Used CAT Motor Graders for Sale

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Is there an effective and affordable way to enhance your grading operations in the road development, landscaping, and construction sector? Explore Mico Equipment’s range of high-performing used CAT motor graders for sale. We are a trusted name for providing quality-assured second-hand machinery solutions in Houston, Texas, since 1960. Our experts guide buyers in streamlining their specific needs and selecting suitable equipment. 

Used CAT Motor Graders for Sale

Indeed, Caterpillar devices are renowned for approved precision, versatility, and durability. In this scenario, CAT pre-owned motor graders excel in levelling uneven surfaces and proper drainage systems to stabilize infrastructures. By opting for Mico equipment products, leverage the advanced capabilities at a fraction of the cost and maximize productivity.

Why Select Our Used CAT Motor Graders for Sale?

Choosing our second-hand CAT motor graders to get quality, performance, and value. Obviously, our professionalism and customer satisfaction made us a reliable source for contractors, builders, and developers.

Who is seeking economic choices for their projects? Explore our top-quality, expertly maintained equipment inventory for the perfect solution. Here’s why Mico Equipment’s offerings stand out:

Decades of Expertise

With over 50 years in the used construction machinery industry, Mico Equipment Company profoundly understands the ins and outs. Moreover, our experts commit to ensuring quality assurance of second-hand CAT road graders for sale to meet the highest reliability standards.

Inspection and Maintenance

In fact, each motor grader in our stock undergoes a regular inspection and servicing process. Our skilled and certified technicians meticulously test the optimal performance of each machine. Likewise, they manage to conduct scheduled maintenance protocols.

Cost-Effective Solutions

Used CAT motor graders definitely deliver significant cost savings compared to new models. Of course, you can have high-quality devices at a fraction of the cost of a brand-new machine. Therefore, this fact allows temporary contractors to maximize their investment return.

Integrate Advanced Technology

Mico Equipment professionals are competent in integrating the innovative technical support of GPS grading systems and advanced hydraulics in late models. Remarkably, the buyers of pre-owned Caterpillar devices have access to modern capabilities to improve work precision.

Wide Selection of Models

Moreover, we have a diverse range of used CAT road grader models with different specifications and price tags. Thus, it provides a wide selection choice that best fits your specific project requirements. Whether you need a grader for small-scale residential construction or large-scale commercial development. Contact us to have reliable solutions.

Outstanding Customer Service

Our professional commitment to excellent customer satisfaction goes beyond the sale of equipment. We offer comprehensive support, including massive machinery dismantling, inspection, and maintenance services. Moreover, we provide secure packaging and shipment all around the world.

Proven Durability and Reliability

Caterpillar is considered a standard brand for manufacturing powerful and long-lasting heavy-duty equipment. Therefore, acquiring our preowned CAT motor graders retains their performance and durability over a more extended period. These reliable products can effectively handle demanding operations even in harsh conditions.

Local Expertise

Mico Equipment Company has been based in Houston since 1960. We have deep local market analyses and recent construction industry trends. Therefore, we offer tailored solutions and modification services to meet the unique needs of regional customers. Choose us to have the perfect blend of used equipment quality, affordability, and exceptional customer support services.

Explore Mico Equipment Used Motor Graders for Sale

Discover the outstanding performing pre-owned motor grader at reasonable price tags from our diverse inventory. However, each model is rigorously inspected and maintained to deliver top-notch functionalities. Our easy-to-read detailed specifications for each model give the required information to make an informed decision.

Plus, we allow the buyer to take a test drive to evaluate the real-time work efficiencies and precisions. Here, we listed some of our road graders; for more details, visit

1.     CAT 143H

We are introducing the CAT 143H, a versatile and reliable used motor grader for sale. It is designed to deliver optimal grading over various terrains. Moreover, powered with a 3176C engine combines power with efficiency to meet superior productivity targets.

  • Year: 1998
  • Usage (Hours): 7,429
  • Price: $95,000
  • Availability: In Stock

CAT 143H Technical Specifications

Technical DetailsValues
EngineCaterpillar 3176C
Net Power220 hp (164 kW)
Operating Weight:19,000 kg
Blade Width3.7 m
Max Blade Depth610 mm
Transmission TypePowershift
Tires14.00-24, 12PR

2.     CAT 140H

It is a trusted workhorse in the dynamic construction world. Indeed, it is a renowned grader machine for its reliability, strength, and exceptional functionalities. With its rugged design, 3176C engine, precise blade control, and Powershift transmission, it excels in earthmoving applications.

  • Year: 2004
  • Usage (Hours): 13,983
  • Price: $92,000
  • Availability: In Stock

CAT 140H Technical Specifications

Technical DetailsValues
EngineCaterpillar 3176C
Net Power185 hp (138 kW)
Operating Weight15,000 kg
Blade Width3.7 m
Max Blade Depth610 mm
Transmission TypePowershift
Tires14.00-24, 12PR

3.     CAT 140G Motor Grader

A legendary Motor Grader renowned for its unmatched performance, reliability, and durability for onsite grading jobs. With its quality-tested 3306 engine and direct drive transmission, the CAT 140G can handle a variety of tasks with precision. Moreover, it is equipped with advanced blade control systems to deliver smooth and uniform surfaces.

