Selection of Komatsu PC400 Excavator for Earthwork

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When you are looking to perform different types of construction tasks like grading, excavating, or site preparation then there are some factors that you need to know about the functions and operations of the machines. If your construction work required site preparation or excavating for your business then you must know that all this cannot be done without the right excavator. You will be dependent totally on this equipment and its attachments that will help you to build accurately and do different types of projects simultaneously. Whether you will be giving contracts to larger companies that specialize in any particular segment but if they don’t provide you the right type of machine then you will not be able to get your desired results. It is necessary to choose the right machine that will give you complete confidence to enhance your services and complete the task effectively. Obviously, there are some factors that will help you to achieve your objective successfully in excavating process, but most of the crucial point is to select the right type of excavator. As the construction business is evolving and different machines are introduced by the manufacturers with multiple and unique features there are still some old age equipment that are considered as a perfect choice to meet your requirements of excavation. One of these pieces of equipment is the Komatsu PC400 excavator that has proven its capabilities to tackle the construction project and it can even stay within your budget. As per the market trend, it is observed that more excavators are being sold in the construction industry over the years and this application area is increasing a lot. Regardless of construction firm size, there are some key attributes that apply to acquisition to make sure that this machine can provide you profitability and will also manage your company cost. 

In this blog, we will be discussing different factors and aspects that will help you to select the right excavator for your construction project that will perform grading, site preparation, and excavation tasks. 

Main Jobs:

It seems now that every construction task requires excavation, grading, and land clearing. One of the most essential aspects that you have to consider is the selection of the right excavator and its application for your project that will help you to accomplish your objectives efficiently. Selecting the right equipment to perform the functions of excavation is much different than preparing the site. Komatsu has been providing machines that are more versatile that have the ability to do multiple tasks that includes expansion, land clearing, new construction, and installation. 

Fruitful configuration:

Basically, the most important part in the selection of the right size of equipment is to understand its work capacity on daily basis. Since the most basic setup for the excavator is to get attached with its bucket and the next step is to match the perfect size and the capacity of the bucket that will give us an idea that how much heavy material it can handle. Then we will be having an answer that which bucket will be suited best with the machine that can excavate the load routinely. An excavator must be configured as per the requirements of the job site as we have seen that there are different construction companies that are having multiple equipment in their fleet but they are not capable of performing multiple tasks simultaneously that affect the performance and it delays the project. 

Competent efficiencies:

There are many heavy equipment suppliers that are providing excavators which are very competent. As the market is expanding with new and different models, the machines now have electronic intelligence that will provide the freedom to fleet managers to monitor the machines remotely with the help of a machine to machine communication or telematics. There are some manufacturers that are providing these systems with complimentary subscriptions. These systems help operators and owners to get more information about the machine and they can manage the maintenance schedule efficiently and also monitor the operational data properly. This system also allows the owners to provide recommendations to operators that how they can improve the productivity of the machine. These are some of the innovations that have improved the communication between the hydraulics and engine to enhance group efficiencies and fuel economy. The Komatsu excavators are designed with the technology that provides variable speed control that can reduce the rpm of the engine when there are low workload requirements. This also reduces the total energy of the equipment that helps to improve fuel efficiency and task efficiency. 

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The versatility of attachment:

Another important aspect that is important in the selection of a proper excavator is to have quality attachments just like a quick coupler. This is provided optionally by different manufacturers. There are different industry experts that suggest that dealers must get a quality coupler with the excavator which will help them to enhance up to 25% of the performance as compared with the normal working machine. Couplers will provide easiness to the operators as they can easily change the attachments like swapping of ditching buckets for grading applications or changing buckets that will match the width of the trench as per requirements.

Logistics of transportation:

Moving equipment from one site to another is one aspect of construction jobs. If you want to acquire an excavator that would need frequent transport then should have an idea that it would be included in the evaluation of your purchase cost. This cost will include a consideration that whether the trailer has to be downsized or upsized to match the size of the machine. It is also important to check that whether you can arrange or get a proper hauling truck for your fleet. In mining applications, equipment is delivered to the job site where it lives its whole life but if you are moving the machine to the different countryside on different construction locations then it should be moved properly with the help of an appropriate size trailer.

The dealers that are providing this heavy equipment for sale in the market must understand that these are some of the main factors that should be analyzed carefully before choosing this machine as part of their inventory.

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