5 Advantages of Construction Equipment Telematics

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construction equipment telematics

Construction Equipment Telematics is the system that is the combination of on-board diagnostics, GPS technology, and monitoring sensors that helps to log, track and report the data with the help of cellular networks about the operation and performance of your heavy machinery. The data that is generated from these telematics systems are checked with the help of a web portal and it can also provide information on the different number of machine systems. The most common data points and information that is provided by telematics is related to its idle times, fuel consumption, and machine alerts. Most of the machine manufacturers these days are now providing these telematics systems on their equipment and due to this system, the demand for the machine is increasing every year. 

Advantages of Construction Equipment Telematics:

The owners of the machines that are using telematics systems have different types of advantages that improve productivity and reduce operating costs. Here are the top 5 advantages we can get from using this system that helps to control and monitor your construction equipment

Allocation of assets:

The data of Construction Equipment telematics can provide you the information for how much time the machine is being used. With this data, you can analyze and determine that whether you are using the machine for too little or too much on the worksite. If you have an excavator that is not being used for a long time and sitting on a site then you can deploy it to another site to make it work. On the other hand, if you don’t have enough machines on working projects then your operators will be overworking with the existing machines just to keep up with the time and complete the project on schedule.

If you will use telematics data then it will help you to understand that exactly how much and where the machine is being used. By the time, this information will give your information about machine analytics and to realize that whether you have enough machines in your stock list to sell in the market or you have to invest more in buying more machines. If you will adjust your fleet size then it will reduce the cost of rent that you will be paying to equip the machine for your projects because you will have ownership of many machines that you can forward on project sites or advertise these construction equipment for sale in the market.

Repair & maintenance schedule:

The technology of construction equipment telematics is kept evolving and it is helping to provide more information as well as data points to the machine owners. In the new design of machines, the manufacturers are incorporating onboard scales and sensors that help to get the data of the equipment from the number of systems. Everything from fault codes as well as to fuel consumption can be monitored easily. By integrating the telematics data into the management program of maintenance it will help to perform and schedule repairs and maintenance of the machine. These systems will also provide you the information and alert that whether your machine is performing its operations properly or not. It will be helpful to know if any part of the machine needs to be replaced. This system identifies the problem of the machine that will help to extend the life of your machine and eventually it will reduce the labor and repair cost.

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Performance of Operator:

This data will provide you information that can improve the efficiency of the machine operator and it will also identify the wrong habits of the operator to keep the machine on idle time. There are other safety hazards as well that will be indicated by the system that includes erratic movements, overloading a machine, and speeding because by doing such activities the machine can lead to topping and rollovers. If you will monitor the construction equipment telematics data then you can also get the information that which operator is misusing or overworking with the equipment. If this behavior will be corrected then it will help to reduce the labor cost and avoid accelerated wear on your machine.

Reduce the risk of theft:

This system will provide a GPS system as well as a geofencing that will send you an alert as soon as the machine will exit from the worksite. You will also get alerts with the help of time-fencing when the machine will be operated outside of scheduled work hours, it will also share an indication when somebody will try to make off with your machine. There are some systems in these machines that have remote control from which you can easily shut down the engine if there will be any unauthorized use detected. From this system, you can also check the location of your inventory at any one place and if any of your machines is missing then you can alert the local authorities so you can have a speedy recovery.

Refunds of Fuel Tax:

The states and the federal government collect the taxes of excise on diesel fuel and gasoline. The taxes provide different types of benefits because they are being used on the construction of roads and maintenance of highway projects. There are certain types of businesses that use fuel for off-road purposes like heavy equipment and these machines are eligible to provide refunds on the federal level. The telematics data can track GPS data that is related to fuel consumption as well that can provide records related to fuel consumption as well.

There are varieties of used wheel loaders for sale available in the markets now that are equipped with these construction equipment telematics systems. Buying such equipment for your business will automatically improve productivity and more chances to increase the return on investment.

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