2006 Hamm 3412

2006 Hamm 3412

US$ 46,000/-
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Used Vibratory Rollers

Any compactor is a heavy-duty piece of equipment which represents a sizeable investment for most owners and/or operators. Vibratory roller for sale at Mico Cranes & Equipment is an excellent compactor for small to large construction works and roadwork projects. These compactors are widely employed in road construction to compress soil and ensure high quality paved roads. These machines are well-equipped with giant, heavy drums that are used to complete paving or asphalt patchwork projects.

Premium Quality At Work

Our construction equipment for sale allows operators to surface streets, ranging from bicycle pathways and pedestrian sidewalks to high density freeways. In industrial projects these rollers allow for soil compaction. Compact rollers are manufactured in multiple sizes, determined by the size of their solid drums. The equipment featured with us is in excellent working condition and has been fully tested by our manufacturer-trained engineers; all inspection reports and service sheets are provided to the buyer upon sale.

Maximum Workout At Optimal Costs

Mico Cranes & Equipment offers great rates on all our used rollers for sale in the used vibratory roller for sale section. If you`re looking to purchase one, we can deliver to anywhere in USA (or the world). The choice of compactor is governed by the actual physical amount of available space as well as overhead paving requirements. Rest assured your selected roller is able to handle the busiest times without creating a backlog. Whatever size or capacity you choose, we ensure that you acquire the very best from us because we are trusted used heavy equipment dealer.


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