisely and recommended values.

Technical AspectsAverage Recommended Values
UndercarriageTrack Shoe Width should be 16 to 24 inches.Track Pitch is 6 to 9 inchesTrack Tension and Track Links with proper alignment.
Engine FeaturesProper Coolant System and Engine Oil.Engine RPM: 1200 to 2200 RPM with variable torque.Assess Exhaust Emissions, Transmission and Clutch Controls.
Electrical and Control SystemBattery Voltage of 12 to 24 volts with functional Lights, Gauges, Switches, Sensor

Electrical and Control Systems

It is recommended that the light, gauge, switch, and sensor be assessed. Start the engine and ensure the function of each part to point out the issues. Also, it validated the operation of electronic control systems to coordinate with other machine parts. 

However, the integrated sections include GPS assistance, telematics, and automated functionalities. Measure battery voltage supply and charging output precision. Notably, the battery has a fixed lifespan and needs to be replaced afterwards for flawless coordination.

Operator Comfort and Safety

In fact, heavy-duty machines have to perform for extensive hours in harsh surroundings. Therefore, practical and comfortable designs with safety features are paramount. Check the placement of seat belts and their reliable strength. 

Moreover, dozers with cab cages are available to protect drivers in rollover accidents. The safety regulations for ROPS and FOPS should comply with the desired codes. Also, the parking brake’s functionality and emergency shut-downs should be examined to control hazards.

Asses Maintenance Records

Assessment of previous maintenance servicing provides valuable insights into its performance and well-being. Verify that the protocols follow the pre-defined maintenance schedules with proper intervals and service documentation records. Outline the incidents of major repairs, overhauls, or emergency situations. Also, the artistry quality of the replaced parts must be apprehended.

Test Drive for Evaluation

To have real-time monitoring, start the crawler dozer engine and take a test drive to analyses transmission control and precise maneuverability. Test the used dozer in flat, sloppy, and rough terrain conditions. Gauge steering responsiveness, traction control, and firmness during operation.  Moreover, the exhaust smoke, vibrations, and unusual sounds depict the malfunctions.

However, professional support and keen observations of technical details enable the users to make wise decisions. Gathering as much data as possible and conducting a wide-ranging evaluation before making a purchase decision is essential.

Some Alterations to Improve Dozers Efficiencies

Used crawler dozers of brands have great adaptability to integrate with innovative technologies to boost their performances and operational controls. For the buyer’s understanding, we have elaborated some alterations and modifications that impact the outcomes.

Integrate GPS and Telematics Systems

In fact, to meet functional reliability in challenging workplaces, GPS and telematics systems are installed in used crawler dozers. They can support the operators in connecting the device while sitting in a safe place. These tracking tools enable real-time monitoring of machine location. 

Moreover, it delivers on-site performance metrics and operational data. This data can be used to improve fleet management, screen fuel consumption, record productivity, and detect sensitive areas for improvement.

Upgrade Machine Control Systems

Retrofitting used crawler dozers with intelligent machine control systems enhances precision and productivity. These systems use advanced technology, such as GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite System) and machine learning algorithms, to automate blade positioning and optimize grading operations, reducing operator fatigue and improving accuracy.

least Fuel consumption Amendments

Upgrading technical parts of the engine improves the performance and fuel intake. Therefore, the engineers integrate fuel injectors, exhaust systems, and turbochargers into used crawler dozers. 

Additionally, installing controlled shutdowns when the device isn’t working for some time manages the dozer’s well-being and fuel consumption. Moreover, engine remapping is an essential tactic to reduce fuel inputs.

Optimize Hydraulic Systems

Obviously, fortifying hydraulic systems with high-speed pumps, precise valves, and cylinders can improve the generated pressures and flow rate. Enhance the crawler dozers’ challenging field actives and responsiveness to commands. Therefore, implementing load-sensing pressure sensors and hydraulic regeneration mechanisms strengthens energy efficiency and reduces cycle times.

