Things to consider before buying a dozer:

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A dozer is very significant heavy equipment. This powerful machine helps in demolition, removes the stump and boulders, aids in digging and clearance of large forestry into productive land. Usually construction companies prefer renting mighty dozers. While first time buyers might not be aware of it. It has been observed many buyers do not feel satisfied by their dozer’s performance or find limited functionality. Buying a new bulldozer is very costly and in some situations, especially for the first time users, it may be the better option. Here are some tips to consider before buying a dozer.
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1. The buyer must ensure the machine is in sound health. Whether the machine needs repairs or not. Check the engine, seepage problems, rollers, gears and brakes etc.
2. Buyer should know the requirements of the project. This will help him choose the right model.
3. Among the different type of models of dozer, buyer should determine the right size of machine based on project requirements.
4. Used Crawler Dozer needs to be fueled 3 to 4 times a day. Some parts need to be greased and need maintenance on a regular basis. Also it is necessary that ground conditions are suitable for the dozer.
5. Instructions are needed to be carefully understood before running a dozer. This equipment can become dangerous if the instructions are not followed. If mistakes take place while operating, it is easy to come into an accident. Buyer should hire a qualified operator for its projects. This operator must wear protective gear such as safety belts, ear plugs and dust masks to prevent damage to health.
6. The buyer needs to ensure, he would be able to meet all expenses like cost of rental, maintenance, safety aid, fuel, and greasing cost. Rental contracts, cost, and age of the machine may vary.
7. If you know someone who repairs dozers, it’s a good idea to take them along for an expert opinion.
Consider the above factor before buying a dozer and prefer to buy a dozer made by big brand name.

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