Used Skid Steers for Sale

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Used Skid Steers for Sale

Looking for a versatile and compact wheel loader for digging operations in construction and landscaping within a limited budget. Consider investing in a used skid steers for sale. It is easily maneuverable and lightweight, designed to adjust with different attachments. This loader has four wheels or two tracks with front and back axles that automatically synchronize their movements.

 Whether to manage a small residential project or a more significant commercial endeavor, a skid steer is the reliable support. Despite being pre-owned, Mico Equipment skid steers offer the same functionality as their new models. Therefore, it provides a cost-effective solution for diverse users in Houston and global markets.

What is a Skid Steer?

Indeed, the name skid steer is confusing at first glance; unlike conventional vehicles, its steering mechanism is different from turning the machine. The wheels of skid loaders are fixed and cannot move around. However, the speed control of each wheel can be managed separately. Therefore, the operator has to increase the speed of the left or right wheels on one side, causing the machine to drag or “skid” in that direction. 

Also, this turning mechanism is called differential steering for zero-degree radius turns to work in confined spaces. So, the name skid steer originated from a unique and effective method of skidding the machine with steering control. These are widely used in different industrial applications, including:

  • Skid Steers delivers outstanding provisions for interior and exterior demolition projects. 
  • Perform road development and maintenance tasks by attaching a cement mixer or pavement miller to its body.
  • Bucket attachments can remove snow, debris, and unwanted bushes.
  • It supports earthmoving operations of digging, trenching, and excavating when attached to an auger, trencher, and wheel saw.
  • A skid steer with a rake attachment or a grading bar effectively conducts surface levelling and grading tasks.
  • You can move heavy equipment or material with this loader.
  • Used a rotary brush cutter to mow tall grasses and land clearance projects.

Different Types of Skid Steers with Size and Design

Determining the suitable skid steer for your specific needs requires an in-depth understanding of its different types and designs by consulting with professionals in the industry. You can make better investment decisions by exploring each size’s technical specifications and intended applications. Some standard types are discussed based on body weight and design structure.

Small-Frame Skid Steer

  • Weight: Less than 1,750 lbs.
  • Horsepower: Less than 50

These skid loaders are effectively used in interior work, landscaping tasks, and site development projects. Indeed, its lightweight body and outstanding movability support enable it to work in tight spaces.

Medium-Frame Skid Steer

  • Weight: 1,750-2,200 lbs.
  • Horsepower: 50-70

Obviously, these designs are versatile in diverse applications with the compatibility of various attachments. The site engineers can adjust the skid loader to conduct excavating operations where the excavators cannot be reached. Moreover, the skid loaders are used in road maintenance and foundation development without damaging the concrete or asphalt layers.

Large-Frame Skid Steer

  • Weight: More than 2,200 lbs.
  • Horsepower: More than 70

Heavy-duty industrial operations of extensive demolition and excavation require large-size skid steer loaders to work effectively. Large skid steers definitely provide capabilities comparable to traditional demolition machinery. Additionally, it supports greater flexibility around the challenging work site.

Wheeled and Track Skid Steer Loaders

Equipped with four wheels, it offers smooth mobility over hard concrete or asphalt surfaces and is transported quickly to the project site. Moreover, it provides ideal assistance for indoor landscaping work and areas with minimal obstacles.

Additionally, it sometimes featured tracks instead of wheels to enhance stability over muddy or rough terrains and steep slopes. Therefore, tracked skid loaders are the best substitute for challenging construction sites, landscaping, and forestry.

Compact Skid Steer Loaders

Designed for versatility and portability in confined spaces. Indeed, these compact skid steers are smaller and lighter in body weight. They can be easily employed in landscaping, land clearance and site development projects. Moreover, it is practically used in indoor construction projects with limited workspaces.

Vertical and Radial Lift Skid Steer Loaders

The field of pre-owned construction equipment for sale has dynamic support of skid steers that feature a vertical lift path to lift and carry the weights to extended heights. In fact, it is considered suitable for functions that require lifting heavy materials to loading trucks.

Skid steers with a radial lift path offer reach at mid-range heights. Therefore, it is used in site digging and load transportation operations of construction, agriculture, and material handling.

All-wheel Steer Skid Steer Loaders

These are the innovative loaders fortified with the control of each wheel separately. Therefore, it can move within a zero-degree truing radius and be used in urban development projects with limited workspace. These loaders deliver precise moves with accurate maneuvering facilities.

