Used Articulated Trucks for Sale

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Used Articulated Dump Trucks for Sale

Articulated trucks are powerful lorries for heavy-duty transportation operations in construction, agriculture, mining, and farming. These specialized engineers are characterized by their pivoting joint junction between the tractor unit and the trailer. Therefore, it enables the efficient movement of massive payloads across diverse terrains and challenging environments. 

Are you looking to invest in a reliable and economical option for used articulated trucks for sale? Explore Mico Equipment’s extensive inventory of high-quality pre-owned construction equipment. This content will support you in understanding the basic inspection steps to evaluate the condition of a used articulated truck. Moreover, it provides a glimpse of available brands and reliable models for this hauling vehicle.

What is an Articulated Truck?

An articulated truck is a big vehicle comprising two separate parts in front: a tractor section with an engine and cab and an attached trailer that can move independently. Moreover, this trailer can be changed according to work demands. Therefore, engineers can transport heavy-weight construction materials and equipment to sites long distances. 

The primary users of articulated dumper trucks are heavy-duty industries that transport massive materials and large-scale earthmoving projects. Here’s a breakdown of common sectors utilizing ADTs:

  • Construction Companies
  • Mining Operations
  • Quarries and Aggregate Industries
  • Infrastructure Development
  • Landscaping and Land Development
  • Waste Management and Recycling
  • Forestry and Logging

Overall, articulated dumper trucks are reliable for land clearance and off-road development projects to facilitate access to challenging locations. They can effectively perform heavy-duty hauling of materials over rough terrain in harsh working environments. In fact, pre-owned construction equipment for sale is a suitable choice for achieving expected work efficiencies within controlled expenses. 

Interesting Facts About Articulated Trucks in Hauling

These vehicles are commonly known as haulers and are considered loyal partners in massive hauling operations with the precise blending of versatility, power, and stable movements. Articulated trucks are indeed unbeatable designs in their flexibility than the rest. Obviously, the presence of a jointed body provides extra support to tolerate jerks over uneven surfaces.

Twist-free Truck Structure

Unlike ordinary rigid trucks, articulated trucks have an adjustable joint section between the tractor and trailer. Indeed, this pivoted junction allows the trailer section to move upward to eject the loaded material side at the back. 

This mechanism is fortified with hydraulic control blades that easily eject the materials. However, this flexible body reduced the chances of the chassis twisting over rough terrains, creating strain over simple truck frames. Articulated trucks ensure uninterrupted operation by maintaining stability and structural integrity, even in challenging conditions.

High Maneuverability

Indeed, articulated dumper trucks facilitate stable and smooth mobility over challenging and uneven surfaces. They can support crowded job sites, steep grades, and rugged terrain, which other vehicles cannot reach. Their low center of gravity structure with large tiers improves surface grips and traction.

Versatility in Different Conditions

Moreover, ADTs are renowned for their ability to function under diverse physical conditions. They can transport materials over rocky and muddy terrain without tipping and rollover. Their powerfully built and articulated structure enables them to traverse without getting stuck or bogged down. Conversely, this innovative feature makes them well-suited for mining site applications, where surfaces are challenging and require stable mobility.

Ease of Use

The high maneuverability of these segmented trucks translates to their flexibility to conduct complex operations with operator ease. Moreover, hydraulic cylinders are installed to streamline smooth articulation and precisely control confined spaces. 

Therefore, operators can confidently take tight turns and work at limited workplaces with security. Additionally, ergonomic designs of seats and automatic control systems reduce personnel fatigue during long hours of operation.

Desired Productivity

Obviously, the articulated trucks are adjustable to any workload over challenging terrains, contributing to increased job site productivity. Therefore, site engineers efficiently transport materials quickly without errors to meet their expected targets.

In summary, these novel loading trailer designs offer a comprehensive package of personnel security and performance benefits. Moreover, the intervention of second-hand articulated trucks for sale enables you to meet outstanding outputs even under financial constraints.

Choosing the Used Articulated Hauler Over New Ones

Purchasing a new versus used articulated hauler in heavy equipment acquisition is the pivotal choice for each business. Indeed, the new machines are upgraded with recent technologies, but the initial costs are too much of a burden for small companies. However, the used heavy-duty machinery for sale is a facilitating platform for those seeking an economical and optimum performance option. In fact, this sector is perfectly balancing the device’s reliability and affordability. Let’s explore how opting for a used articulated truck is a strategic move for businesses.

