Configuring wheel loaders to address your Workload

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While configuring wheel loaders you need to clap your eyes on the basics because that what matters in the long run. The first thing that you need to do is to map out the applications for your wheel loader. The primary objective to be achieved should be in sight and each and every configuration should revolve around it. The method or the mode that is to be frequently used should also be undertaken as an important factor. For instance, what are you going to use the wheel loader for? How are you going to use it? Will you be doing the basic fork and bucket work? And if this is the case then how high will you need to lift and how much are you going to lift? In this scenario, looking at the machine’s Full turn static tip load (FTSTL) becomes important. Our experts at compact wheel loader team broke it down for us:

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Let’s shift our focus to another side for a moment, we’ll come back to this configuring part. We are talking about increasing the operator comfort, saving time, and reducing wear and damage.  You know all of these things are imperative to making sure that you don’t miss out on productivity, efficiency, and longevity. There are many advanced wheel loaders out there that come with amazing features. These features are in line with the reduction of owning and operating costs too. If you also own one of these machines and are looking to optimize it, then you must check out these technologies listed below:

Rimpull Control

Sometimes you just can’t minimize the tire spin, can you? Well this rim pull control allows you to get a handle on tire spin and reduces it by giving you the freedom. Either you are utilizing a used wheel loader for sale to do the job or a new wheel loader, if you have this control then use Rim pull control to adjust the torque addressing your underfoot conditions.

Ride Control

This feature utilizes the lift cylinders as shock absorbers against the payload. Due to this act, one can experience a comfortable ride without taking much from the bumps on the road. So if you are in for the long haul or your application requires you to travel long distances then ride control is the way to do it.

Programmable Kickouts

Sometimes you wonder about the complexity of life and think that things would have been much easier if everything you do could be remembered in the same setting. Well, with programmable kickouts now your actions become memories of your equipment. Your favored lift and tilt positions are saved and can be recalled, all at the expense of a turning joystick. When it comes to advanced wheel loaders, you can do all of this from inside the cab to assure and predict a smooth and continuous loader arm movement.

Cylinder Snubbing

This feature is known to slow down the attachments or accessories before coming down to the end of the cycle. This leads to a smoother operation and increases efficiency along with improved material retention.

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The Configuration Turnover

Coming back to the configurations part, we were talking about the FTSTL part. The FTSTL is used to denote the bucket material weight that can tip the machine when the loader arms are leveled while the machine is fully articulated. For the bucket, the rated load can be 50% of the FTSTL, for the forks the same ratio can be increased to 80%. This helps you determine how much can you lift and lift safely while operating. Ground conditions also play a very important part in determining at what rate you will be able to operate. So according to the conditions, you might be able to operate the machine at a minimized rate. The rated load, however, acts as a good guide. Now let us tell you how this FTSTL thing can help you out. For example, if you are searching for a cat wheel loader for sale that can lift around 6,000 pounds, then you’ll want a machine with a 6,000 pound rated load and 12,000 pound FTSTL.

You can also size the bucket for your wheel loader by simply dividing the rated load (FTSTL/2) by material density and behold, here is your target bucket size! If the job at hand requires you to load a truck with tall height then choose a wheel loader with a high lift linkage.

Higher Horsepower?

You might think that a machine with higher horsepower is the one with higher FTSTL too, however, this is not the case. Horsepower doesn’t translate into FTSTL. If your job requires you to use hydromechanical attachments such as brooms, coldplaners, blowers, or others then you need to select a used construction equipment that can provide hydraulic power sufficiently for the attachments to perform at maximum.

Considering Dimensions

You would also have to consider dimensions because dimensions are not something to be overlooked especially when you have to work in tight spaces. Choose a machine that best fits the work description and can work to its maximum capacity within the designated area. One should also keep in mind the available options for transporting the Heavy Equipment. Make sure that your machine fits within the towing capacity.

So this is all we had to offer about configuring your wheel loaders, either new or used. If you still have any questions or are looking for a used wheel loader for sale, then contact us right away. We’ll be more than happy to help you out.

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