  • Year: 1979
  • Usage (Hours): 6,952 (Original Hours)
  • Price: $45,000
  • Availability: In Stock

CAT 140GH Technical Specifications

Technical DetailsValues
EngineCaterpillar 3306
Net Power150 hp (112 kW)
Operating Weight:14,000 kg
Blade Width3.7 m
Max Blade Depth610 mm
Transmission TypeDirect Drive
Tires13.00-24, 10PR

4.     John Deere 872GP

Indeed, it is the most powerful and versatile motor grader designed to tackle the most demanding grading operations. With its robust construction, PSS 9.0L engine, and advanced features, operators can achieve optimal torque for superior productivity

  • Year: 2011
  • Usage (Hours): 11,502
  • Price: $110,000
  • Availability: In Stock

872GP Technical Specifications

Technical DetailsValues
Engine  John Deere PowerTech™ PSS 9.0L
Net Power300 hp (224 kW)
Operating Weight:32,000 kg
Blade Width4.3 m
Max Blade Depth610 mm
Transmission TypeDirect Drive, Powershift
Tires14.00-24, 12PR

5.     John Deere 870GP

This model introduced powerhouse support among motor graders. It is renowned for its exceptional performance and reliability. Engineered to excel in construction, landscaping, and site clearance grading application. Experience unbeatable productivity and versatility with Mico equipment, which is the John Deere 870GP purchase.

  • Year: 2013
  • Usage (Hours): 8,193
  • Price: $110,000
  • Availability: In Stock

870GP Technical Specifications

Technical DetailsValues
EngineJohn Deere PowerTech™ PSS 9.0L
Net Power300 hp (224 kW)
Operating Weight:32,000 kg
Blade Width4.3 m
Max Blade Depth610 mm
Transmission TypeDirect Drive, Powershift
Tires14.00-24, 12PR

Enhance Motor Grader’s Efficiency with Attachments

Obviously, the work capacity of CAT pre-owned motor graders can be improved by integrating suitable attachments. These add-ons can enhance the equipment’s versatility and functionality. Therefore enabling users to tackle a unique and specific task. Here are some demanding attachments are listed that compatible with used motor graders:

  • Rippers: installed with motor graders to break up compacted asphalt or rocky surfaces before grading. They are mounted at the motor grader rear.
  • Snow Plow Blades: these are useful for clearing snow and cleaning parking lots during winter. It is attached at the front for precise operations.
  • Front Blades are multi-purpose accessories used for pushing and levelling operations and are attached to the front side of the grader.
  • Scarifiers are similar to rippers involved in light-duty site preparation tasks. Therefore, constructors are used to clear loose material from challenging surfaces.
  • Compactor: Compacted asphalt layers, soil, and gravel to create a stable base for roads and construction projects.
  • Side Shift Moldboard: enable the road grader operator to move the moldboard swiftly. In this way, they can precisely grade and shape edges and steep slopes.
  • GPS/GNSS Systems: Global Navigation Satellite System integration provides real-time data transfer.
  • Water Tank: motor graders mounted with water tanks to control dust suppression or compaction support for grading procedures.
  • Material Spreaders: road construction requires material spreaders to distribute materials evenly. Therefore, motor graders can spread gravel and asphalt layers onto roads or other surfaces.

Mico Equipment provides various attachments to customize CAT-used motor graders to perform specific tasks. We support the Houston, Texas, construction and road maintenance industry with outstanding efficiency and versatility.

How to Buy Motor Grader from Us

Purchasing second-hand machinery from a reputed dealer and reliable brand is paramount. Moreover, Mico Equipment Company support the buyer in pre-owned CAT motor graders for sale process and suggests suitable solutions. Follow easy steps to streamline your equipment accusation:

Explore Our Inventory

Browse an extensive inventory of used CAT motor graders online. Indeed, each product is mentioned with detailed specifications, technical features, and images to assist the buyer in making an informed decision.  However, we preferred to visit the office to have a detailed evaluation of the equipment. Visit our Houston, Texas, showroom to inspect the devices and take a test drive.

Contact Us for Expert Assistance

Our devoted and experienced sales representative is available to answer any queries about used construction equipment for sale. Call us at +1 (281) 468-9898 or email us at  The representatives are available 24/7 to guide the customer to streamline their purchasing process. 

Schedule an Inspection

Arrange a certified technician to conduct an inspection or contact our facility for a comprehensive assessment of the motor grader. Our experts will provide the maintenance records and certifications of servicing. Moreover, we have detailed inspection videos of each device with complete technical details.

Get a Quote and Payment Options

After selecting the suitable road grader, request an estimate quote. Our staff provide transparent pricing without any hidden additional costs. We offer flexible payment methods that suit buyers with ease and convenience. Likewise, users can avail themselves of shipment service for secure and hassle-free delivery.

Finalize the Purchase

The buyer was provided with a purchase agreement that he had to sign after reviewing it. Discuss any available warranty coverage and additional service packages to support the regular maintenance protocols.

Delivery and Pickup

We offer reliable shipment services to transport your purchased motor grader to your desired location. Our logistics service team coordinate the proposed delivery schedule. Alternatively, they can arrange to pick up the device from our Houston showroom.

Post-Purchase Support

Moreover, our professional commitment doesn’t end with the sale of the equipment. Contact our experts anytime for technical support, regular maintenance services, and original spare parts. Likewise, we offer supportive training programs for hands-on training of the operators to extract maximum work capacities.

Contact Us Today and Experience Difference

You’re not just getting a machine when you select Mico Equipment Company for used construction equipment for sale. You will invest in unmatched reliability, device durability, and outstanding performance. The CAT brand’s legacy of excellence guarantees the user to complete their projects with precision and efficiency. Don’t compromise less than excellence in case of used CAT motor grader for sale purchase. Join us to meet the exceptional services at competitive pricing. Start your success journey with Mico Equipment Company.

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