Budget Friendly

Remarkably, pre-owned articulated trucks come at a significantly lower price than brand-new trucks, offering up to 40% savings. Therefore, you can acquire the used heavy equipment with a two to three years back model without breaking the bank. This saved amount can be allocated to resources for other critical needs of your business. Small startups can use this amount in maintenance services, training staff, or expansion projects.

Constant Resale Value

Significantly, the purchase of new machinery has rapidly depreciated their worth, up to 30% in the first year. However, the depreciation loss curve will decline in the following years. In contrast, second-hand trucks have good resale value and stability over the years. 

Therefore, investing in the pre-owned device will be a secure choice to save your finances from considerable loss. Definitely, your investment will hold its weight for a longer time and return more than the original investment.

Reliability Records

The older versions have a few years of record regarding their performances and possible defects. Therefore, a buyer opting for second-hand equipment can have previous customers’ reviews about that particular make and model. Used articulated trucks have well-documented upkeeping records that often indicate the security of performances comparable to new models. 

Therefore, by analyzing real-time machine functionality data, users can gain confidence in their purchased truck’s capability to perform in specific operating conditions. This assurance is essential for reducing downtime and maximizing productivity.

Modification and Alterations

Many features of new devices that were once considered exclusive or specific to them can now be integrated with the older models. Indeed, many alteration facilities with articulated trucks are now available in the Houston used market. 

Certified technicians can incorporate advanced safety features and automatic control systems to improve device security and yield. This enables the buyer to access advanced functionalities without paying a massive amount for brand-new equipment.

Insurance Insights

Purchasing a second-hand or refurbished articulated truck typically protects investment up to 15% rather than insuring a new one. Reducing insurance premiums cuts down your operating expenses while offering comprehensive performance provisions. By leveraging these savings, users optimize their insurance budget and distribute saved funds to other resources.

Quick Deployment

Acquiring a used articulated truck enables faster utility than waiting for a new model to be fabricated and transported. Definitely, this reduced lead time and delivered 50% more per capita while starting work sooner. Starts operational opportunities immediately after purchase and generates revenue shortly. Therefore, it proves that the used construction machinery for sale is agile for time-sensitive projects.

Customization Flexibility

Used articulated trucks offer ample facilitation to adjust to different sizes and shapes of trailers to transport various materials. Whether installing unique attachments, integrating safety features, or modifying the truck to specific job site conditions. Preowned devices are definitely more flexible for alteration and customization.

Eco-Efficiency Option

Opting for a few-year-old articulated truck model contributes to environmental sustainability practices. Indeed, this approach will reduce carbon emissions interlinked with manufacturing new trucks. This effort can reduce emissions by up to 30% by choosing used trucks. Obviously, it supports the greener initiatives and controlled ecological footprints of the heavy machinery manufacturing sector.

Technical Insights of Used Articulated Truck for Inspection

Inspecting a used articulated truck involves expert observation and understanding of each aspect. Indeed, physical examinations reveal the handling protocols in previous settlements. Likewise, the technical evaluation of critical parts is essential to assess their performances and possible defects. This guide explores the articulate truck’s crucial competencies about each part.  

Truck Engine

Obviously, the articulated truck’s engine is the leading powerhouse supporting all functions. These engines are designed to have durable performance and high torque outputs to manage heavy-duty operations. Moreover, they are fortified with electronic power supplies to control emissions or smoke exhausts. Check the articulate truck engine parts used with these reference values.

  • Type: commonly powered with Diesel and turbocharged
  • Displacement: 12.0 litres
  • Horsepower: 400 to 600 hp
  • Torque: 1500 to 2000 lb-ft
  • Emissions: EPA Tier 4 Final
  • Cooling System: Liquid-cooled, with an accurate radiator and cooling fan
  • Fuel Capacity: 200 to 300 gallons

Power Transmission

After starting the engine, the power transmission system enables the efficient transmission of the generated power to each wheel. These trucks commonly have automatic transmissions, ensuring seamless and smooth power delivery. Advanced electronic controls optimized gear movements and the latest fuel consumption. Consider these guidelines while inspecting transmission control.

  • Type: Powershift or automatic
  • Speeds: six forward speeds and one reverse speed
  • Gear Ratios: smooth at different speed range
  • Hydraulic System: precise clutch engagement and gear change
  • Fluid Capacity: 30 to 50 gallons

Hydraulic System

Indeed, heavy-weight lifting and smooth steering control functions are regulated through an articulated truck’s hydraulic system. It comprises supportive pumps, valves, cylinders, and transmits fluids. Some critical points of hydraulic system evaluation are listed:

  • Pump Type: Variable Displacement Axial Piston pump
  • Operating Pressure: 3000 to 5000 psi
  • Hydraulic Tank Capacity: 50 to 100 gallons
  • Filtration: High-efficiency filters should be installed
  • Valves: Directional Control Valves 

Truck Chassis

Obviously, the basic frame of the truck should be robust enough to support heavy-weight loading and unloading tasks. Moreover, it has to enable stable and smooth mobility over uneven surfaces. The buyer should consider the signs of wear or repair to check their reliability. 

