Used Cranes for Sale

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Used Cranes for Sale

Investing in used heavy-duty equipment is a cost-saving, efficient, and wise decision to help you face market fluctuation and business uncertainties. Definitely, in the high-performance construction industry, the demand for heavy weight lifting is unavoidable. However, the used cranes for sale are considered the best selection rather than a new one.

This article is intended to guide executives to make strategic decisions when buying second-hand machinery. Indeed, these purchases are not just economical choices but also provide reliable support for demanding operations. Mico Equipment is a registered company that supplies quality-tested used construction equipment for sale

Common Buyers of Used Cranes

In unpredictable dynamics, some businesses always need careful decision-making when investing in new machinery. Therefore, used equipment is preferred globally to manage budget constraints and the instability of requirements. Here, we try to explain the potential beneficiaries who meet the emerging demands with the least resources.

  • Contractors who take the project and compete within a limited budget.
  • Road maintenance agencies are mostly governance-based. They spend modestly to manage other operations.
  • Heavy manufacturing industries used cranes for material handling and transporting large, heavy-weighting products.
  • Warehouse management and logistic services required reliable cranes to optimize storage and distribution with minimal overhead costs.
  • Mining and oil and gas industries preferred used cranes for lifting requirements.
  • Energy and utility service providers utilize cranes for installation, maintenance, and repair operations.

Different Market Options of Second-Hand Cranes

In the world of used construction machinery, the role and implications of cranes vary with their types and models. Conversely, the users should analyse their needs first and then select the suitable type. An overview of the significant makes of used cranes is discussed for the reader’s convenience.

Used Mobile Cranes

These are the multifaceted cranes used in projects transporting heavy weights in limited spaces. Furthermore, the manufacturers fabricate innovative attachments to improve their applicability. Interestingly, these devices are very adaptable and can handle different tasks. Commonly available as a truck-mounted facility to meet challenging operations.

Used Tower Cranes

Tower cranes are deployed for vertical lifting of objects to considerable heights. However, they are the economical solutions for constructor agencies. Also, the different lengths of jibs are available in the second-hand market. Therefore, buyers can modify used tower cranes according to their needs.

Used Overhead Cranes

To manage heavy loading capabilities in confined areas, overhead cranes are the go-to solution. The warehouse and industrial settings optimize their performance at a low cost. In fact, these are the best substitutes without compromising the safety features.  

Specialty Cranes

In addition to the standard cranes, markets are saturated with some task-based cranes. Notably, buyers can purchase used cranes from Houston’s local dealers. They are commonly available as gantry, marine, and crawler cranes. 

Users can purchase any crane used in the Texas markets with optimal performance. Mico Equipment is at the front lead in providing low-cost, heavy-duty construction machines at affordable prices.

Models of Used Cranes at Mico Equipment Store

We are the most experienced company dealing with used heavy-duty construction equipment for sale. Conversely, the store has an extensive range of high-quality used cranes from different brands and models. Are you from the construction industry or the manufacturing industry? We have suitable options for unique requirements. The list is attached to some of our online inventory of used cranes.

Sr.No.Model NameYearUsage (Hours)Serial Price (US$)Inventory
MANTIS 10010MX 20033,231120,000/-In Stock
2MANTIS 10010MX20066,630110,000/-In Stock
3MANTIS 20010YEAR2008837Sold 
4MANTIS 801220026,362Sold

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Indeed, our top priority is to provide high-quality, reliable products with excellent customer support. The professionals check the performance of each piece of equipment periodically and conduct regular inspections. 

Used MANTIS 10010MX Crane for Sale

Mico Equipment is proud to offer a dynamic range of used cranes. Admits the MANTIS 10010MX is the most potent and versatile design. Indeed, these cranes can perform a wide range of lifting operations. Therefore, it is considered the best support for construction, industrial, and infrastructure projects. 

Optimal Lifting Capacity

MANTIS 10010MX can hold up to 100 tons; therefore, it is considered suitable equipment for efficiently handling heavy loads. Moreover, the chassis material is durable enough to tolerate work strain. Also, perform well in harsh surroundings.

