Unveiling the redesigned Cat 730, 730EJ, and 735 articulated dump truck

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People are now contemplating on the fact that the capacity of the articulated dump trucks has come to a halt at the 60 tons. Why is that so? The experts point out towards the basic physics and the working conditions of an articulated dump truck as the answer. The officials at Doosan have said that there are limitations as to what a dump truck can do in different working conditions. According to them the limits vary according to the way a load is carried, how the weight shifts, and balance of the trucks while turning. The Cat 730, Cat 730Ej, and Cat 735, all belong to a series of dump trucks that is largely successful.

Limiting Factors

The experts at VOLVO also said that tires can be considered as another limiting factor. The damage is directly proportional to the pay load. As the pay load increases, sidewall damage and tire scrub are also increased. The real question here is about the capability of the tire manufacturers to build and design tires that can support 80-ton articulated dump trucks. However, there is neither need nor demand for such trucks in the market. The market analysts believe that those who have demands for enhanced lifting capacity are satisfied with the current capacity articulated dump trucks available in the market. The users are content with using the 60 ton articulated dump truck for removal of overburden and using it in the production process.

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Other Factors to Consider

An official from the Komatsu America stated that those projects that have strict deadlines and a vast impact are those that require bigger trucks or numerous trucks or a combination of both. However, the point to notice is transport. Once the job is done, the articulated dump trucks are transported to the other site. There are equal considerations for transporting trucks just as there are for the task that needs to be done with the dump trucks. Another representative stated that the factors to be considered are transportation and mobility. There is a direct relation between the transport and increasing the capacity. What needs to be transported after the work is done is not only the articulated dump truck but also the machine that is used to fill in the dump truck: the excavator. When one would be using a machine that is bigger than the usual then it will take more time and effort to match the excavator to ensure that the number of passes are rightly used to do the job. Apart from this, the transport of such excavators is also going to be a troublesome task from one site to another one. Considering these factors is important especially when you are looking for a used dump truck for sale.

Shifting Limelight

You should know that now the limelight has shifted from the monstrous and humungous trucks back to the ones having a medium capacity to do the job. Contractors, builders, or other people were largely choosing those trucks that came in the large truck categories. Now the trend has switched towards the construction equipment with less limitations. Using large trucks is not suitable for a construction site that has a set quota which can be provided by a fleet of under 40 ton trucks. As the focus has shifted towards the middle ranged trucks, the OEMs have also tried to focus more on the trend.  Therefore CAT has redesigned the models of CAT 730, Cat 735 and others such as 730 EJ where EJ stands for ejector. There are no more suffixes, only the build number.  The specs can be seen as below:

What’s Different?

Apart from the specifications, the cab within the redesigned 730s and other models is a comfortable one. Infused with the Spinal-ROPS design, this machine is made to provide increased visibility to the back with the help of a rear-quarter glass. This glass replaces the structural pillar that came with the previous generation C-series models. One can experience a reduction in the solar heating with the help of the infrared variety glass. With the help of the windows on both, the right and the left side, one can easily communicate with other workers on the site. Inclusion of an automatic climate control system, a seat with heating/cooling options, and added cushioning to the easily adjustable passenger seat also adds to the comfort of the operator. Whenever one opens the door of the cab, the wake up feature will light up the display the same instant.

The New Features

A newer version of combined transmission and hoist lever is now available with the new 730, and 735. Although this feature was first introduced in the 745 but is also now available with these machines. Addition of advanced automatic traction control system helps avoid the wheel spin with the help of different locks.    The working angle of the truck can now be monitored with the detect/stability – Assist system. A new lightning system that can be controlled with the help of ground-level switch can be used to illuminate the desired areas. The Cat connect payload helps to keep a track of the payload with the help of the sensors that are placed on the truck’s walking-beam suspension. With all of these features you will see dramatic increase in productivity. While choosing a truck you should also determine for how long you might be using the machine. This helps you make the choices such as choosing a used dump truck or buying a new one.

These are the specifications and benefits that come with the redesigned cat 730, cat 735, and cat 730EJ. If you still have any questions or are looking for a used dump truck for sale, you can contact us right away. We’ll be more than happy to help you.

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