Save your precious time and cut the overall expense with the Cat 140G motor grader’s technologies and functions

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Cat 140G motor grader

The Cat 140G motor grader attracts the potential customers by its amazing features and functions. From building roads to maintaining them, the Cat 140G motor grader machine gives you a winning edge in efficiency, productivity, and comfort. The cat 140G motor grader has the latest emissions reduction technology in it, which makes it one of the most durable, reliable, productive and comfortable graders on the market. This machine offers numerous amazing benefits like multiple applications, greater fuel efficiency, more driver comfort and safety features, as well as improved serviceability. This model meets U.S. EPA Tier 3/EU Stage III emission standards with an advanced emissions reduction system that is visible to the operator.

Apart from its features and applications, this model has a tremendous standard economy mode that can assist you to save expensive fuel. The driver will definitely enjoy comfort and convenience with the wide monitor screen, a redesigned message center, flexible brake system, a more comfortable driver seat with heated and ventilated options, and numerous new storage bins located throughout the cab. Powerful LED lighting can be easily added in the engine compartment section to make it easier to service the equipment in low light conditions.

Control accuracy feature: – This cat motor grader has the advanced blade control system that requires no complex process to handle it. It automatically adjusts to the ground of cross slope while working at the job site. The adjustment happens instantly without any delay, delivering a uniform and consistent elevation change across the cutting edge. The outcome is quick and delivers precise grading and cleaning with less fuel, material, and effort.

Control machine bounces with stable grade system: – When the motor grader bounces, it can be nearly impossible to achieve a leveled and even grading. That’s why the Caterpillar Company added the Stable Grade system in this equipment. The stable Grade system is basically a patented technology that detects and decreases bounce before it destroys your task. When Stable Grade system senses bounce, it automatically decreases engine speed at 15 percent intervals until the used heavy equipment stabilizes. Then it increases RPM speed systematically until a pre-set level is reached. The built-in engine settings can be easily adjusted to match the driver’s preferences and site conditions.

Control sudden turns with an auto articulation system: – The Cat 140G motor grader has an auto articulation system that improves overall performance and maneuverability in congested spaces. This system helps the grader to articulate automatically when it is steered. Using Auto Articulation system and other integrated technologies decreases operator fatigue and improves the overall performance, especially on sites with curves, turnarounds, and obstacles.

Control the grader’s efficiency with advanced control joysticks: – The Cat 140G motor grader is equipped with Advanced Control Joysticks to increase operator safety, efficiency and productivity. Whether you are maintaining a road, clearing land or removing the thick snow layers, Advanced Control Joysticks will assist you in maximizing efficiency. These control joysticks help the operator to finish the task in a more precise way.

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