Extendable Arms for High Reach 

Its design is fortified with a telescopic boom configuration. Likewise, MANTIS 10010MX offers extended reach with adjustable arms. Therefore, it provides adequate support for demanding industrial operations. Also, it gives access to hard-to-reach areas with significant heights. Moreover, the adjustable booms enhance the flexibility to perform different jobs.

Stable Mobility and Control

Equipped with a precise transition system with a multi-axle configuration, it offers excellent maneuverability on various terrains. Its compact traction with a slim turning radius enables it to perform in congested job sites. Moreover, the cab is ergonomically designed for operator ease for long working hours. 

Improved Safety Features

MANTIS 10010MX is designed to conduct operations to protect both operators and bystanders. To make movements stable, counterweights are mounted at the front. Additionally, innovative solutions include anti-two-block systems, load moment indicators, and outrigger monitoring systems.

Also, these cranes require fewer maintenance services and have simple access points for upkeeping practices. Additionally, low emissions and cost-effective fuels are used in these cranes.

Overall, we offer reliable and tested MANTIS 10010MX cranes to beat the high-performance demands of various industries. Moreover, the safety features are up to the mark to comply with the United States regulatory standards.

Why is Used Crane for Sale a Better Selection?

Indeed, the older models of cranes are mounted on high-horsepower truck engines to perform high-duty tasks. They are designed in a dynamic range, from small flatbed trucks with 5 5-ton loading capacity to muti-wheel cranes that lift more than 1200 tons. Likewise, the body frame is more durable than the new one.

When evaluating whether to purchase a used truck crane for sale over a new one. We support several compelling factors at the end of used ones to alter your decision. Let’s join us to explore why second-hand heavy-duty machines are more reliable.

Cost-Effective Option

The first and most vivid fact is the low price. However, purchasing used equipment typically comes significantly lower than buying a new one. When you buy a new device, the loss in the form of depreciation is considerable. Additionally, you will have to pay extra charges for initial installations.

Immediate Availability and Mobility

Used truck cranes are readily available to perform operations. Therefore, the buyers can directly transport the machine from the market to the project site. In fact, the staff is already trained to use that particular equipment and save them from unwanted delays. Unlike new devices, there is no learning curve for operators or pre-calibrations. 

Versatility Applications

Indeed, the cranes used have adaptive capabilities that allow them to work well with existing fleets. Also, minor adjustments or modifications enable the buyer to extract desired outcomes. Conversely, the reviews of clients are readily available to assess the technical flaws and positive features. 

Inspection and Certification Records

Buyers are provided with previous records of equipment’s capabilities and resonance with safety features. Mico Equipment is a competent dealer of used equipment for sale to manage product quality within defined standards. We provide complete documentation records from approved authorities.

Maintenance and Service History

Moreover, renowned suppliers provide insight into regular maintenance records. The incidents of repair and quality assurance certificates are clear proof of adequate functionalities. The buyer examines the details of the last oil and fluid changes to assess engine strength. A well-maintained machine gives the same security and performance satisfaction as a new one.

Approved Performance 

Despite age and usage, careful handling and upkeeping protocols have maintained the efficient use of cranes for several years. The market reviews of that particular model support the buyers in the selection process.

Also, the used cranes have been tested for real-world conditions, demonstrating their reliability and strength over time. Buyers can mitigate the risk of investing in unproven machines by opting for a used crane with a track record of performance. 

Sustainable Choice

Meanwhile, selecting used equipment promotes the concept of sustainability. The user intended to extend the lifespan of existing equipment and cut down the demand for new manufacturing.

Purchaser contributes to environmental conservation efforts by opting for a pre-owned crane. They can effectively meet their operational needs.

Conveniently, the combination of low-cost approved efficiencies and maintenance history makes second-hand equipment a better choice. This way, the buyers can save money and allocate it to other resources.

General Guidelines to Assess Your Needs and Availability

Importantly, investing in heavy machinery requires comprehensive background studies to investigate your requirements. Also, the market analyses s quite helpful to make effective and wise decisions. We try to summaries the necessary steps for purchasing used cranes for sale.

