Used Attachments for Sale

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Used Attachments for Sale

The construction industry is challenging and rapidly evolving in Houston. Different add-ons are available to unlock the full potential of heavy machinery. Indeed, used attachments for sale are not just accessories. They are versatile tools to improve work efficiency and productivity under unique conditions. Mico Equipment is the trademark of pre-owned heavy-duty automated and construction industry machines. 

Obviously, the proper selection of attachments can transform a machine’s power into a multifunctional asset, handling various tasks with ease. Our professional support allows you to streamline your quality-tested attachments that resonate with operational requirements. Unlock new heights of success with buckets, hammers, or drills to elevate the performance of existing tools.

What is an Attachment?

Attachments are like extra tools to add to your equipment, like excavators, bulldozers, or tractors. They improve your equipment worth to do different at the same time. For example, a bucket can be added to a tractor to scoop up soil or a blade to pull heavy weights. Definitely, used attachments help support second-hand construction machinery for sale productivity without purchasing other machines. Here, we elaborate on some operations where they can be utilized:

  • Construction sites: different tasks of digging, lifting, or tilling can be streamlined effectively with buckets, hammers, and drills.
  • Farms: Agricultural practices, soil tilling, seed planting, and crop harvesting are achieved by adding ploughs, cultivators, and seeders with a simple tractor.
  • Landscaping projects: Attachments like mowers, rakes, and tillers help in tasks such as cutting grass, spreading mulch, and preparing soil for planting.
  • Road maintenance: equipment efficiency for road clearance, snow removal, and even surfaces of asphalt layers need road sweepers, snow ploughs, and asphalt cutters.
  • Demolition sites: Crushers, shears, and grapples boosted the excavator’s function for collapsing buildings, cutting metals, and managing waste.
  • Mining operations: Heavy-duty attachments of buckets, rock drills, and crushers doubled the power and use of the existing machine.

Benefits of Purchasing Used Attachments

In fact, the pre-owned add-ons for sale are economical and high-performance alternatives to speed up construction operations. The users can meet their targets while staying within their budget lines. We discuss the long-term benefits of installing such accessories in existing equipment fleets.

Enhance Versatility

Attachments fortified the capabilities of construction equipment, enabling it to perform multiple functions with a single machine. Therefore, this adaptability in the already present tool’s strength reduces the demand for additional purchases, improving overall productivity. 

They can be easily swapped out to mitigate any operational conditions and changes in requirements. This versatility feature streamlines unforeseen challenges smoothly.

Cost Saving Option

Moreover, these choices eliminate the need to upgrade the company with specialized machinery for specific functions. Therefore, it is considered the most suitable and cost-effective approach. Renting or purchasing an attachment is the least expensive option than buying a new machine.

With the right attachments, the need to deploy manual labor is cut down with improved efficiency. Also, protect the worker from injuries and occupational hazards.

Increased Productivity

Attachments improve the construction equipment performance more efficiently, resulting in increased productivity. With suitable attachments, tasks are completed faster, saving time and money.

Many attachments are crafted to manage precise and accurate control, assisting site engineers to achieve higher-quality outputs. Attachments streamline each with precision, whether levelling, trenching, or hauling tasks.

Improved Safety and Footprints

Many attachments are designed with safety concerns to protect operators and machines from accidents. Hydraulic safety valves, automatic shut-off systems, and safety guards commonly improve on-site operational safety.

Some attachments minimize environmental impacts, such as integrating mulchers and brush cutters. The farmers can efficiently clear vegetation without using chemical herbicides or labor-intensive methods.

Maximized Operational Functions

Utilizing attachments speeds up the application of construction heavy-duty machines and lifespan. Instead of wasting time purchasing new devices, they can upgrade their existing tools and conduct personalized tasks.

Ultimately, the benefits of attachments lead to the overall profitability of any preowned heavy-duty equipment for sale. Furthermore, quality work is performed by increasing work efficiency and minimizing costs.

