Select the right motor grader machine for your construction firm from the most demanding top 5 Caterpillar grader’s model list

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caterpillar 14h motor grader

With the latest development made in heavy motor grader machines, large numbers of giant construction companies are buying this heavy versatile equipment for shaping and exhuming the ground accurately where the road or footpath will be placed. This heavy machine is known for its multi-tasking features and applications. In past one decade, the Caterpillar Equipment Company is continuously offering various sizes of heavy motor grader machines with the latest technology and easy-to-use applications to satisfy the customers completely.

The motor grader equipment is the construction equipment that is also known as a used road grader, a maintainer and a grader. Usually, the Caterpillar motor grader machines are obtainable with a strong blade that is attached between the rear helms and facade. If you are in the field of construction and civil engineering and would like to know about the most demanding Caterpillar motor grader machines, then read this article thoroughly and you will know about the top five effective models of the Caterpillar road grader.

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Top five most demanding heavy Caterpillar motor graders

1. Caterpillar 140M motor grader

The used 140M motor grader is efficient heavy equipment which is manufactured by Caterpillar Construction Equipment Company. This heavy 140M Caterpillar machine is equipped with the powerful tier-4 built-in engine, latest hydrostatic system, advanced Power shaft option and multiple power settings. The driver’s cab is spacious and equipped with the latest gadgets and HD cameras. The care track telematics system is its most important and special feature. The patrons can also obtain the choice of 12-speed transmission.

2. Caterpillar 14H motor grader

The Cat 14H motor grader is the medium size grader equipment that is equipped with latest features and most amazing multi-purpose applications. This grader machine is available with the powerful blade and ripper attachment. This work-efficient equipment has the special features of long wheelbase and forward mounts power train.

3. Caterpillar 14G motor grader

The Cat 14G motor grader machine is the most demanding product nowadays due to its excellent fuel efficiency feature and best control grip quality. The overall speed of this heavy grader’s engine is 2000rpm. Due to its standard emission reduction technology and unbreakable attachments, it is recognized as the most durable motor grader equipment in the construction industry.

4. Caterpillar 140G motor grader

The used Cat 140G motor grader is also known as the reliable grader machine and it is the highest selling grader of the Caterpillar Company. The Cat 140G grader’s operating weight is around 45,000lbs. The total engine power of this work-efficient machine is available in varied horsepower speed options like 180, 200 or 250hp. The overall system pressure of this motor grader is 3500.0 psi.

5. Caterpillar 160H motor grader

The Cat 160H motor grader is known as the most durable product due to its powerful built-in engine and maximum horsepower speed. This product is available with the 11-speed transmission option that assists the operator to work with slower gear systems in the fine grading process.

The motor graders are being manufactured with advanced control units so as to allow the operators to do the difficult works easily. So, if you want to buy the most suitable heavy Caterpillar motor grader equipment for your construction business, then visit the Mico Equipment Company’s website and place your order now!

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