When to Buy a Crane

The market value of the used heavy equipment changes with the customers’ demands. Therefore, assess when you need to buy a crane. If it’s not urgent, hold on. The proper time of purchase is always best when the market is down. 

Right at the start, thoroughly analyses your operational requirements. If you have project-based tasks, outline the work demands and allocated resources. In fact, initial assessments are pretty helpful when making a value-adding purchase.

Select Reputed Brand

Each brand has a distinctive worth for some specific products. Some manufacturers are famous for their powerful excavators, and some for their cranes. Therefore, selecting suitable manufacturers is an essential step. Likewise, some reliable brands, like Liebherr and Bauer, are too expensive and have budget constraints.

Also, the upside of renowned brands is that you can avail yourself of their customer support from any outlet. Conversely, the availability of famous brand’s spare parts is another vital factor. The warranty and service packages are different for each manufacturer.

Used Crane Condition

Well, the equipment used for sale is available on the market without any repair or retouching; it is sold as is. Therefore, purchasing a used crane requires careful examination of the body frame and other technical details. You can physically inspect the body parts for wear and tear. Getting help from certified technicians to assist you in equipment inspection is recommended. 

Model or Year of Manufacture

The year of manufacturing also defines the crane’s usage time. Obviously, the models from recent years should be preferred, along with their condition. However, an older version with less working hours usage is better than a newer model with long working hours utility. Likewise, effective maintenance practices improve the efficiency and life span of the equipment.

Operating Hours of Used Crane

Definitely, how much time a machine is used affects its performance and physical condition. The dealers can refurbish the external outlook to be like a new one. The buyer can access real situations by analyzing their operating hours. 

Spare Parts Availability

It is the foremost important step in purchasing used construction machines for sale. Easy access to original spare parts is critical for regular maintenance protocols. Also, the buyers need crane parts in case of malfunctioning and repairs. Therefore, the availability of parts is impactful to keep the device well-performing and meet emergencies effectively.

Load Lifting Capacity

The price range of used cranes varies with their weight-carrying capacities. The price definitely increased with the increasing loading capacity. Always select the most suitable crane for your specific operations. The cost differs for a crane carrying 200 tons compared to 100 tons capacity. Opting for a resonating crane to streamline your tasks is a suitable choice.

 Assurance and Document Security 

Indeed, the documents of heavy-duty machines explain their insurance claims and tax invoices. Moreover, the genuine conditions of the used cranes can be analyzed by checking their document records. Also, secure payment methods are essential for enjoyable purchases. 

Well, the buyers are often reluctant to purchase from new suppliers because of trust issues. However, an effective purchasing process requires safety tips on the buyer’s side.  

Consider Additional Charges

When purchasing used heavy equipment like cranes, it’s recommended to consider the additional transportation charges. Always add up the unavoidable modification expenses to make the machine fit your needs. The cost of ownership is another load.  Furthermore, keeping a well-performing device requires regular maintenance from certified professionals.

Previous Owner History

Commonly, the equipment used has different owners for its lifespan. Some take excellent keeping protocols, and some tend to be poorly managed. Obviously, the last owner of the crane defines its working efficiencies. Also, asking for maintenance records of oil and filter changes indicates their pattern of upkeeping.

Inspect Technical Features Before Purchasing Used Cranes

In fact, the heavy-duty machines are rugged in their design and build and require few repairs and replacements to perform like new ones. However, in the case of cranes, safety features are paramount. Therefore, safety elements should be considered when refurbishing it. The climatic conditions impact the external frame of cranes.

Well, cranes are divided into two components: a truck section with engine, chassis, cab, and outriggers. Conversely, the crane section covers the cab, turntable, booms, wire rope, and hook. Buyers should inspect both sections to extract maximum efficiency and precision.

Truck Chassis 

Importantly, carefully examine the truck body frame for any signs of damage, such as cracks, bends, or surface corrosion. A sturdy chassis supports the crane’s weight and allows safe operation.

Inspect the condition of the wheels, linked axles, and tires to manage stable movements and precise operations. Therefore, any signs of wear and tear on the wheels or uneven tread of the tire are alarming signs.

