What to look for in a CAT 143H Motor Grader

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Cat 143H Motor Grader

If you are a dealer of used construction machines then you must understand that buying a used CAT 143H motor grader will give you multiple advantages. Apart from the high investment, there are other factors as well that must be considered. However, if you want to make your decision properly then you should never compromise on the efficiency factor. So, even if you are buying a used machine then you have to be careful before choosing the vehicle that will fulfill your requirements and have the capabilities to deliver an effective performance that can increase your productivity. In this blog, we will be discussing all these factors and tips that will help you to choose the best machine for your company. 

Know the requirements of your operations:

Before you start to make inquiries for the machine you want you must have a clear understanding and idea about the job that will be performed by the equipment which you are looking for. These equipment are available in the market at different prices and it all depends on the hours, age and such other factors. So it is important that you should go for the right equipment that should be as per your requirements. Different types of motor graders are used to perform multiple tasks. So before buying the machine, you must ask yourself that whether you would be doing construction, mining, forestry, or such types of tasks. It is important that you must have an answer about the scope of work as well before you take a call. 

Always choose a reliable brand:

As mentioned before, there are multiple factors that need to be considered when you are choosing the motor grader which should give you the desired level of performance. At times this might be a bit confusing. That is why to simplify things you must always look for a reliable brand. There are multiple brands in the construction industry that are providing these machines that have advanced features and options that combine affordability and efficiency. Needless to say, after having proper research on your own you must go for the best available option in the market for your operations. CAT is one of those manufacturers that are considered the most reliable and authentic in the construction industry because they use quality materials to build their machines to provide the best available equipment to the customers. That is why they are considered the perfect choice when you are looking to buy heavy equipment for sale.

Examine the engine power:

When you are looking to get a motor grader for your company then one of the most important aspects is to look for engine power. Most of the machines that are offered in the market have an engine capacity from 100 to 200 HP. So you must ensure that the engine you are looking to choose must complete the tasks and project effectively. 

Inspection of frame:

Inspection of the machine must be done with complete focus because this will give you a proper idea about the condition and working capacity of the machine. You must closely inspect the frame of the machine because it is used rigorously. The inspection must be done visually to check the condition of the vehicle. It should not have rust and there should not be any signs of metal reinforcements or visible damage. If the machine is having any kind of damage then it should be clarified before the purchase. You must also check for loose or missing fasteners, leaks, blowholes, welding failures, etc. 

Cat Motor Grader For sale

Inspect the circle:

The circle is one of the most important parts of this type of construction machine. If the angle or the position of the circle is manipulated then it will eventually manipulate the angle of the moldboard. It is necessary that the machine’s circle should be aligned properly. If there is any kind of misalignment then you must check for any uneven wear on the pinion gear teeth. To do this you have to get inside the machine’s cabin and test the complete range of it so that you have an idea about its working. 

Moldboard of equipment:

Now we will talk about the next important part of this machine which is its moldboard. This part is the component that helps to level the ground and does the actual work. You must check that the cutting edge is straight. It is natural to see some tears and wear but it should not have to be excessive. You must also check whether the machine’s moldboard can turn easily from the cabin and its controls are working properly. 

Machine hydraulics:

The hydraulic system is considered the circulatory system of the motor grader that is why it is important that it should work perfectly. So it is important that you must check the hydraulics of its system and then decide to buy the right machine. Before inspecting the hydraulic lines, you must check its ground for any kind of leakage. After doing this you should also check the lines, cylinders, and hoses that are inside the engine compartment. It is necessary to check the cylinders for speed wear and drift.

Price of the machine:

Another important aspect that should be considered before buying this vehicle from heavy equipment suppliers is its price. Well, most of the machines that are available in the market have highly competitive prices but you must ensure that the machine you are getting must be within your budget and can perform all the tasks as per your requirements. 

Motor graders are basically those types of machines that are used to perform multiple tasks simultaneously as it is mainly used for grading but can also be used to set soil foundations in the construction process of huge buildings. This machine can also operate with multiple attachments like they are also used to do underground mining. It can produce an inclined surface that helps to create road camber and in most countries, they are used to create drainage ditches on highways. 

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