7 tips to keep Heavy Equipment in perfect shape

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Heavy equipment is considered that type of machine that needs to be maintained regularly so it can operate properly. This is basically a significant asset of a company that is attached with a hefty price tag so it is important to keep the machines in perfect shape all the time. These machines are essential just because if there will be any kind of issue with them then it will directly hurt or affect your business. If only a single piece of the machine gets broken then it will cost you thousands of dollars to get it repaired which will cost your revenue. These machines need proper maintenance timely so the business can function properly and it also increases productivity. In this blog, we will be discussing some important tips that will help you to maintain your machine to keep it in a good shape.

Make sure that the operator understands the machine:

It is one of the most important factors that can maintain your machine properly as you should hire experienced and professional equipment operators who can handle the machines properly. You must make sure that the operators have been equipped with proper training regarding the functions and have a complete idea about the spare parts of the machine. There are many distributors and machine manufacturers that provide free and proper training to the operators so they can have complete knowledge as to how they can operate the machine and resolve any issue if occurs. They also must have an idea to handle the nitty-gritty of the equipment before utilizing them. They must have knowledge about the machine’s operation, inspection, and safety requirements.

Keep a proper budget for regular maintenance:

It is important to have a crystal clear culture for the safety of the equipment because the company should understand that if they are providing motor graders for sale then they must have proper machines that will provide the benefit in the long run. The management should design and prepare a schedule for the maintenance of the machine on regular basis. This will ensure you that the machine will work effectively and if there are any small issues that are spotted should be repaired instantly so they can get rid of any large-scale breakdown. Also, if you will keep coordinating with the manufacturers and take advice from them regarding the scheduled maintenance then it will be beneficial for the machine to work more efficiently. These recommendations should be kept in mind to maintain the quality of the machine. You can also ask the operator to execute a quick check before operating the machine so he can do a thorough inspection.

Plan frequent cleaning:

The project sites are considered to be dusty, muddy, bumpy that has heavy terrains which may expose the machine to extremely ruthless conditions. This may hurt the parts of the machine that may cost hundreds of dollars to get repaired so it can function properly. If the machine is dusty and dirty then it may break down the well-maintained machine much faster. Before it happens you must ensure that your machines and trucks should get cleaned properly and the mud should be removed so it doesn’t damage the machine. The machine should get cleaned by the crew of maintenance that has proper training and they should also do regular check-ups as well.

Protection of Wiring:

Apart from mud, dust, and extreme conditions, it is important that you must protect your machine from harsh weather conditions mainly in the season of winter. Melting ice and snow, and the heavy downpour will expose your machine to probable decay just because that there are many parts of the machine that are manufactured from metal. As a matter of fact, the equipment is your asset and it should be protected from these extreme conditions and they should be parked properly in a garage where it should be protected from certain elements if they are not being used. If there is no proper shade you must secure the equipment with a shield so it can secure its wiring component from any type of leakage of water.

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Understand which parts need more attention:

There are some factors that need to be observed properly while checking the construction equipment. Below are some of the parts that should be checked completely:

Leakage of Oil: If you will not notice the leakage in your machine and don’t check it on regular basis then it will hurt the quality and performance of the machine. There are more chances that it will make the machine slippery and if they are gathered into a puddle then it will cause major accidents like falls or slips. 

Misconfiguration of Axle: Difficult land can also give huge damage to the machine if they are not being maintained properly. If you are using a truck on such type of surface on daily basis then it will misconfigure the axle of the machine that will hurt the running of the truck and this can also cause an accident.

Do timely Lubrication:

If you are offering heavy equipment for sale then it is necessary that you should perform regular greasing and change of oil because it will give you multiple benefits. It is important to choose the right lubricant for your machine as it will help your machine to perform effectively and efficiently. 

Keep a track record of maintenance:

You must keep a track record of all the issues that have encountered in the past and also the repairs or service should be listed down properly in your record book of every machine. If you will be having a complete list regarding all these functions performed then it will give you an idea that when to schedule the next maintenance so it will be done timely. You should also include the record of the oil refill that has been done on the machine because there are different types of used construction equipment in the market that requires different types of oil, fluids like coolants, antifreeze, and transmission liquids. This must be checked regularly as well because any kind of leakage in the machine will occur potential issues which may cost an extra amount.

The used heavy machine is considered as one of the most important assets for the company so it is necessary that you should keep your machines in perfect condition to increase their productivity and extending the lifespan. 

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