Compliance with roadworthiness codes is the paramount aspect. Examine the safety measures, emission controls, and brake system accuracy to meet the Hoston local standards. Definitely, ensuring compliance with Texas standards is central to legal and safe procedures on public roads.

Engine Evaluation

Inspect the engine for any signs of oil, coolant, or fuel leaks. In fact, these situations indicate issues with hose fittings, hydraulic pumps, gaskets, or other components. Impactfully, it affects the engine’s performance and reliability. 

Likewise, abnormal smoke emissions from the exhaust are a sign of harmful conditions in the engine. Moreover, excessive smoke emission is a problem with fuel. In Houston, Euro 5 or Euro 6 are emissions standards to meet environmental compliance and minimizing pollution.

Maintenance records should also be reviewed to identify whether the engine is regularly serviced. The record of oil changes, fluid replacements, and filter changes depicts the reliability of maintenance services. 

Truck Cab Examination

First, check the gear performance and brake functionality. The smooth execution of a gear change and the accuracy of brakes are paramount. Malfunctioning brakes can compromise the safety of the used crane during operation.

Verify that all instruments are precisely performing within the cab section. Importantly, consider the working order of gauges, lighting indicators, and alarming signals. Ensure the accurate coordination for the safety and efficiency of the truck crane operator.

Compare the defined reading on the tachometer with the upkeeping records to authenticate the operational hours of used cranes. This support assesses the truck’s overall condition and identifies any potential issues.

Truck Counterweights Inspection

Obviously, to maintain precise moves of the truck section, the placement of the counterweight must be considered, and the alignments must be assessed. Ensure they are firmly attached and safe from any damage.

Conversely, examine the firmness of the truck bed and its adjustment points to the crane section. The truck bed has robust support to distribute the heavy loads without structural failure. Verify the state of the attachment points between the truck bed and the crane. They are securely adjusted without any erosions.

Outriggers and Hydraulics System

Inspect the outriggers to verify their reach, extend smoothly, and ensure they are securely mounted. Outriggers stabilize the truck crane during weight lifting and mobility. Also, the wide footprint provides surface grips and controls the chances of tipping.

Similarly, the hydraulic system should not have any signs of leaks, physical damage, or wear. Therefore, the buyer should inspect all hoses, fittings, and seals for tightness and integrity. In fact, the flaws in hydraulics result in loss of control and accidents.

Review the maintenance records to recognize any past clues of failure or malfunctioning in the hydraulic system. Conversely, regular maintenance is crucial for reliable operation of the hydraulics.

Crane Operator’s Cab Inspection

Thoroughly examine the instrument panels, joysticks, and foot pedals of the used crane for sale for functional and responsive security. Also, inspect the glass windows to ensure their visual integrity. It should be intact and free from damage. Examine the operator’s seat, which is adjustable and comfortable for the operator.

Turntable and Bearings

Articulated joints with bearings regulate the movements of heavy-duty equipment. Therefore, the turntable’s rotation through its full 360-degree range is verified smoothly. The poor lubrication and maintenance process can be outlined in noisy or crackly sounds. Accurate bearing conditions support the crane boom, hook, and attached load.

Telescopic Boom Inspection

They are checking the telescopic boom’s capability to extend and retract flawlessly using hydraulic controls. Therefore, all hydraulic parts associated with the telescopic boom must be inspected. Monitor any signs of leaks or damage that can impact hydraulic pressure.

Examine all the telescopic boom components and inform the buyer about the optimal work efficiencies. In fact, any weakness or damage can be repaired by welding, compromising its structural integrity.

Lattice Boom Examination

The used construction equipment should be checked for its operational integrity, which is essential for operators and owners. Therefore, the lattice boom assesses broken steel frames or bars to maintain smooth connections. In fact, a rubout lattice boom is capable of supporting reliable weight-lifting capabilities without compromising its structural integrity.

Jib Inspection

In some cranes, jibs are attached for more grip and stability to transport oddly shaped objects. Therefore, purchasers should examine the jib attachment and check its condition. Consider the physical damage over the framework, connecting pins, and lugs.

If the jib is a lattice type, inspect it similarly to the boom. Obviously, any sign of damage or compromised functional integrity.

