Importance of Safety Instructions and Maintenance of SD100

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Ingersoll Rand SD100 Vibratory Compactor

In this blog, we will discuss the importance and the core objectives of the Ingersoll Rand SD100 vibratory compactor that will help to understand its functions and operations. It will include the details that will provide knowledge to the operator about the criteria and fundamental rules that should be followed to use it on-site and how to maintain this machine. This type of equipment is special designed to provide high productivity and easy operations. This type of unit allows the operator to work on a variety of working conditions. This machine provides the operator to work with axle-drive and its engine is rated at 95 horsepower and is water-cooled. It consists of a drum that is smooth and its vibratory compactor has the ability to provide extra traction that is important while working on deep lifts or steep grades of loose soils. It is designed specially to work on high field grade ability because it can vibrate to increase its horsepower performance. It also has the option to change its engine system as it can be changed to a 110 horsepower tier-II engine which is easily available in the business market. It provides the vibratory compactor that includes a pad foot drum which has the ability to deliver the required force that can compact cohesive soils easily. It has the combination of axle drive and standard drum drive that provides maximum traction and gradability that can work easily in extreme site conditions. The standard engine which is provided with this machine can provide up to 125 horsepower and it is water-cooled. 

Safety instructions:

This machine strongly advises going for proper safety instructions before operating so there should be proper protection for not only the operator but the equipment as well. The operator must use ROPS (rollover protective structure) that will be occupied with the seat belt that will protect the operator from any kind of injury when the machine will undergo any kind of rollover. It will be much better if all the safety procedure is followed properly then the machine will be operated with its complete functions. There will be a complete manual provided with the machine that includes all the details so that the operator can understand how to enhance and increase its performance and it will also keep your equipment in perfect condition. All the safety methods and notes are prescribed to avoid any kind of damage and injury to this construction equipment and operator as well. These methods are provided to cover all types of situations because it is only the operator who can understand all the functions and operations of the machine and only he can guarantee complete maintenance and safe operations. It is very important that the methods that are provided in the manual must be evaluated thoroughly to have complete knowledge about safety precautions before implementing them. It is strongly advised that the operator must not operate the machine if FOPS or ROPS show cracks or its structure is damaged or if it’s not properly installed because it may cause serious damage. Also, you must not modify, repair, or add the attachment to these areas until or unless it is authorized by the original manufacturer. There are multiple types of signals that are shown by the machine to give an alert to the operator. Before using this machine it is important to study and read the manual of the compactor to know how to use its control safely and what steps should be taken to ensure safe maintenance. The operator must wear proper safety items to have personal protection. 

Qualification and selection of operator:

It is important to work on these things because it is necessary to choose that operator who is qualified and has complete knowledge about all types of functions and operations of the equipment and there should be a statutory minimum age limit that must be observed. The operator must be given individual responsibilities that include machine operations, maintenance, repair, and setup and this information must be conveyed before assigning the tasks. The operator should also follow the traffic regulations and he is authorized to refuse all the instructions that are asked by third parties if it is affecting the safety. You must now allow those persons who are being trained or don’t have proper knowledge in the middle of maintenance and operations of the machine when the supervisor is not available. Work required in the electrical system of the equipment must be checked and done by only a skilled and professional electrician under the guidance and supervision of the engineer and manager of the company by following all rules and regulations. If there is any work required in brake, steering system, chassis or hydraulic of the machine then it must be done by the skilled and experienced worker that have special training and knowledge for such type of work. 

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Any type of work that is related to the operations, adjust or conversion of the machine or related to its safety devices or any tasks that are related to inspection and repair, maintenance then it is important to observe all the startup and shutdown procedures that are mentioned in the manual and operations instructions. It is important to ensure that the area which has to be maintained must be secured adequately. If the machine is completely shut down for maintenance work then it is important to take these steps. The operator must lock the control elements and also remove the ignition key. After that, by following all the safety measures the staff must carry out those parts that require maintenance and repair work when the machine is positioned on a level and stable ground. It is important to always use the right tools and workshop equipment when the maintenance is being performed with the machine. Always use those ladders and working platforms that are designed specially as per the safety precautions and never use machine parts for climbing because it may cause damage or serious injury to the operator. All the steps, handles, platforms, handrails, ladders, and landings must be free from dirt, ice, mud, and snow. Most of the manufacturers in the construction industry are providing such types of heavy equipment for sale at a reasonable price and good working conditions. It will not only help you to maintain your fleet management and also it can give you a good amount of return on investment as well. 

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