Each skid steer loader offers exclusive advantages, and its body frame supports specific environments and industrial applications. Therefore, selecting the suitable device depends on site terrain, unique requirements, and staff preferences.

Benefits of Purchasing Used Skid Steer for Sale

It is ultimately, selecting a resonating skid steer, whether used or new, requires a complete assessment of your needs, budget lines, and specific preferences. However, the dynamics of pre-owned skid loaders for sale require background market research to choose the best possible option that provides more effective solutions to meet future goals.

Cost Savings

One of the most significant benefits of buying a second-hand skid steer is wise investments. Indeed, used models come with optimal upfront costs compared to their new designs of the same brand and manufacturing year. 

In fact, the initial cost savings support businesses in reallocating their finances towards other loopholes in their organizations. Whether they can spend a saved amount to purchase high-quality attachments, invest in additional materials, or increase operational support. Therefore, they can improve the other resources to impact the overall success factors of their project.

Estimated Price Range of Basic Skid Steer Loaders

Here, we listed the rough questions of the skid steer loader concerning their size. However, the data is based on general observations and can vary anytime. The buyers should contact renowned dealers of second-hand heavy-duty equipment for sale to compare their price tags for specific machines and models.

Skid Steer SizeEstimated Price Range (USD)
Small Frame15,000 – 35,000
Medium Frame25,000 – 45,000
Large Frame40,000 – 60,000 and above

In fact, the actual prices may vary depending on the age of the device, its brand name, usage time, and overall condition of the equipment. Also, consider the attachments and other accessories they provide.

Avoiding Depreciation

Another crucial benefit of pre-owned skid loaders is avoiding the steep depreciation loss of a new machine. Buying new equipment begins depreciating in its original value as soon as it’s driven off the lot. In contrast, investing in a second-hand skid steer means that that model has already gone through this curve.

This means that if the second person wants to sell his asset, he will experience the least loss in the form of depreciation declines. Essentially, the users’ spending on used machinery will give them more value for their money and avoid rapid depreciation.

Special Considerations

While the selection of second-hand equipment offers compelling benefits, some important considerations must be remembered. It’s crucial to thoroughly inspect the device for any signs of damage and possible mechanical errors. 

Therefore, the buyers have peace of mind that he is spending on reliable and well-maintained equipment. Additionally, investigating the skid steer’s previous maintenance service provides valuable insights into its performance and possible signs of malfunctioning.

Purchasing a Skid Steer: Consider Size, Power, and Price Factors 

Skid steers are innovative construction machines with heavy-duty performance and efficient workloads. When buying a pre-owned skid steer, the buyer should consider some critical factors to make wise decisions. Indeed, a deep understanding of the technical aspects and your specific needs assessment is paramount.

Size and Power Requirements

First, analyses the need for your operational outputs, which you want to extract by utilizing those specific devices. Therefore, research the market of Houston and online platforms to determine the size and required power specifics of each used skid steer for sale. 

Indeed, small-size loaders are compatible with the lightweight functions of landscaping, farming, and residential projects. However, the medium size loaders are used for on-site operations of diverse nature. Likewise, the large-scale and heavy-duty skid steer loaders provide considerable engine power for industrial-scale tasks of demolition and excavation.

Attachments and Hydraulics

Consider the hydraulic system’s proficiency and compatibility with available attachments to meet the unique needs. Ensure the skid steer has the necessary hydraulic flow rates and coupler power options for intended attachments. 

Texas markets have a dynamic selection of attachments. Notably, the engineers install buckets of different sizes for excavations. A stump grinder is also used to grade the soil of the prepared land. Likewise, the grading blades or large buckets are adjusted to level the ground in road construction.

Transportation and Access

When purchasing second-hand machinery, consider the cost and energy used to transport that device to the project site. Mico equipment not only provides high-quality loaders but also supports shipment services.

Evaluate the transportation requirements for the purchased devices, including booking the specific size of trailer sizes and fuel usage in that shifting. Moreover, the transportation of the additional attachment requires money for shipment.

Device Controls Mechanisms

Familiarization with the command control system of the skid steer is paramount. In the market, available models of such loaders are standard dual-lever integrated controls to make stable moves. Likewise, advanced control systems of ACS are incorporated into an essential structure for accurate results. They are opting for that control style that resonates with your expected preferences and functional requirements.

Tires or Tracks

Choose between a wheeled or tracked skid loader according to your project site. Indeed, wheel loaders are best to use on solid surfaces of roads and even other surfaces. However, the tracked loaders are applicable for off-road landscaping and land clearance projects. 

