Used Wheeled Excavators For Sale

Mico Equipment offer high quality, fuel efficient wheeled excavators that are suitable for a range of heavy-duty work such as lifting, loading, trenching, digging and tool-carrying for numerous applications in civil operations, urban construction, and highway maintenance.


Why Mico Equipment?

Located in Texas, Mico Equipment have been providing reliable, high-quality construction equipment in the USA and internationally since 2008. Find out more about what makes us one of the most trusted platforms for purchasing used wheeled excavators and other earth moving equipment for the best price.

Used Wheel Excavators from Trusted Brands

Mico Equipment stock heavy equipment from widely recognised and trusted brands, designed for quality and efficiency. We have a range of jcb, john deere, volvo and cat wheeled excavators for sale and offer heavy machinery in a range of weight categories, ranging from smaller 8.5-ton models to 20-ton vehicles that are constructed to handle maximum bulk.

High Quality Wheel Excavators

At Mico Cranes & Equipment, we stock reliable wheeled excavators with powerful engines, refined operating systems and class-leading axle oscillation that save fuel and create less sound pollution whilst meeting your onsite construction demands. In contrast to its tracked sibling, wheeled excavators are highly agile on road surfaces, making them ideal for city center jobs.

Contact Us For Information About Our Construction Equipment

Looking to buy a wheel excavator? Mico provides customers with guidelines and expert advice as well as a wide range of used construction equipment for sale. Contact us today by giving one of our experts a call or sending an email to find out more about the sales and transportation of our heavy machinery here.


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