The best innovations of Caterpillar heavy equipment manufacturer

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Caterpillar, one of the most popular heavy equipment manufacturers today, was founded by the Bests and Holts, two families of innovators from the agriculture industry. After forming Caterpillar, they were first to market with diesel-powered track-type tractors, essentially inventing the industry we know today. Caterpillar employees have followed in their founders’ footsteps, turning their passion for product development into innovations which helped bring breakthrough solutions in turbo charging technology, electronic controls, fuel systems, drive systems and more for the purpose of enhancing the customers’ success.
The below are some of the best Caterpillar heavy construction equipment over the years

1. Steam-powered track-type tractor
Steam-powered track-type tractor was tested for the first time in 1904 by Benjamin Holt with the purpose of making it easier to plant crops in soft, boggy California soil where both horses and other kinds of tractors often got stuck. It has become one of the Caterpillar’s outstanding innovations of heavy equipment during the development history!
Catepillar heavy equipment

2. D9900
In 1931, Caterpillar produced the first diesel engine name The D9900 and earned notoriety for being the world’s first mass-produced diesel engine.
Catepillar diesel engine
3. “Low ground pressure” undercarriage
In 1955, Caterpillar introduced a special modification called “low ground pressure” (LGP) undercarriage, allowing our machines to work in extreme weather conditions on Antarctica. It’s still available on our machines today.

4. Elevated sprocket
Elevated sprocket, designed in 1977, is one of Caterpillar’s breakthroughs in construction equipment. It becomes the standard on medium and large Cat tractors today. Elevated sprocket allows machines to work harder and last longer while providing a much smoother operator ride.

5. Cat Differential Steering System
The Cat Differential Steering System, designed in the 1980s, allows machines to remarkably increase productivity so customers can get more done in less time.

6. Cat D7E
The Cat D7E (produced in 2009) with electric drive technology, can help customers to save more than 12.2 million liters (3.2 million gallons) of diesel fuel compared to our previous model.

7. Cat 336E H
Cat 336E H was released in 2012, became the first heavy machinery to use a novel hydraulic hybrid technology developed internally by Caterpillar. Cat 336E H is really good in conserving fuel and reusing energy while optimizing performance.
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