How to get the most out of your attachments?

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Efficiency is the new norm nowadays. Everybody is trying to get their hands on machines that are not only productive but also efficient too. For this purpose people are now opting suitable attachments because the word is out on the streets that if you want a single machine to do the work of an entire equipment fleet, you need to get attachments. From heavy equipment suppliers to business from different industries such as construction or landscaping, everyone is investing in correct attachments for increased productivity.

Used Heavy Equipment,

At times, when you are working on the construction site you think you are getting the job done but in reality you can’t see anything being done. The reason behind this is improper matching of the equipment or the attachment. You need to get everything right in order to get the perfect results. Seldom, you might also encounter problems related to attachments. You could have just bought a bucket for your equipment but it isn’t working anymore like the way it used to. Now you start to experience problems that according to you shouldn’t be there in the first place. You start thinking what just happened there? We’ll tell you the reason, its improper maintenance. You missed out on maintenance schedules and therefore you have ended up with a faulty attachment now. Hence, preventive maintenance is important to getting the most out of your attachments.

When it comes to hydromechanical attachments related to used heavy equipment, taking care is more than important. These tools run on auxiliary flow coming directly from the machine and require extreme care in order to function properly. In this piece we have mentioned some of the most commonly used hydromechanical attachments and ways to assure that their performance or efficiency doesn’t fall. However, you need to keep a keen eye on the maintenance methods and schedules.

Cold Planers

Week by Week

The planer depth control cylinder ends should be lubricated inclusive of the control shafts. You should also look out for wear in adjustable skid shoes and drum frame. If you think that there is no other way than replacing the old ones then go for it.

Everyday maintenance

You need to check whether the conical bits are properly rotating and turning or not? This should be done before the operation of the cold planer. What happens is that dust via grinding from the concrete or asphalt can settle into the conical bits during the working process and halt the process. Therefore, it becomes an hourly duty to check these tips for proper rotation. Exercise caution while inspecting these tips as these tips can become extremely hot while working. If the bits are not rotating and the attachment is still running, this can cause permanent damage to the holder and drum.


Everyday maintenance

When it comes to augers you should inspect the teeth for damage and wear and if you find it damaged, you should replace it right away. One also needs to make sure that all the bolts are tight and bits are in place. Don’t skip the cracks on the auger and tend to if needed along with lubrication of the pivot pin.

Power Box Rakes

Week by Week

You can’t rule out the importance of tire pressure that’s why you need to maintain a pressure of 60psi when it comes to the tires. This inspection should also be done weekly. Low pressure can cause the tire to detach from the rim. You need to lubricate the caster mount brackets, roller bearings, pivot plate and bolt on a weekly basis.

Everyday maintenance

Loose hardware might cause problems, therefore tighten any loose ones right away. The tires and rims should be visually inspected. Elevated tires off the ground and with wheels side to side you need to see if the bearing or axle are exhibiting any wear or not.


Week by Week

After every 40 to 50 hours of service, the hammer’s pins and bushings should be inspected for wear and damage. You should also keep in mind not to operate the attachment continuously for more than 15 seconds as this may lead to heat up.

Everyday maintenance

Either it’s a cat used equipment or a Volvo used equipment, you need to make sure that your used heavy equipment doesn’t misses out on the maintenance schedule. For hammers, lubrication should be done every two hours during operation. If you’d use a general purpose greasing it will melt away so make sure that you use a lubricant. You can also take help from the OMM for proper positioning of the attachment. Hydraulic hose leaks and loose fittings should also be checked for.

heavy equipment parts

Angle Brooms

Some operational tips

You don’t need to use the broom continuously in a specific direction. You should also avoid applying excessive down pressure and excessive use of bristles because all of this would lead to wear/damage of the bristles prematurely.

Everyday maintenance

Inspection of boom bristles looking for wear, checking out premature loss, looking out for damage, and visually inspecting the brooms are one of the things that you have to do every day. For chain adjustment instructions you can refer to manuals that come with the attachments. You should also apply lubricant to both sides of the bearing.

Well, this sums it up for some of the most common attachments and how to maintain it. If you still have any questions or are looking for any more tips on attachments, just contact us and we’ll be more than happy to help you out.

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