Why these videos?

At Mico Equipment, we stand with "seeing is believing". Going through black and white stuff has been on the secondary preference over the past few years, with visual content taking the lead. Video has become an essential marketing tactic across all digital channels. For B2B and B2C companies alike, brief video clips have become one of the most powerful forms of content owing to its sharp resonance with customers.

We, as one of the top-ranking used heavy equipment dealers, thought to reach and engage our audience in the most powerful way of recent times. With the phenomenal growth of various industries, the technology employed in industrial construction equipment has undergone a huge change worldwide. There are now a number of different and customized industrial equipment for every established and prospering business out there. As you watch a few clips, you’ll notice that we have essentially focused on features like maintenance inspections, general safety and loading/unloading safely while operating your equipment.

Without an iota of doubt, heavy equipment machinery is extremely productive. The sheer size and power of these machines, however, present a degree of accidental or injurious risk to people who operate and work around them. The brief footages presented below create an important asset for the buyers and/or operators with respect to initial basic operations as well as getting familiar with prospective mishaps. As heavy construction equipment doesn’t come without its own peculiar set of safety hazards, these videos are aimed at teaching basic usage procedure vis-à-vis some specific concepts and guidelines, while keeping adhered to the prescribed safety measures and procedures.