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Whether you are looking to purchase used construction equipment or want advice on buying high-quality heavy machinery for your business, our professionals at Mico are here to help.

We sell Motor Graders , Wheel Loaders , Crawler Dozers , Track Excavators , Articulated Trucks , Cranes and More. Find the latest product details on our used construction equipment product pages.

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Mico provides customers with guidelines and expert advice as well as a wide range of used construction equipment for sale. All equipment are inspected at the Houston yard by our heavy equipment experts or a report by the trade-in manufacturer for both US and international customers.
Give one of our experts a call or send an email to find out more about the sales and transportation of our heavy equipment here.


Sam Yazdani


Hazel Ramirez

TRANSPORTATION (Inland/Overseas)

Logistics Coordinator

Hazel Ramirez

Yard Coordinator



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Have a query about our construction equipment? Send us a message today.