  • Frame: steel frame with integrated cross-members
  • Suspension: Front and rear suspension, particularly air suspension or leaf springs 
  • Axles: Tandem axles also have differential locks 
  • Wheelbase: 20 to 25 feet
  • Ground Clearance: 12 to 18 inches

Condition of Tires

Indeed, the large, robust wheels of the articulated trucks enable the distribution of the truck and trailer weight along with loaded material over it. Therefore, it is critically important to inspect the physical condition of the tires, as well as their width and outer appearance. Examine these aspects, too:

  • Size: 29.5R25
  • Type: Radial or bias-ply, for off-road traction deep tire tread 
  • Inflation Pressure: Different for each brand and model

Braking System

The braking systems should be accurate for personnel’s safety handling and security. However, the air brakes are installed in most articulated truck designs with accurate shoes, chambers, drums, and valves. Moreover, regular maintenance practices are essential to keep them in adequate condition.

  • Type: Air-control-hydraulic drum brakes
  • Braking Force: Varies with truck weight and speed
  • Brake Control: Antilock Braking System
  • Parking Brake: Spring-applied for parking brake system

Steering System

Obviously, the accurate steering system in a pre-owned articulated truck is essential to control mobility in confined spaces and intricate maneuverability tasks. However, the hydraulic pressure-controlled mechanisms are intended for precise results. Therefore, the steering wheel condition, fluid reservoirs, and hydraulic pump should be examined to translate the driver’s input into directional movement.

  • Type: Hydraulic power steering 
  • Steering Ratio: Variable, with wheel input and speed
  • Turning Radius: depending on the installed wheelbase and steering structure
  • Steering Wheel Turns: 3 to 4 turns lock-to-lock steering

Electrical System

The truck has adequate wiring connections to the battery and alternator for powering indicators, headlights, and sensors. Moreover, some designs connect with telematics systems for on-site remote control and support for the auto-diagnostic systems. Evaluate the parts using the manufacturer’s provided guidelines.

  • Voltage: 12- or 24-volt DC
  • Battery Type: maintenance-free lead-acid batteries
  • Alternator Output: 120 to 200 amps
  • Lighting: LED or halogen lights 
  • Wiring: Heavy-duty wiring with weather-resistant connectors

Cab and Controls

They are the prime command center for operators. Therefore, it is designed to provide personnel comfort, improved visibility, and easy access. Moreover, they are fortified with adjustable seats with safety belts and controlled climatic conditions from their surroundings. Some models have touchscreen interfaces and back-view camera support. To meet Houston’s specific safety standards, check the essential features.

  • Cab Type: should be certified for Roll-Over Protection Structure and Falling Object Protection Structure 
  • Operator Comfort: Air-conditioned cab with adequate safety features
  • Instrumentation: LED screen to show warning signals and other vital parameters
  • Controls: accurate joystick or lever controls 

Fluid Leaks

Impactfully, engine oil or hydraulic fluid leakage incidents are potentially immediate issues. Common signs can be assessed by checking drips beneath the truck, considerable fluid level declines, and visible wet spots on parts. 

  • Inspect engine oil, hydraulic fluid, transmission fluid, and coolant for leaks.

These technical specifications are crucial to analyzing the overall condition and work performance of any used heavy-duty construction equipment for sale.

Compare Top Brands of Articulated Dump Truck in Houston

Analyzing the different brands of articulated dump trucks (ADTs) provides valuable insights into their offerings, including model range, payload capacity, features, and overall market positioning. Let’s delve into a detailed analysis of each brand highlighted in the provided text:

  1. Caterpillar 725 and CAT 745 ADT

This US-based company has permeated the local and international markets with its innovative and quality-assured products. Caterpillar offers a wide range of articulated trucks with 12 designs and models. Indeed, these trucks have bare chassis and three-axle bodies with rugged frames.

However, the average payload ranges from 26.5 tons to 55 tons for the 745 Bare Chassis model. Moreover, these trailers have advanced monitoring features of Cat Product Link to develop a remote connection with machinery at on-site jobs. Such innovative characteristics definitely achieve customer satisfaction. This assistance supports prior measurements for loading capabilities and personalized device configurations.