Moreover, the US and international construction equipment sectors have different brands and models of skid loaders with diverse specifications. Always select renowned manufacturers with extensive warranty protections.

Technical Guide to Buying a Used Skid Steer Loader

Indeed, the initial assessment of project needs is the foremost important step. After selecting the specific model and budget lines. Next comes the inspection of the available skid steer loader. Physically examine the outer parts for signs of wear and accidents. Additionally, technical inspection of crucial parts is essential for smooth operations and flawless equipment performance. This includes aspects such as:

Machine Operating Hours

Understanding the total usage time or remaining operating hours is analyzed from the meter reading of the second-hand skid steer for sale. However, this gives insight into the equipment’s usage and possible lifespan. Indeed, lower usage time typically indicates less chance of damage to critical parts and contributes to longevity and reliability.

Engine Performance

The engine is the prime part of any used heavy equipment for sale functional performance. However, the loader’s engine is considered the heart of its structure to power all essential parts of the device.

Indeed, the smooth engine operation indicates good overall condition and work efficiencies. Likewise, the stalling or unusual noises depict the initial signs of underlying issues. Similarly, the smoke from the vent shows the strength of the powertrains. If dark smoke is coming, indicating fuel-related issues. Blue indicates oil burning faults, and grey indicates the leakage in coolants.

Technical Inspection Checklist for Purchasing a Used Skid Steer Loader 

Are you looking to invest in a second-hand skid steer loader? Secure your purchase with valuable inspection support to analyse its practical performance. However, for buy assistance, we have developed a comprehensive checklist of technical parts of the loader that need to be assessed.

Technical FeatureManufacturer’s GuidelineReference Values for Inspection
Engine Performanceno stalling or unusual noises. No excessive smoke was present during startup or operation. No visible leaks or wear.Engine RPM should be within specific limits. Compression results in 350-400 PSI for diesel engines. Engine oil pressure should be 30 PSI at idle and 60-80 PSI at full throttle.
Hydraulic SystemProper auxiliary hydraulic functions. Smooth lift and tilt operation without jerking. No leaks from hydraulic connections or cylinders.Hydraulic fluid level is up to dipstick or sight glass. Hydraulic pressures should be accurate.
Drive SystemThere are no leaks from the final drives. Responsive transmission without gear slipping. Proper parking brake and differential lockTransmission oil level should be recommended. Check for smooth forward, reverse, and speed controls. Test the functionality under load conditions.
Structural IntegrityThere are no cracks or dents on the frame or loader arms. Secure attachment pointsInspection for frame and loader arms’ rust and corrosion. Examine loader arms and bucket.
Operator ControlsCheck levers, pedals, and switches. Inspect seatbelt and lapbarTest joystick controls, foot pedals, and auxiliary switches.Emergency stop and parking brake functionality.
Tires or Tracksadequate tread depth and no visible damage. Proper inflationminimum 50% of the original depth Visual inspection for bulges on tire sidewalls.
Attachments CompatibilityCompatibility with attachments and auxiliary control.

Hydrostatic Drive

The hydrostatic drive system is crucial for transmitting the engine power into hydraulic control mechanics. Therefore, this enables flawless, smooth, and accurate control of the skid steer’s movements. 

However, the leaks in the hydraulic pipe, vent, and cylinders reduced the overall mobility performance. Testing the transmission control enables proper working of gears and device operation without jerking.

Possible Leaks and Squeaks

To assess the performance of engines and powertrains, identifying the signs of leaks, whether from the hydraulic system, engine, or other parts. Indeed, such damages in power vents and pipes degrade fluid and engine oil flow rate, leading to halted outputs. 

It is recommended that the leakage signs beneath the pre-owned skid steer loader chassis be observed. However, excessive squeaky when functioning attachments are worn or damaged is severe and needs attention.

Wear and Tear Conditions

Signs of wear and tear are essential to identify the previous incidents of equipment failure or tipping of the loader at a work site. The presence of dent or pressure signs depicts the possibility of rollover and accidents.

Likewise, the welding of chassis or engine parts shows primary repair indications. Inspecting the interior and exterior body thoroughly to check for hidden or unnoticed issues. These signals preserve the structural integrity of the skid steer’s performance.

Fluid Levels and Oil Change

Proper lubrication, engine oil, and fluid levels are vital to assess the condition of the skid steer’s previous maintenance history and ongoing operational situations. However, contaminated oil or low fluid levels suggest insufficient upkeeping protocols.

