Concept-X: The Future of Heavy Construction Equipment?

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The austere ways of the world of construction equipment are changing and with it the associated industries. For instance, every now and then an equipment is redesigned to instill modernization within the system. Advancements are directed towards the betterment of humanity. With the same purpose, the original equipment manufacturers are also revolutionizing the heavy construction equipment industry. In a nutshell, with each passing day the innovators are trying to do something new just for reduced costs, improved efficiency, and better work productivity.

Each manufacturer is trying to come up with a technology that can assure better work capacity to its customers. Such a successful attempt was made recently by Doosan while introducing an unmanned system by the name of “Concept-X”. The introduction of this autonomous system has added Doosan to that list of OEM’s who are working towards this revolutionizing technology.

A Solution

Komatsu recently launched a smart construction system but that was just a “smart construction system”. Doosan took it up a notch by adding this unmanned twist. The concept entails the incorporation of technology to initiate a 3D scan of the site with the help of drone before the development of operational plans on the basis of topographical data collected. Based on this data, the heavy equipment such as excavators and wheel loaders can be operated without human intervention. Recently, this solution was presented in front of the South Korean Dignitaries, a handful of journalists, and some other related companies.

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The Concept

The Concept-X technology is composed of a myriad of other technologies such as control/cognitive technologies, image recognition, 5G remote control, autonomous driving technologies, 3D drone surveys, failure- prediction technologies, and accurate workload estimation and allotment. However the traditional diesel engines are utilized to power up the construction equipment. Both the autonomous specimens shown were production sized.

The incorporation of this technology is due to the rapidly intensifying competition and lack of experienced construction workforce. According to a survey, the unavailability of experienced workers was regarded as one of the most important fears of the contractors and builders.

Factors Driving Change

You should know that everybody is now competing to get their hands on the cutting-edge modern day technologies so as to make their equipment better and faster. To tackle the obstacles such as unskilled labor and the resultant decreased job site efficiency, companies are stepping up the game.

Everybody wants artificial intelligence (AI), the internet of things (IoT), virtual reality (VR), and interconnected communication programs to ensure their seat on the ride for fourth (4th) industrial revolution. One might asked what is new in this concept-X when there are already autonomous technologies available on the construction equipment market. The answer is “complete solution”. From surveying to data collection to operations using the construction machinery such as the excavators and wheel loaders, everything can be done within the scope of Concept-X.

A central control station is also available which can be used to monitor the work progress and that too in real time. According to the working conditions, the data collected can be analyzed to alter the course of action of the heavy construction equipment that are to be used on the site.

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Reduced costs in Future – is it possible?

Well, one can argue about the features according to their point of view but Doosan says that the features that are introduced will lead to improvements as compared to the traditional system. The officials say that this can help improve the working efficiency and reduce the time and cost both. The plan is to commercialize the concept by 2025. Imagine a world where the construction equipment are working without the human intervention. The reduced costs of the project would also lead to reduced total cost for the customers. The construction industry will see a boom once there are complete projects on the market made with greater accuracy and reduced costs. For those who would be looking up construction equipment for sale, they might also benefit from it in one way or another.

Gradual Implementation

There are plans underway to focus on single equipment – single technology. This simply means to incorporate each of the technologies on an individual basis. As soon as the technologies have been completely verified, work on this project will start too.

The officials at the Doosan also stated that this is not just a technology that revolves around the concept of unmanned vehicles. This is basically the concept of incorporating multiple technologies, working simultaneously, in a single framework to observe, scan, and bring about the change according to any changes on the construction site.

Reactive Change

For those who are looking for used heavy equipment nowadays might see a reactive change once this concept is commercialized. All of this might happen in a New York minute or it could take many years. However, one thing is certain; the world of construction equipment and construction won’t ever remain the same.

So this is all about the newly introduced concept-X, let us know what you think. If you still have any questions, please let us know. We’ll be more than happy to help you out. Till then, happy reading!

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