Different factors affecting the productivity of Used CAT 330CL excavators

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Used Cat 330CL Excavators

The construction industry has been considered one of the highest growing industries in the business market and it has captured a lot of market within a limited time in recent years. It is considered that almost every construction work requires earthmoving types of machinery in its initial phase. There are multiple contractors in the industry that are providing different types of quality machines in the market just like used CAT 330CL excavators that can perform operations that are related to earthmoving. If you are running a business of construction then you must understand that machines that perform excavation decrease the reliability of company owners over labor to some extent and it eventually increases productivity and efficiency. If the company has not chosen the proper excavation machine for its business then it may lead to extra cost, injuries, and time of labor. The time that is required for the process of excavation is basically dependent upon the performance of the machine. There are multiple factors that affect the performance and productivity of the excavator. In this blog, we will be providing information about these factors. It is suggested that finding out about these factors will help the manager of the company to achieve the desired object in a limited time. 

 Proper development of the infrastructure is an essential part of the growth of any country. With the rapid growth in the construction industry, we have seen that the easy movability of machines has played a vital role in this success. This operation has been performed very well by the companies and the excavation machines have been involved in the construction projects to improve efficiency, safety, and productivity. These machines have played a vital role in the modern world construction industry because they are used highly to accomplish construction tasks. It is assumed that in the development process of building infrastructure the equipment cost will be approximately 5 to 10% of the direct cost. On the other hand, while having construction projects on highways then it will increase to 40% of the total project cost. That is why it is essential to understand the fundamentals of the machine by the contractors so that they can choose that piece of equipment that will help them to increase productivity and provide a high return on investment. The selection of machines is one of the most crucial aspects when you are trying to do the projects within a certain budget and schedule. If you don’t have quality machines that don’t perform properly then it will not only decrease productivity but will also add up the unnecessary cost. It is important for all the staff to choose the best quality earth moving equipment that is required to perform the task. Proper selection of machines adds up the efficiency in the project that also increased the profit margin. There are multiple qualities that a manager should analyze before choosing suitable equipment. An experienced manager will identify and evaluate all the qualities and factors to make the best possible decision. 

Factors affecting productivity:

There are a number of factors that help this type of earthmoving equipment to enhance and increase its productivity.

Condition of Site:

The performance of the excavation machine is basically dependent upon the condition of the site that mainly includes physical conditions like geology and topography of the site, geotechnical characteristics of rocks or grounds, etc. The excavation process will be a bit difficult if you are working on ground that has hard soil. The excavation rate might change if the weather condition is affecting the climate like rain, temperature, and snow, etc. 

Project Cycle:

The project cycle provides us the details about the time that is taken by the excavation machine to perform multiple tasks in a single project and at what time the machine has returned to its position. It gives the idea to the managers about the time of excavation, time of swing to dumping position, time of dumping, and the time on which the machine has returned to its digging position. 

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Size of bucket:

The bucket is one of the most essential parts of the machine that helps to handle bulk material and it is located on the end of the arm of the equipment. It is important to select the bucket size as per the amount of material that has to be excavated. The bucket size provides the idea to the manager about the material it can excavate in a single cycle. The maximum size of the bucket can save a lot of time and number of the cycle that is required for the excavation. 

Swing angle:

Swing angle is basically the horizontal angle that is in between the position of the excavator while the machine is excavating and also it provides the hauling to the unit where the bucket dumps all the material. It is also one of the main factors of cycle time. If the swing angle is more then it will eventually increase the cycle time and vice-versa. That is why it is advised the keep the swing angle time minimum to save the cycle time of the machine. 

Maintenance and repairs of machine:

When we talk about construction machinery then we understand that regular maintenance is one of the most important factors that will help you increase the quality of the machine and enhance its performance. You must have a proper maintenance schedule that will help you to minimize the repair and maintenance cost and it will eventually increase profits and productivity. It also helps to control the service intervals and cost of the machine increases machine life, adds resale value, and minimizes downtime. 

Skills of operator:

An operator is one of the key factors that play a vital role in the working of any construction machinery. IF the operator is trained and experienced then it will help the company to get the best possible results from the equipment. He will be able to handle the machine effectively that will provide maximum output from the vehicle. If the operator is not skillful then it will definitely hurt the performance of the machine and it may cause injuries and damage to the operator as well. That is why skillful operator plays an important role to increase the productivity of construction equipment. 

Multiple types of heavy equipment for sale are available in the market to choose from. But it is important for the contractors to choose that machine that is suitable as per the requirements of the project.

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