Massey Ferguson

Massey Ferguson Limited is a very well-known agricultural and farm equipment manufacturer, located in Brantford, Ontario, Canada before it was bought by AGCO group. The Massey Ferguson Equipment Company was formed by collaboration between Massey Harris with the Ferguson Company farm equipment manufacturer in 1953, upon which they formed the joined company called Massey Harris Ferguson. However, in 1958 the current name was selected and shortened to ultimately create the brand Massey Ferguson. The MF35 was the first Massey Ferguson tractor made under the company’s new name and it was highly distinguished for its intense popularity, particularly in Europe, US, and Australia.

Today, the company offers a large and versatile selection of Massey Ferguson compact tractors and farming equipment for all forms of agricultural purposes. Tractors come in different horsepower and sizes. A great qualify of MF equipment is that it is very easy to use and operators can easily pick up the know-how.

MF equipment, especially farm tractors are the perfect machines for everything from home landscaping to industrial business. For domestic use, MF also manufactures lawn mowers, snow blowers, and dozer blades. All parts are designed to make farm work, backyard work and landscaping much easier. You can purchase these efficient tractors from our website’s catalog.