Operator Controls and Safety Features

Indeed, to get accredited with industrial-specific certifications, the buyer preferred to buy a loader with fortified safety features. Moreover, these characteristics reduce the chances of accidents and downtime. 

The technical inspection of used construction equipment for sale required professional assistance to analyse the prime factors. Therefore, checking the seat belts, joystick accuracy, and other auto control commands is recommended.

Review Maintenance Records

Past upkeeping and maintenance records provide valuable insights into its handling procedures. In fact, these records include regular servicing, significant repairs, and replacement parts history. Access to these details facilitates the proper investment with expected outcomes.

A thorough inspection of technical and physical aspects and understanding their significance is paramount to making informed decisions. Hire a certified technician to check the technical features to make your investment long-term with proper outputs.

Top Brands and Reliable Used Skid Steer Models

In Houston, the US, the markets are rich with different designs and structures of skid loaders. However, buyers should consider renowned brands for their approved product quality and professional customer support. Here, we briefly overview top brands and their reliable models.

  1. Bobcat: S650, S595, T650 Skid Loaders

Bobcat, founded in 1958, is a top-notch partner in compact construction machinery manufacturing, renowned for its advanced features and versatility. However, customer satisfaction with their skid steer loaders, track loaders, and utility vehicles is outstanding. 

S650, S595, and T650 are trusted by diverse professionals worldwide. Indeed, Bobcat’s rugged loaders are engineered for exceptional outcomes in diverse workplaces. Moreover, reflecting a legacy of performance reliability and work efficiency.

Bobcat S650

Obviously, this loader is recognized in the construction industry and landscaping for its versatility and power. The manufacturers have involved secure safety practices to protect personnel and machines simultaneously. Therefore, it is considered suitable for various applications.

Technical SpecificationsBobcat S650
EngineKubota V3307-DI-TE3
Rated Operating Capacity2,690 lbs
Operating Weight8,327 lbs
Horsepower74.3 hp
Lift Height118.2 inches
Auxiliary Hydraulic Flow23 GPM
Travel Speed7.1 mph
Width72.1 inches
Length136.8 inches
Height81.3 inches

Bobcat S595

The heavy-duty equipment supports the infrastructure development sector with innovative support and at affordable prices. Indeed, this compact yet powerful S595 Bobcat skid steer loader is ideal for working in confined spaces without compromising outcomes.

Technical SpecificationsBobcat S595
EngineBobcat D24NAP
Rated Operating Capacity2,200 lbs
Operating Weight6,385 lbs
Horsepower74.3 hp
Lift Height119 inches
Auxiliary Hydraulic Flow17.1 GPM
Travel Speed7.8 mph
Width64 inches
Length133 inches
Height77.8 inches

Bobcat T650

When the operational requirements are intricate and require powerful assistance, engineers rely on T650 loaders. These designs have enhanced lifting capabilities and stability over different terrains.

Technical SpecificationsBobcat T650
EngineBobcat D24NAP
Rated Operating Capacity2,570 lbs
Operating Weight9,113 lbs
Horsepower74.3 hp
Lift Height125 inches
Auxiliary Hydraulic Flow23 GPM
Travel Speed6.6 mph
Width72 inches
Length135.4 inches
Height77.8 inches

These specifications overview Bobcat loaders’ previous performance capabilities and size dimensions. Obviously, this highlights their effectiveness for various operations.

  1. Caterpillar (CAT): 262D, 279D, 299D3 Skid Loaders

Caterpillar, or CAT, is the leader in heavy equipment manufacturing globally. Moreover, they have been providing reliable and durable equipment for the agriculture, construction, and mining sectors since 1925. With a prime focus on on-site performance and safety innovation, CAT skid loaders set industry standards with cutting-edge technologies.

CAT 262D

In fact, when the need arises for a loader that works effectively over challenging surfaces, CAT 262D is the most suitable substitute that provides excellent maneuverability. Additionally, it supports the operator’s comfort for long hours of operation.

Technical SpecificationsCAT 262D
EngineCAT C3.3B
Rated Operating Capacity2,700 lbs
Operating Weight8,255 lbs
Horsepower74.3 hp
Lift Height119.1 inches
Auxiliary Hydraulic Flow22.5 GPM
Travel Speed7.6 mph
Width66 inches
Length133.8 inches
Height82.3 inches

CAT 279D

CAT 279D designs are the best in pre-owned devices in Texas to meet high-yielding operations with the most minor fuel consumption. It provides a cost-effective solution for demanding projects.