Sheaves, Block, and Hook Evaluation

Also, the performance of hooks should be evaluated by inspecting any structural damage. Likewise, check the position of the safety latch is functional and securely in place. Observe the placement of the block and pins, as well as shift moves of sheaves or pulleys. In fact, signs of chipping or denting halt the free rotations.

The buyer should analyses the lubrication conditions of these adjustments. Previous maintenance protocols outline the work efficiencies and accuracy of operations.

Wire Rope Assessment

Carefully examine the wire rope on its outside and deeper layers to assess its structural durability. However, signs of corrosion and cracked strands greatly impact the strength to lift and move the weights. Also, the strength factor of the wire rope must be inspected to support the load safely without risk of breakage. Faulty ropes can lead to severe accidents in the workplace.

Buyer’s Guide: Facilitate Purchasing a Used Crane

Indeed, investing in used heavy equipment for sale is not as simple as it looks. The buyers have an in-depth understanding of their purchase’s technical and general aspects. We provide a comprehensive guide to assist the readers in their investments. 

Outline Your Project Needs

Impactfully, reliable purchasing starts with the initial examinations of your specific needs. Therefore, professionals from the concerned work areas should be involved to identify their workloads. Afterwards, check the machine specifications of different brands.

Market Research and Compare

The prices are different for different manufacturers and models. Conduct a thorough market review to compile a comparative rate list. In fact, it is not recommended to overpay for any device to stay within your budget lines.

Inspect the Crane

Before making any commitments, the physical and technical examination of used cranes for sale is essential. The experts with proper certifications and experience can thoroughly assess its condition. They have the understanding to point out technical or functional flaws accurately.

Well, take a test drive of the crane to enable the buyer to identify any operational defects. Moreover, starting the engine and moving all adjustable parts shows the well-being of the device and the previous handling history.

Verify Legal Documents

Ensure the design and paperwork of the crane complies with Houston’s local regulations and safety protocols. In fact, verify necessary certifications and documentation for profitable and practical purchases. Obviously, these measures streamline your insurance plans.

Warranty and After-Sales Support

Inquire about any warranty or guarantee offered by the distributor. Always select those companies that provide warranty protection. Also, consider the availability of after-sale services to reduce future inconveniences. Check market access to its spare parts and repair facilities.

Negotiate the Price

Based on crane condition, year of manufacturing, and usage time, the price can be decided and negotiated with the seller. Don’t hesitate to ask for discounts to make the deal more favorable. Once you’re satisfied with the equipment inspection, check the additional benefit the supplier is offering.

Arrange Transportation and Installation

Definitely, spending on transportation should be added to the cost. These machines are heavy and need specified services to be moved to the desired sites. Mico Equipment provides transportation services that are easy for customers.

By following these guidelines, you can manage purchasing confidently and safely. Always consider personnel safety, equipment reliability, and functionality to achieve the best return on your investment.

Why Select Us to Purchase Used Cranes

In fact, to have a reliable partner for procuring a used crane, for quality assured equipment and seamless transaction. Mico Equipment is a top-notch company with 40 years of excellence in second-hand machinery sales. You can trust our services and tested products.

Wide Selection of Quality Equipment

Our inventory has a diverse range of used cranes for sale at reasonable prices. Definitely, meticulously curated provides the buyer an opportunity to select the best suitable equipment. Moreover, the devices are highly quality in the external outlook and effective in work performance.

Accreditations and Certification

Before showcasing any crane for sale, experts subject it to rigorous testing and inspection processes. Well, all the repairs and rebuilding are conducted by certified technicians. Moreover, we ensure that every crane at our store meets Houston-specific industry standards. Notably, heavy-duty machinery’s safety, functionality, and performance codes must be monitored.

Keep Machine History and Documentation

We believe in transparency and fair record-keeping. Therefore, it provides comprehensive documentation of legal authenticity and maintenance services. The buyers have the road permits for that specific equipment to transport it safely to the construction site.

Competitive Pricing and Value

We join this industry not just for business. Our prime focus is to facilitate the people. Therefore, you will find us the most reasonable company with affordable price ranges without compromising the quality. The buyers are offered easy payment methods with relaxation in income tax invoices. 