Enhance Ergonomics Applications 

Indeed, the United States have strict personnel safety rules and regulations. Therefore, executives incorporate reliable security technologies in used machinery to stay distinctive. They retrofit dozer operator cabs with comfortable seating, automated controls, an air conditioning facility, and other features. 

Definitely, a relaxing working environment improves their outputs and well-being. Likewise, the vivid front and back view mirrors are adjusted for precise controls.

Upgrade Undercarriage Parts

To improve undercarriage components’ traction and stable mobility, they are fortified with wide rubber tracks and rollers to enhance the pressure area. Therefore, crawler dozers can perform mining operations over soft ground surfaces.

These practices enhance the track life span and applications. Likewise, chains are tangled around the track to increase the grips over sloppy and watery terrains.

Remote Monitoring and Diagnostics

Moreover, smart devices are installed to monitor the machine’s operations and transmit alarming signs if some unexpected things happen. These self-diagnostic tools reduce the chances of accidents by early warning signals. Likewise, emergency shutdowns control the safety measures and practice maintenance protocols.

Integrate Attachments for Usefulness

Retrofitting pre-owned dozers with versatile attachments makes them more accurate and functional for different operations. Therefore, engineers adjust rippers, blade sizes, winches, and brush guards to make them capable of handling different applications. Likewise, interchangeable quick couplers fortified the hydraulic system’s worth and reliability.

Their utility and applications can be customized by instigating advanced technical support for selling second-hand heavy equipment. Moreover, it reduces the need to add other tools and controls operational costs and time.

Advanced Maintenance Strategies and Best Practices 

Professional maintenance practices are required to keep the dozer well-performing and functional for extended periods. Moreover, the chances of equipment failures and possible accidents are reduced. For a more in-depth understanding, consider the below-mentioned tips: 

Regular Undercarriage Inspections

Conduct undercarriage inspections to evaluate wear and tear on track shoes, rollers, and sprockets for stable transportation and firmness over surfaces. Impactfully, the wearing ratio of crawler dozers is 0.6 and 0.9 mm per 100 hours of usage. Therefore, replace them after a predefined time. Similarly, use track tension gauges between 20 to 35 mm of sag under optimal conditions. 

Scheduled Lubrication and Greasing

Follow manufacturer-recommended lubrication timetables for all adjustable parts, bearings, and bushings. However, it is recommended to use high-quality grease that can withstand extreme pressure (EP) applications to protect the joints and pivot components from friction and damage. In fact, professionals suggest 8 to 10 hours of operation for the following lubrication procedures.

Engine and Cooling System Maintenance

250 to 500 working hours of crawler dozers required engine oil and filter changes with premium quality oils and original company-supplied filters. Likewise, coolant fluid levels should be examined, and hoses, belts, and radiator flippers should be reviewed for leaks or damage. Perform coolant replacements as defined by the manufacturer.

Hydraulic System Care

Check the hydraulic fluid mentioned levels and conduct transparency tests regularly. This will ensure fine quality and contaminant-free fluid. Conversely, leakage-free pipe and hydraulic cylinders are required to manage adequate pressure and flow rates. Monitor the incidents of oil spills underneath the dozer chassis to identify defaults in the hydraulic system. 

Operator Training and Best Practices

Provide comprehensive training to on-site staff and operators for proper handling and upkeeping practices. In fact, these maintenance procedures and safety protocols are essential for personnel and machine well-being. 

By following these technical preservation tips and integrating them with a regular maintenance routine, optimize the dozer’s performance, steadfastness, and longevity.

Conclusion: Buy Used Crawler Dozers from Mico Equipment

Purchasing a used crawler dozers for sale is indeed a strategic investment for productions looking to optimize their heavy equipment acquisitions. Buyers can capitalize on the value offered by pre-owned machines in Houston’s market by considering cost savings, verified reliability, and customization potential.

In navigating the market for used crawler dozers, they should have technical expertise and selections of reputable sellers. Mico Equipment is at the front lead to deliver a wide range of approved and tested used equipment with warranty protections. Connect with us to make a sustainable purchase with more return on your investment.

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