Technical SpecificationsCAT 279D
EngineCAT C3.3B
Rated Operating Capacity3,000 lbs
Operating Weight9,038 lbs
Horsepower74.3 hp
Lift Height123 inches
Auxiliary Hydraulic Flow23 GPM
Travel Speed7.8 mph
Width69.3 inches
Length142.9 inches
Height83.9 inches

CAT 299D3

Caterpillar skid steer loaders, specifically CAT 299D3, have advanced features to manage high-flow hydraulics at slow engine speed. Therefore, it enables the execution of improved lift capacity for heavy-duty industries.

Technical SpecificationsCAT 299D3
EngineCAT C3.8
Rated Operating Capacity3,250 lbs
Operating Weight10,647 lbs
Horsepower95 hp
Lift Height122.7 inches
Auxiliary Hydraulic Flow29 GPM
Travel Speed8.4 mph
Width78 inches
Length146.8 inches
Height83 inches
  1. John Deere: 318G, 332G, 330G Skid Loaders

John Deere, founded in 1837, is a well-reputed brand leading the way forward for reliable agriculture and construction equipment supplies. Moreover, it is distinctive for its iconic green and yellow equipment. Indeed, with its legacy spanning two centuries, it is at the front end for product quality and customer satisfaction.

John Deere 318G

It is a compact and agile loader, perfect for agricultural and landscaping projects. The specifications below indicate the performance capabilities and suitable dimensions for various applications. Moreover, it is fortified with 67 horsepower to support considerable lift capacity and precise hydraulic flow.

Technical SpecificationsJohn Deere 318G
EngineYanmar 4TNV86CT-NJT
Rated Operating Capacity1,800 lbs
Operating Weight6,160 lbs
Horsepower67 hp
Lift Height109.1 inches
Auxiliary Hydraulic Flow16.8 GPM
Travel Speed7.6 mph
Width66 inches
Length133.7 inches
Height78.6 inches

John Deere 332G

Regarding the operators’ name, superior visibility, and precise control, 332G skid steer loaders are the ideal substitute. John Deere’s technical specifications guarantee suitability for heavy-duty applications. The horsepower powertrain and high travel speed highlight its versatility in various infrastructure development and landscaping tasks.

Technical SpecificationsJohn Deere 332G
EngineYanmar 4TNV98CT-NJT
Rated Operating Capacity3,200 lbs
Operating Weight10,648 lbs
Horsepower100 hp
Lift Height125.9 inches
Auxiliary Hydraulic Flow24.2 GPM
Travel Speed11.4 mph
Width78 inches
Length146.6 inches
Height83.6 inches

John Deere 330G

JD 330G is renowned for its power and reliability and is suitable for heavy-duty tasks. Key features of the John Deere 330G are strengthened engine capacity and precise hydraulic control to manage heavy-weight lifting and material hauling.

Technical SpecificationsJohn Deere 330G
EngineYanmar 4TNV98CT-NJT
Rated Operating Capacity3,300 lbs
Operating Weight11,800 lbs
Horsepower100 hp
Lift Height125.9 inches
Auxiliary Hydraulic Flow24.2 GPM
Travel Speed11.4 mph
Width78 inches
Length146.6 inches
  1. Kubota: SSV75, SVL75 Skid Loaders

Kubota, a Japanese heavy machinery manufacturer established in 1890, is a global leader in compact skid steer loaders and agricultural tractors. Renowned for its product’s reliability and efficiency, experts and homeowners worldwide trust Kubota’s orange machines for performance. However, with a novelty and customer support commitment, Kubota delivers high-quality equipment tailored to diverse needs.

Kubota SSV75

It blends power and performance to support operator comfort and work efficiencies. However, the technical features highlight the outstanding performance capabilities and design of the Kubota SSV75. It is the most suitable loader in confined workplaces or urban development.

Technical SpecificationsKubota SSV75
EngineKubota V3307-CR-TE4
Rated Operating Capacity2,690 lbs
Operating Weight8,422 lbs
Horsepower74.3 hp
Lift Height119.1 inches
Auxiliary Hydraulic Flow22.9 GPM
Travel Speed7.1 mph
Width68.4 inches
Length141.6 inches
Height81.3 inches

Kubota SVL75

Compact track loader SVL75 have excellent traction and smooth mobility over challenging terrains. These specifications depict the superior performance and suitability for various construction and landscaping projects. However, the innovative features are engine support and load-carrying capacities.

technical SpecificationsKubota SVL75
EngineKubota V3307-CR-TE4
Rated Operating Capacity2,570 lbs
Operating Weight9,039 lbs
Horsepower74.3 hp
Lift Height119.1 inches
Auxiliary Hydraulic Flow20.7 GPM
Travel Speed7.1 mph
Width68.3 inches
Length136.8 inches
Height82.3 inches
  1. New Holland: L228, L234, C232 Skid Loaders

New Holland originated in Pennsylvania, USA, back in 1895. It is known for its blue machinery. Moreover, this company has earned customer satisfaction through innovation and reliability. New Holland provides extensive construction equipment inventory from tractors to skid steer loaders.

