Used Komatsu GD655 Specifications

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komatsu gd655 specs

Mining in any area is typically a troublesome action, and small heavy machines can’t get it done. Heavy construction equipment like cranes, tractors, and backhoes are utilized for this reason. A motor grader, then again, is the most predominant and essential piece of gear that can be found on each building site. Komatsu gd655 specs make it is well-known for flattening the surface in preparation for grading operations. The sharp edge is associated between the grader’s front section and its pivot. It has three axles, a very much planned taxi, and a well-honed sharp edge.

Graders are utilized to smooth off lopsided surfaces. Performing various tasks, heavy equipment can execute obligations that tractors and scrubbers can embrace with the assistance of a few upgraded connections. Besides street and building development, they additionally assume a critical part in mining. Recently, the accentuation has exchanged toward huge scope drives that can serve the requests of a more extensive populace. This idea approach, alongside development equipment re-designing, has brought about more noteworthy development in the engine grader region. This inclination is particularly recognizable in arising countries that require the development of motorways, streets, dams, and other frameworks.

Work and Functionality of Motor Graders

Essentially, each country is attempting to build a structure that will assist its people in achieving a more practical future. Building roads and highways is a big part of it. For those of you who don’t know, motor graders are usually used for roadway development or assistance. komatsu gd655 specs ensure the efficiency of the motor graders.

It is common practice to distribute and straighten the dirt. Motor Graders are crucial development gear, and purchasing another one will be costly, particularly if you are still young and developing your business, or if you are experiencing financial difficulties.

The best option is to buy used dirt equipment, one of higher quality. Before acquiring used heavy development hardware, it is critical to assess to learn about the functional capability and state of the apparatus. When purchasing a used item, it is extra critical to gather the original desk work because the majority of merchants don’t supply distinctive desk work. When you are looking for Motor graders for sale you should always choose a reliable dealer to ensure quality and efficiency.

Street graders are a type of construction equipment used in the construction of streets and other constructions. They’re typically utilized to smooth down rough landscape surfaces. These graders use broad, pointed blades to scrape up uneven surfaces.

The standard essential road machine has three axles. The third shaft is discovered before the serious instrumentation, and hence the innovation is located in the middle. Previously, several versions had twin blades. The instruments of the road critic have been characterized as mountaineer or motor critic.

The operator of a motor grader or earth moving equipment has a risky job, and they are responsible for maintaining roads to keep other equipment operating competently. You should provide your trainees with the fundamentals so that they can manage the primary tasks of this challenging machine, such as scratching, grading, and road protection in construction and mining.

komatsu gd655 specs

With an extended wheelbase and the greatest articulation point of 25 degrees, the komatsu gd655 specs help Grader keep a tight least turning sweep. In thin street development or parkway circumstances, this grader is astoundingly agile and useful.

The Dual-mode transmission from Komatsu recognizes this grader from the contenders. The Dual-mode transmission was made only for Komatsu engine graders. It empowers administrators to profit from an immediate drive transmission’s low fuel utilization and strategic position speeds, just as a force converter transmission’s high tractive exertion, more prominent control at low rates, and against slow down attributes.

The hex-angular cab’s magnificent vision and the position of the backside support point increment administrator certainty and proficiency in all grader applications. A very much positioned cutting edge linkage takes into account a reasonable perspective on the moldboard and front tires. The double mode gearbox was especially intended for Komatsu engine graders.

The gearbox offers full power changing just as creeping and mechanized changing in higher gears. Another variable relocation cylinder siphon moves up to transmission and driveline parts, and a complex electronic administration framework for the motor and gearbox all work together to create ideal and proficient activity. The new GD655 will utilize around 15% less gas than the past model. komatsu gd655 specs turn Komatsu motor graders into the first choice of buyers for all types of projects.

Komatsu GD655 Motor Grader

Buying Used Motor Grader

If you are exploring Motor graders for sale, ensure your audit plan incorporates a careful assessment of the motor grader parts recorded underneath:


Take a look around the motor grader, paying attention to the engineering of the equipment. Fish plates assist in meeting a portion of the support requirements. Ascertain, if possible, that the whole repair was completed by a certified and skilled welder.


When looking for used motor graders available to be bought, make certain to check out the circle. Moldboards are associated with the motor grader’s circle. By changing the region or mark of the circle, a motor grader manager might direct the point and tendency of the moldboard.

An operator would agree that performing delicate assessing exercises without an inside and out kept, and the operating circle is impossible. Shims are used to reduce unbalanced wear and the associated vertical play in a proper set roundabout.

Turn on the motor grader and proceed through the whole range of motion of the circle to check for play, presuming it has been shimmed.


The front of the moldboard, which is attached along the base and sides, should be straight or genuine. The point of confluence of the state of the art will eventually be eroded by rock and soil, resulting in a cup.

Check other Parts

Start your visual assessment of the power through strain by investigating the ground under the machine rather than the genuine components. After looking under and around the engine grader, analyze all heaps, lines, and hoses inside the motor compartment, encompassing the drive staying, etc. Cause a note of any holes or other harm that should be fixed.


No matter what type of used dirt equipment you need for your business, Mico is always ready to assist you. We have the widest range of heavy equipment to fulfill all your requirements.

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