Tips about how to care for your construction equipment in winter

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Construction equipment maintenance is an important part of owning it. If you wish to buy heavy equipment then you should have sufficient space to store it especially in harsh weather season. Worst weather conditions can cause a rapid corrosion in equipment.
• Preferably you should find a place that is warm and covered for the best care of your grader, loader, and other construction equipment.
• In the winter season, remove the battery from the equipment and carefully store it in a dry place so it is ready to be used in spring.
• Before storing your equipment, monitor its coolant level which must be a 50/50 mix to be considered normal, however, if you are putting your equipment away for a while than 70/30 is a good ratio.
• Cleaning the undercarriage of your equipment before the winter arrives is important. It is ideal to clean undercarriage every time you use it.
• If you cannot follow the above processes you can try renting the equipment as well.
• There are a lot of moving parts in heavy equipment and lubricants can help to reduce resistance, diminish wear-and-tear, and keep things running smoothly in an operational sense. Lubricants are also the key to keeping important inner parts clean, since they can reduce dirt buildup and form seals that keep out contaminants.

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