The market position of Caterpillar’s extensive ADT model ranges from reliable positions at the front lead for demanding operations. Therefore, it is widely used in construction, mining, and landscaping projects to provide machinery versatility and improved productivity.

Consider these technical details of CAT articulated trucks before taking any decision.

Technical SpecificationsCAT 725CAT 745 Bare Chassis
Engine TypeCAT C9.3CAT C18
Engine Power (hp)375511
Transmission TypeAutomaticAutomatic
Maximum Speed (mph)3434
Payload Capacity (tons)26.555
Heaped Capacity (cubic yards)19.632.7
Turning Radius (feet)3939
Fuel Capacity (gallons)115200
Additional FeaturesCat Product Link, CAT Production MeasurementCat Product Link, CAT Production Measurement
  1. Rokbak: RA30 and RA 40

They are the pioneering force in heavy-duty equipment manufacturing, with cutting-edge solutions and professional commitment. Rokbak articulated truck designs are fabricated using state-of-the-art technologies to exceed industry standards and empower businesses to thrive.

Rokbak offers reliability and models RA30 and RA40, with 28 tons and 38 tons of payload efficiency. Indeed, the Haul Track telematics system improves device control. Likewise, they have powerful support of gear transmission and adaptable drivetrains for secure and stable moves.

Despite a limited model range, RA30 and RA40 Rokbak emphasize machine quality, performance reliability, and advanced safety features. Therefore, it is preferred for operators who prioritize less maintenance and high yield.

Technical SpecificationsRA30RA40
Engine TypeVolvo D8Volvo D11
Engine Power (hp)235320
Transmission TypeAutomaticAutomatic
Maximum Speed (mph)3434
Payload Capacity (tons)2838
Heaped Capacity (cubic yards)22.930.3
Turning Radius (feet)3232
Fuel Capacity (gallons)86106
Additional FeaturesHaul Track, Gear Transmission, Safety FeaturesHaul Track, Gear Transmission, Safety Features
  1. Volvo CE: A25G and A60H

Volvo is a renowned automotive manufacturing brand committed to personnel safety, sustainability, and novelty. However, its history prevailed over decades, leading the construction machinery industry with its revolutionary technology and comfortable design. Volvo fabricates seven different models of articulate trucks with 28 tons to 61 tons payload capacities.

However, Volvo’s Haul Assist system has advanced tactics to provide real-time hauling and tire pressure data. Therefore, enhancing device productivity and operational efficiency. Their ADTs are the perfect balance of versatility and heavy-duty performance.

Volvo CE’s reputation is based on its high-quality, tested products integrated with advanced technology. Users can have their older models, which are only a few years old, with the same functionalities at affordable prices. Here, some specifications of top models are presented.

Technical SpecificationsA25GA60H
Engine TypeVolvo D8Volvo D16
Engine Power (hp)264577
Transmission TypeAutomaticAutomatic
Maximum Speed (mph)3132
Payload Capacity (tons)2861
Heaped Capacity (cubic yards)2043.9
Turning Radius (feet)3044
Fuel Capacity (gallons)84184
Additional FeaturesHaul Assist, Tire Pressure MonitoringHaul Assist, Tire Pressure Monitoring
  1. Bell Trucks: B20E LGP and B60E

Regarding innovative equipment within limited expenses, Bell Trucks offers a dynamic range of almost 12 articulated trucks. Additionally, they launched three D series designs and nine E series models, providing a comprehensive inventory.

Moreover, their manufactured ADTs can withstand 2o to 60 tons of weight. From B20E LGP ADT to just under 20 tons and B60E ADT to over 60 tons. Indeed, the advanced E series has novel safety gadgets in structure to give operator comfort. Moreover, to reduce chances of accidents, have precise control over speeds and parking brakes for downhill mobility. Fleetm@tics software is a supportive tool for managing an extensive range of equipment fleets.

Bell Trucks’ extensive articulated truck model with innovative safety features positions it as a competitive option. Furthermore, it provides reliable efficiency, safety, and performance for demanding applications.

