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We often face events unexplainable and things impossible but yet, we find a way around it. The same is with weather. There is a special relationship between weather conditions and construction equipment. It doesn’t matter if it’s a new or a used heavy equipment, one needs to pay special attention to the signs and act orderly to avoid any costly surprises. For those of you who are working in extreme temperatures, the choices are scarce at the time but every cloud has a silver lining so it’s better to wait it out. Yes, we are talking about colder climates, where one finds perpetual snowing as one of the many obstacles that halt the tracks on your excavators. However, when the time comes, that white is going to turn into green. With this change comes the signal that now you have to get ready for work. For that, you need to put your excavators in gear for the upcoming projects.

When it comes to dealing with cold and machines, you have to trust us when we say that these two don’t mix well. However, inspecting your construction equipment in time and preparing it for the spring will help you school the competition just like that. Even if you are a seasoned worker or operator, these tips might help you secure the edge. So pay attention and you might just save a lot in terms of maintenance and equipment troubles.

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Some Things to look out for:


You need to be on the lookout for broken seals or those that are leaking. When you find one, replace it right away. You should know that the Nitrol, the black rubber O-rings would eventually shrink in the cold but once you clean and warm them up good, these might reseal. The reason behind all of this advice is to be sure of the problem before calling in someone to deal with it. If the seals work just fine after the cleanup process then there is no need to burn your bucks.

Arm and Boom

Some of the main things to check out for damage or wear are hoses and hardlines. In addition to this, please check for excessive bushing and pin wear. If you are in your element then there is no way you’d miss any of those evident excessive wear signs. Once you find out, get them replaced. If you intend to cut down corners on your equipment maintenance then don’t wait out for the matter to get worse because that could lead to extensive repairs.


You need to check the terminals and posts and clean them up if needed, even if you took the precaution of removing battery when you deemed fit. You should also inspect the electrolyte levels and make sure that the battery is charged.

Filters and Fluids

If there is one thing you couldn’t miss it is the fluid levels on your machine. Keep a keen eye on the engine oil, hydraulic oil, and other fluid levels. Don’t forget to replace the filters too and grease out the major components.


The undercarriage should be cleaned of debris and the tension should be adjusted. One should also keep in mind the loose track pads and if broken, should be repaired.

Inside and the outside

If you are someone who is fond of cleanliness, which you should be, then clean the cab like you mean it. Don’t miss out any spots or spaces. While you are at it, take out time to replace the cab filters too – after all that’s the air that the operator breathes in. Apart from this it is imperative to your electronics’ safety on the excavator – either a used track excavator or a used wheel excavator. While removing the snow you have a choice, you can either use a broom or compressed air to get the job done. If you are going to act hastily then you might end up scrapping some good paint off the equipment. There should be no ice surrounding any of the mechanisms integrated within the machine.

Inspecting the Engine

You need to be on your toes when it comes to the engine of your construction equipment. Give a good look to your belts and make sure that they are tight. Replace the cracked or damaged ones. If there is damage from chaffing or any sort of wear then you should be the one to catch it in time because we all know a stich in time saves nine. Assess it for engine oil and other leaks.

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These are some of the tips pertinent to the construction equipment itself. You can also get help from other resources such as the original equipment manufacturer experts or certified dealers. The guy can be called in to overlook or supervise the whole process so that you don’t miss out on anything.

So this is all about preparing your excavators for the spring. If you still have any questions or are looking for a caterpillar excavator for sale, then just let us know. We’ll be more than happy to help you out.

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