Cat D10R Crawler Dozers For Sale

The constructive Cat D10R crawler dozer is powered by the 350 HP caterpillar built-in engine that specifically meet with the Tier 3 Interim emissions international standard requirements. The dozer’s engine uses the Caterpillar powerful NOx Reduction mode and Cat’s unique Clean Emissions Module (CEM) system. However, during the tough and hard work operations, when the cat engine is exhausted, the oxidized dust eliminates from the normal filters, and this method called passive regeneration process.

But if supplemental regeneration process is needed, so the Cat Regeneration System (CRS) system increases the exhaust temperatures just to oxidize the dust within the diesel particulate filter system. The exclusive CRS system is particularly added in this machine to work automatically and it doesn’t need any further interaction from the crawler dozer’s driver. The Cat D10R crawler dozer has an outstanding option for the constant equipment speed and the operator turns the dozer into an idle mode through machine idle system option. The spacious operator’s cab has numerous user-friendly features, beneficial applications and systems.

Sold Cat D10R Crawler Dozers