Technical SpecificationsB20E LGPB60E
Engine TypeMercedes-BenzMercedes-Benz
Engine Power (hp)177479
Transmission TypeAutomaticAutomatic
Maximum Speed (mph)2934
Payload Capacity (tons)<20>60
Heaped Capacity (cubic yards)1755
Turning Radius (feet)3543
Fuel Capacity (gallons)80185
Additional FeaturesTip Safety Data, Fleetm@tics, Advanced Safety FeaturesTip Safety Data, Fleetm@tics, Advanced Safety Features
  1. John Deere: 260E and 460E-11

John Deere is a cornerstone of construction and agricultural excellence, offering cutting-edge technologies and solutions for diverse industries worldwide, with a legacy rooted in their machinery reliability and innovation. They have launched four designs of ADTs in international markets to drive progress in different fields.

John Deere articulated trucks offer 26 tons to 46 tons of payload capabilities. Therefore, facilities that use construction-related heavy-duty machinery for sale with their durable designs. They lead this sector with advanced safety features and outstanding functionalities.

Technical Specifications260E460E-11
Engine TypeJohn DeereJohn Deere
Engine Power (hp)315527
Transmission TypeAutomaticAutomatic
Maximum Speed (mph)3033
Payload Capacity (tons)2646
Heaped Capacity (cubic yards)19.632.9
Turning Radius (feet)3045
Fuel Capacity (gallons)80170
Additional FeaturesIn-cab Diagnostics, Payload Weighing, Tire MonitoringIn-cab Diagnostics, Payload Weighing, Tire Monitoring
  1. Komatsu: HM300-5 and HM400-5

The Japanese company, founded in 1921, has established itself as a global partner in construction, mining, and utility supporting services. Moreover, their novel articulated trucks of HM300-5 and HM400-5 have great customer reliance and trust. They can uphold 30.9 to 44.1 tons of hauling tasks without compromising the personnel and equipment security.

Komatsu’s KTCS ensures optimal performance with a prime focus on innovation, operator comfort, and operational control. Likewise, it supports them in power-to-weight ratios and functional efficiency.

Technical SpecificationsHM300-5HM400-5
Engine TypeKomatsu SAA6D125E-7Komatsu SAA6D140E-7
Engine Power (hp)353469
Transmission TypeAutomaticAutomatic
Maximum Speed (mph)3434
Payload Capacity (tons)30.944.1
Heaped Capacity (cubic yards)22.431.4
Turning Radius (feet)3134
Fuel Capacity (gallons)112133
Additional FeaturesKTCS, Operator Comfort, Terrain ControlKTCS, Operator Comfort, Terrain Control
  1. Hydrema: 707G and 922G

Hydrema, with its inception in 1959, has been a trusted partner for customers seeking reliable and efficient machinery solutions. They manufacture dynamic structures and advancement of three different ADTs with capability ranges of 7 tons, 11 tons, and 20 tons.

Moreover, they have prioritized maneuverability, superior visibility, and operational efficiency for small job sites with compact designs. Hydrema’s compact ADTs make it a preferred choice for confined spaces or medium-sized projects requiring agile, versatile machines.

Technical Specifications707G922G
Engine TypeCummins QSF3.8Cummins QSB4.5
Engine Power (hp)100173
Transmission TypeAutomaticAutomatic
Maximum Speed (mph)2425
Payload Capacity (tons)720
Heaped Capacity (cubic yards)VariesVaries
Turning Radius (feet)2026
Fuel Capacity (gallons)3765
Additional FeaturesCompact Design, Maneuverability, VisibilityCompact Design, Maneuverability, Visibility
  1. Doosan: DA30-5 and DA45-5

Doosan offers two ADT models, DA30-5 and DA45-5, with advanced monitoring controls with real-time data. Moreover, it involves the loading competence of over 30 tons and 45 tons, respectively. These trucks have advanced torque systems for challenging terrains with workers’ ease and comfort. They are leading the way forward for mining and quarrying applications.

Technical SpecificationsDA30-5DA45-5
Engine TypeScania DC9Scania DC13
Engine Power (hp)320443
Transmission TypeAutomaticAutomatic
Maximum Speed (mph)3434
Payload Capacity (tons)>3045
Heaped Capacity (cubic yards)VariesVaries
Turning Radius (feet)3032
Fuel Capacity (gallons)79105
Additional FeaturesPower-to-weight Ratio, Terrain Control, ComfortPower-to-weight Ratio, Terrain Control, Comfort

Conclusion: Buy a Used Articulated Truck from Mico Equipment

Our inventory features a well-maintained articulated truck from leading manufacturers, with extensive warranty protection and customer support. Moreover, each device is meticulously inspected to ensure top-notch performance and industrial code excellence. 

Investing in a Mico Equipment used articulated truck provides a cost-savvy opportunity to leverage proven outcomes for long-term productivity. You can find the perfect equipment match for specific requirements and budget lines.

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