How to get desired resale value of your heavy construction equipment?

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There could be a bunch of reasons that might compel a heavy construction equipment owner to sale the equipment. The common motive behind selling is to dispose the equipment before it loses its complete functionality. However, there are multiple reasons that might dictate the course of action.

One might think of getting rid of the equipment after completion of a big job. Others might sell at the time of retiring from the industry or when they are short of money to purchase a newer model.

You might also sale the equipment when purchasing a specialized construction equipment becomes indispensable to finishing the job. Whatever the reason, one always yearns to get good value for his/her equipment. There are many factors that influence the resale price of the heavy construction equipment.

Recognition of the brand, the demand and supply, how well you can market the product, and how big of a buyer pool do you have? Of course, one can never rule out the importance of condition of the equipment. Of all of these factors, you don’t have control over most of them. However, there are some that can be controlled and that can help you get the desired resale value of your heavy equipment.

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Reputable Manufacturers

You should take your sweet time while making decisions that dictate the sale and purchase course of your company. Reputation, is a funny thing – on one hand it can make you a king and on the other hand, you might lose everything you own because of it. Therefore always make choices that’ll add to your good name and popularity.

Choose construction equipment from an equipment manufacturer such as Caterpillar, Volvo, Deere, or bobcat. These are the names that have been around for decades. Everybody knows and trusts these names. One can immediately think of a color and figure upon hearing these names. Caterpillar is famously associated with construction equipment such as dozers, excavators, and all others. Bobcat can be associated with skid steers and so on. If you buy any equipment from these brands you will get a good resale value, no matter the market demand and supply.

You should store the original documents, receipts, invoice, and other related literature from the time of purchasing. Provide these documents to the buyer and you’d be amazed to see the results.

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Take care of your construction equipment

The equipment type doesn’t matter when it comes to maintenance, both preventive and regular. You need to be on your toes when it comes to equipment maintenance if you don’t want it to rust and rot.

You don’t want to be selling a dilapidated equipment because that won’t pay the bills, would it? Be ahead of your time with a checked and maintained schedule for your equipment. Even when you are working, you need an equipment that doesn’t break down in the middle of the road.

To eliminate these worries you mustn’t take your eyes off your equipment condition. Cracks, leaks, dents, and other issues should all be accounted for. It doesn’t matter if you have a motor grader for sale or an articulated dump truck for sale, keep the deck clear of debris to ensure a good bargain.

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Also take out some time to maintain the service record, oil change, and repairs in a log book. Present it to prospective buyers. Don’t let ignorance get the best of you.

Market your efforts

You need to walk down the same path as the big giants. The big traders and dealers of construction equipment make sure that their equipment is serviced, maintained, and repaired by only authorized service providers.

They don’t let their efforts end in vain. Instead, they market that whenever any of our equipment breaks down, we get it fixed only at a certified shop. This act adds positively to their credibility. When the same equipment is up for sale, people tend to buy it easily due to the reputation that precedes it. If you practice any of these things then you should also market your efforts and cash them justly. If you are able to keep track it might turn out to be fruitful for you.

A treat for the eyes

A dirty equipment is a cheap equipment. For instance, if you have a cat motor grader for sale that’s covered in dirt and is full of dents and cracks then you might as well take out the key and drop the idea of selling it out. You need to make sure that the exterior as well as interior must remain clean at all times. Not just for the purpose of cleanliness but also for the purpose of eyeing the equipment for cracks and dents. A clean surface makes it easy to point out flaws.

If someone has a choice regarding a machine with same hours, same model, similar configurations, he/she would choose the construction equipment that is in immaculate condition rather than that one which tells the tales of its working conditions.

So these are some of the tips and tricks that can help you maintain the resale value of your construction equipment. If you still have any questions or are looking for a heavy equipment, please let us know. We’ll be more than happy to help you. Till then, happy reading!

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