What to look for when buying an articulated dump truck?

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Are you thinking about buying an articulated dump truck? Confused how to select one? Don’t worry because we got you covered. One needs to evaluate the decision from multiple aspects before considering it as the final word.  Decision making is always difficult especially when numerous outcomes are possible. The possibility of each outcome has to be measured for complete risk assessment. When it comes to choosing the construction equipment, one can leave no stone unturned. Coming back to the topic of articulated dump trucks, if you searching for caterpillar articulated trucks you either need to know everything about the tools of the trade or you should be accompanied by someone who is an expert. Even if you can’t do any of these things just read what we have gathered and you’ll be able to choose an articulated dump truck for yourself.

Research is one of those things that keeps a man ahead of his time. Those who want to get their hands on the best articulated dump truck should map out the process first so as to ensure that nothing is missed out. You need to ask yourself questions. Questions that can help you rule out everything until only what you need remains in your bucket.

A brand new truck or a used one?

You should never be on the fence while making a choice because confusion leads to deterioration. Always think before purchasing an articulated dump truck that do you even need to buy a new one or any used caterpillar articulated dump truck can do the job for you? At this point, your budget comes into play. One cannot make a sane decision without considering the budget. A new machine will definitely be more expensive than its used counterpart. However, with a new machine you might save on the service costs. A new machine will be more reliable hence saving you the trouble of short maintenance intervals. Apart from this, there is also another option, the middle way. If you are unable to afford a new dump truck you can always choose an articulated dump truck that is only a few years old. This truck, though not new, will be able to give you what you want and would also be not as expensive as a new one.

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Always find a Good Dealer

Buying from a reputable dealer is as important as inspecting the equipment before purchasing. The thing is that with a certified and reputable dealer you get the after-sales support. After sale support eliminates a lot of worries about the spare parts and attachments, when you need them. Always check reviews and ask others, to ensure that you are buying from a trusted dealer. If you don’t practice this then you might not be able to get the support that you are looking for.

List down the features

Different dump trucks come with different features. The features are according to the size and model of the dump trucks. You should know why you need an articulated dump truck for. Once you are done mapping out the working conditions within which you might be using your construction equipment, you can safely choose the equipment. If you choose an articulated dump truck that has features that you don’t need or on the contrary, it doesn’t has features that you need, then you might be in big trouble. When you don’t have a sound knowledge of the features you want, you can read out the manual or ask the seller and then freely make your mind. This saves you time, money and energy. Caterpillar articulated trucks come with different technology and features than those present in Doosan trucks or Bell dump trucks.

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Comparison of Prices

You need to compare the prices before making the final decision. You need to get rates from different dealers and sellers. There can be a major difference when you are choosing the used dump trucks for sale. Even when your choice of equipment is a new one there might be a difference pertinent to shipment charges, packages, and features. The sellers will try to influence your decision making capability by throwing you cheap offers but you should stand your ground. Never confirm anyone for a sale unless you completely know the market value of the dump truck you want to buy. After all, buying a used dump truck for sale is not an easy job.

Look for warranty

If you are buying a new dump truck, you should always look for warranty. When it comes to certified dealers you can always have warranty while purchasing a new equipment but if you are buying from a private seller, you need to inquire whether the vehicle has warranty remaining or not. Having a vehicle with warranty can save you from many troubles pertinent to the repair of the parts.

So this is all that you need to know before making the decision of purchasing an articulated dump truck. If you still have any questions or want to buy a dump truck, just let us know. We’ll be more than happy to help you out. Till then, happy reading!.

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