New Holland L228 

Infrastructure development in commercial zones requires compact loaders to execute operations in limited spaces. New Holland L228 provides versatility and productivity for excavation and material handling tasks.

Technical SpecificationsNew Holland L228
EngineFPT F5BFL413B*D
Rated Operating Capacity2,800 lbs
Operating Weight8,800 lbs
Horsepower74 hp
Lift Height131.1 inches
Auxiliary Hydraulic Flow24 GPM
Travel Speed7.1 mph
Width66 inches
Length130.3 inches
Height83.9 inches

New Holland C232

Skid loaders are renowned for compact track structures with a high load-carrying capacity and excellent stability. Therefore, different industrial operations required this compact structure under their limited budgets.

Technical SpecificationsNew Holland C232
EngineFPT F5BFL413A*D
Rated Operating Capacity9,698 lbs
Operating Weight3,200 lbs
Horsepower74 hp
Lift Height125.8 inches
Auxiliary Hydraulic Flow24.2 GPM
Travel Speed10.3 mph
Width78 inches
Length141.6 inches
Height82.2 inches

New Holland L234

Known for its innovative safety features and enhanced operator efficiency. The loaders comply with Houston’s safety standards for the construction sector. Furthermore, it has integrated features for rollover and tipping control mechanisms.

Technical SpecificationsNew Holland L234
EngineFPT F5HFL413A*D
Rated Operating Capacity3,400 lbs
Operating Weight10,997 lbs
Horsepower90 hp
Lift Height131.1 inches
Auxiliary Hydraulic Flow24.2 GPM
Travel Speed7.1 mph
Width78 inches
Length146.1 inches

6. Case Construction: SR210, SV280, TV450 Loaders

Established in 1842, Case Construction is a renowned construction equipment manufacturer with proven records of innovative technology and device durability. However, their innovative red machinery beat the local and international markets. With a comprehensive assembly of skid steer loaders, Case Construction provides updated solutions for contractors.

Case SR210

Indeed, this loader is suitable for urban development and maintenance projects because of its compact size and maneuverability. 

Technical SpecificationsCase SR210
EngineFPT F5BFL413A*D001
Rated Operating Capacity2,100 lbs
Operating Weight6,970 lbs
Horsepower74 hp
Lift Height120 inches
Auxiliary Hydraulic Flow24.2 GPM
Travel Speed7.1 mph
Width66 inches
Length133 inches
Height78.9 inches

Case SV280

This Case SV280 skid loader offers high performance and outstanding outputs for demanding building development applications to meet high workloads.

Technical SpecificationsCase SV280
EngineFPT F5BFL413A*D
Rated Operating Capacity2,800 lbs
Operating Weight8,000 lbs
Horsepower90 hp
Lift Height131 inches
Auxiliary Hydraulic Flow24.2 GPM
Travel Speed11 mph
Width72 inches
Length142 inches
Height81 inches

Case TV450

Provides exceptional powertrain with advanced engine and lift capacity features for material handling and loading operations.

Technical SpecificationsCase TV450
EngineFPT F5HFL463A*D
Rated Operating Capacity4,500 lbs
Operating Weight11,375 lbs
Horsepower90 hp
Lift Height128.3 inches
Auxiliary Hydraulic Flow10.6 mph
Travel Speed78 inches
Width152.1 inches
Length85.6 inches
Height37.6 inches

These are just a few examples of the leading manufacturers and their approved models of skid loaders. However, choosing suitable loaders requires carefully examining the used device and assessing your specific needs.

Conclusion: Buy a Used Skid Loader from Mico Equipment

To make a prudent decision while purchasing used construction machinery, consider the competitive prices, device condition, and dealer reputation. Mico Equipment has been this sector’s approved and registered company for the last 40 years. 

With a track record of delivering quality equipment with professional customer support. We provide a viable option for acquiring a reliable pre-owned skid loader at a reasonable price.

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