How to increase the life of a Motor Grader

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Heavy Equipment once bought after a span of time needs to be used in the right way because its life, usage and value start to depreciate. Road graders are known for its blades and smooth running on rough rocky patches.
For improving the life of Used Road Grader one must keep in mind the following situations:
1. There is a need of an experienced operator who can operate the machinery well by adjusting the alignment.

2. If grading takes place along curbs and drain, the grader needs to be switched from right to left lead.

3. Another possibility is changing the blade to back position to sharpen the blade.

4. Positioning the mould board, to maintain a clean sharp blade.

5. Another way is to rebuild it.

6. Also keeping the Grader greased during winters.

7. Maintenance of GCB technology which will help eliminate soil pollution from lubricant which will further reduce the upcoming extra cost on lubrication, pathways and hoses. It would be once a lifetime investment.

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