Personalized and Expert Guidance

Our team of crane specialists is devoted to providing customized service. They offer the necessary structural alternations and modifications to meet your unique needs. Moreover, we support the user in the purchasing process with expert guidance. 

Mico Equipment representatives assist you in explaining the work efficiencies of specific models. Likewise, they have suggested the best possible solutions in case of financial constraints. Additionally, professional customer support is available remotely.

Customer Satisfaction Guarantee

Your satisfaction is our priority in the dynamics of heavy-used machinery. Therefore, we stand behind our quality-approved cranes. The troubleshooting services give customers peace of mind to mitigate emergencies. Moreover, the experts support the client after purchasing to transport to the project site.

Ongoing Support and Troubleshooting

Our commitment to your success makes us a go-to partner for demanding industries. Conversely, ongoing support and maintenance services are essential to keep equipment well-performing and longevity.

Mico Equipment is the most suitable dealer for buying used cranes, with extensive access to a vast selection. Moreover, the paramount feature is the quality-controlled products within compliance codes at affordable expenses.

Some Professional Tips to Manage Cranes Efficiencies

After purchasing the equipment, the user must alter it to meet their specific tasks. However, regular maintenance services and routine inspections before starting the device improve lifespan. Here, we suggested applicable handling and caretaking tips to enhance cranes’ capabilities.

Integrate Condition Monitoring Systems

The equipment engineers implement condition monitoring systems with automatic tools to control the parameters. The used cranes are integrated with engine vibration analysis, fluid and oil analysis, and thermal imaging. In fact, the essential provision is to detect issues at early stages and prevent unexpected failures.

These innovative monitoring technologies display valuable insights into performance. Moreover, it assists the operators in conducting regular upkeeping protocols at defined intervals.

Grease Management Program

Develop a strategic lubrication management program for moveable parts like bearings, gears, and sliding surfaces. The cranes and other heavy machinery’ effective greasing improves their efficiencies and reduces fuel consumption. 

Always use high-quality lubricants. Also, pre-plan the greasing schedule based on manufacturer recommendations. Likewise, carefully handling equipment prevents premature wear and extends component life.

Consider Modern Safety Features

Explore the possibility of updating the older cranes with the latest safety features. The integration of advanced technologies guarantees worker safety. Importantly, to meet compliance with industry regulations, machines must be upgraded to defined criteria. Introduce anti-collision systems, load moment indicators, and remote monitoring capabilities to used cranes.

Perform Non-Destructive Testing

Non-destructive testing (NDT) techniques are reliable for longevity and repair conditions at welding points. Indeed, professionals use ultrasonic testing, dye penetrant inspection, and magnetic particle testing.

NDTs are an effective method to identify hidden defects and mechanical weaknesses. Therefore, the involvement of the latest tools improves the safety and reliability of cranes.

Corrosion Prevention Program

Develop a complete corrosion prevention program to shield crane components from damage. However, their rugged designs tolerate the effects of corrosion. Also, uphold the severe temperature and moisture conditions.

Cor corrosion-resistant coatings on the outer surfaces are recommended. Likewise, sacrificial anodes and cathodic protection systems are innovative measures to control corrosion damage.

Controls Storage Practices

When the heavy-duty machines need to be in static condition, keep them clean before parking. Select climate-controlled storage facilities with protective covers to safeguard the crane from weathering impacts. Minimize contact with corrosive agents, wetness, and UV radiation.

Monitor Structural Integrity

To keep the used cranes for sale active and well-performing, monitor the critical structural parts for signs of damage. The boom sections and welds commonly use advanced inspection techniques to assess pitfalls. Detecting and addressing issues prevent equipment failures and maintain long-term reliability and safety.

Conclusion: Buy Used Cranes for Sale

The crane purchased after valuable inspections and assessments can be a viable option for your operations. However, investing in used construction machinery for sale is an optimistic decision, considering the low cost and expected outcomes. It would be best to have certified personnel to streamline equipment inspection to find faults. 

In this scenario, always rely on registered and experienced heavy equipment dealers, like Mico Equipment. With an extensive auction range to facilitate diverse customers at market-competitive pricing, it is our prime worth.

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