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Heavy Equipment for sale
The construction industry is rapidly increasing in recent years. It triggered a rise in heavy construction equipment ownership. The current trend is instead of buying new equipment. Many contractors have opted for relying on their existing machines through proper repair and maintenance. Also many customers have shifted to buying used equipment primarily to save on cost.
1.Test drive the machine:
Test-driving the machine is the finest mode to agree on its overall performance. Observe how it actually bears and handles weight. Ask the mechanic to load it up and start the engine, to drive it forward and backwards; make all its moving parts work.
Instruct the mechanic to take note of the steering device, and don’t forget to take a look at the undercarriage for signs of idler wear. Then, inspect the track adjuster position. Similar to maintaining air pressure in your tires, make sure that the tracks are loose enough. This is because they tend to tighten as they wear out.
2.Ask to Inspect the engine:

A well-performing and cost-efficient machine is run by an engine that is in superb condition. Inspect the engine smoke emission. Unnecessary or colored emissions are usually indicative of engine problems. On the other hand, oil leaks are important tell-tale signs of transmission issues, so look around and beneath the equipment for leaks.
3.Ask about after sales support:

Keep in mind, you are buying used equipment and at a point in time, it will require repairs and parts replacements. Assuming you are buying from a recognized used equipment seller, ask if they provide guarantee for parts and labor (however limited), and if they have all the possible spare parts you will need on their inventory. If not, ask where you can source the replacement parts or have the machine repaired. The idea is to make sure that your machine will have limited downtime, if and when, or you risk losing valuable construction time.
4. Cost effectiveness:

Significantly by comparing prices of used equipment by new equipment even if they are of same make and model, you will find a huge difference. Where as you will get the same quality and volume of work done by used heavy equipment. But you need to take into consideration the time and cost involved in repair and buying a new one.

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