How Cat 816F Landfill Compactor Improves Uptime Reliability

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Cat 816F Landfill Compactor

Waste industry equipment are considered as one of the harshest for its operators when they run it. For the past years, it has been observed that manufacturers are trying their best to optimize these machines as per the requirements of the operators and customer’s demands so that they can achieve their goals to earn more profit by lowering their costs. When we talk about operations of mobile equipment in sanitary landfills, then we can see that we have multiple choices of machines available as per their sizes, types, and options. It is important to have complete guidance about heavy construction equipment to select from these critical options of the landfill by the site managers because they must go for that machine that will help them to reach the final density of the landfill site. This equipment can help to achieve reliability while working for operations that include compaction just because it can provide a proper technique to compact the solid waste and shred it into small pieces and then push it further to mix it and finally it will compact it to maximize the tonnage of waste while using limited space in the landfill. There are different types of compactors available in the market in different qualities so you can choose the machine as per your requirements. One of them is CAT 816 landfill compactor that includes an improved and innovative guarding and structural engineering that helps to optimize the uptime availability. This also has a new grouping of service points that will help the machine to reduce the time that would be spent on maintenance. Also, the updated design of the cab can provide comfort to the operator and increase productivity. To alleviate potential damage, new frames are installed in this machine that will divert the trash away from the hood enclosure and frame. A new type of captive hinge is placed on doors that will prevent them to get opened unintentionally. This will also protect the interior components from contamination. 

This particular machine is powered by a CAT C7.1 engine that is designed specially to maximize the economy of fuel and increase the power density. There are two types of engine options available in the market that are U.S. EPA Tier 4 Final/EU Stage V and Tier 3/Stage IIIA equivalent. Both these engines are designed specially as per the standard requirements of the market. It also has an advanced productivity electronic control system (APECS) that has transmission control which delivers the improved performance of shifting and can achieve the momentum on greater grades. It has a greater level of decreasing fuel consumption by carrying the momentum through different shift points. The 816 roller has multiple features that provide improved technology of airflow that helps to reduce the maintenance and cleaning schedule. The new type of radial air filter can easily last four times longer than the previous one. This machine also has a system which is an electronic air inlet restriction indicator that will alert the operators when the airflows are blocked. In the radiator area, they have given a screened air inlet that deflects the trash from entering it which provides the machine proper airflow. Also, an auto-reversing fan is installed inside the engine area that has the capability to manually activate the debris buildup.  

Nowadays there are multiple types of dealers available in the markets that are offering used cat 816F landfill compactor for saleIf you are looking to buy this machine for any project site or to resell it in the market then you must understand that there are multiple types of advantages to getting this machine in your inventory.

Landfill compactor for sale

Advantages of 816F landfill compactor:

The manufacturers of this machine are now more focused to improve and increase the performance of its engine because it will eventually enhance fuel efficiency. This is actually considered as a bonus just because it will also reduce the manufacturing cost and it will help the dealers to get the maximum amount of profit. This vehicle is also trending in the market just because of its water cooling system and diesel power. Also, this machine is quite friendly with the operators just because of its small size and functions that are easy to operate. The design is considered as an additional feature because it provides easiness to the operator to be comfortable. The manufacturers who are offering this heavy equipment for sale in the market has tried their best to provide visible display and easy-to-use controls which helps the operators to work with complete focus.

Reduction of risk of fire:

Oxygen plays an essential role in the process of combustion. If you easily control the presence of air that is in contact with the combustible waste on the landfill surface then you can easily reduce the risk of fire. When the compaction does not exist then there are more chances of waste getting in contact with air. When the fire will start then the wind will increase combustion. When the fire will get started in a landfill then it is very difficult to control it and stop combustion entirely. Smoke contains different types of toxic gases so while doing the process of digging the combustion material and converting it with dirt then it easily controls the fire within the waste.

Used Landfill Compactor for sale

Easy control of gear and steering:

The operating lever of 816F is attached with its handle. It helps the machine to move easily in different directions just because it is like the gear of a car. It can also be switched comfortably to go forward and reverse. These switches are also attached to the handle. The more the switch will be inclined to the forward direction the more speed it will provide. If the switch is the direction to the back then it will provide reverse motion. It also includes steering that helps to maneuver the vehicle. 

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