Common Types of Attachments Used in Construction

Indeed, the market in Houston and the international trend towards add-on installations are constantly increasing to support small businesses. Brand manufacturers fabricate these accessories to support additional requirements. Conversely, have powerful articulations and adjustment with late-models. Here’s a more detailed breakdown of some frequently in-demand attachments used with construction equipment, are introduced:

  1. Bucket

Buckets are versatile attachments for digging, scooping, and transporting soil and debris. They are made of steel or other rugged metals for heavy-duty hauling. 

Technical Specifications

Available in different customized sizes and configurations with various built-in materials. Well, they are manufactured as general-purpose, high-performance, and specialty buckets. Furthermore, their capacities vary from a few cubic feet to cubic yards. Likewise, it is crafted with toothed and smooth edges to perform more specific functions.

Technical SpecificationsDetails
CapacityStarts with 0.1 cubic yards to over ten cubic yards
Widthranges from 12 inches to 120 inches
MaterialHigh-strength steel metal and alloys
Cutting EdgeToothed or smooth options 

Practical Uses

  • Excavating site or road construction trenches and foundation preparations.
  • Demolition services for excavation and grading soil, gravel, and debris.
  • Logistics is used to load and unload trucks and containers with objects.
  • Leveling and grading ground surfaces to follow construction procedures.
  1. Auger

They can be used as mechanical support or installed with heavy machinery for extensive drilling of holes in soft soil or hard rocks. In fact, its shape is like a nail that can be easily extracted from a surface. Also, have different dimensions according to need.

Technical Specifications

Augers are marketized in different sizes and arrangements, including manual-supported, skid steer-adjusted, and tractor-mounted augers. Significantly, the diameter and sizes of the digging edge vary from a few inches to several feet. Moreover, the length depends on the brand’s configurations and different models.

Technical SpecificationsDetails
Diameter4 inches to 36 inches
Depthup to 10 feet or more
Drive SystemHydraulic motor or gearbox-driven
ConstructionHeavy-duty steel or other metal alloys

Practical Uses

  • To install metal or wooden fences with deep base holes drilled on hard or soft surfaces.
  • Likewise, billboard holes are required to extract natal structures for digging base supports for signboards.
  • Installing heavy poles or massive trees to manage landscaping projects.
  • Footings and piers create holes for construction projects.
  • Moreover, researchers’ boreholes for geotechnical testing and soil sampling.
  1. Grapple

Grapples are used for material handling to make a firm grip over heavy weights with irregular shapes. Typically, they can precisely transport bulky amounts of logs, rocks, and debris. They are the main requirement of landscaping and demolition applications.

Technical Specifications

Available in various styles to streamline the freighting of different objects effectively. Some in-demand grapples are bucket, root, and rock configurations. However, their capacities may range from a hundred pounds to numerous tons. Options of hydraulic cylinders with single and dual gripping power enhance the technical support.

Technical SpecificationsDetails
Capacityfrom 0.5 cubic yards to 1000 cubic yards
Opening WidthRanges from 30 inches to over 100 inches
Number of Tinesequipped with 2 to 5 tines
MaterialHigh-strength steel construction

Practical Uses

  • In the forestry and landscaping industry, personnel add grapples for handling and moving tree logs, vegetation, and obstacles.
  • In warehouses or recycling plants, objects are sorted and stacked according to size and shape.
  • For construction land clearance operations, debris and vegetation are extracted.
  • Demolishing buildings and removing remains.
  1. Forklift Attachment

Loaders are fabricated with forklift attachments to transform different hauling operations. However, manufacturers crafted forklifts in different sizes and shapes to conduct some unique tasks with different requirements. They can be added with loaders or skid steers to fortify their capabilities.

Technical Specifications

Available in different capacities and configurations, including fixed, telescopic, and side-shift models. Fork lengths, widths, and lifting heights can be customized to suit specific requirements. Options include hydraulic tilt and rotation for precise positioning.

Technical SpecificationsDetails
CapacityRanges from 2,000 lbs to over 10,000 lbs
Fork LengthCustomizable, typically from 42 inches to 96 inches
Fork WidthAdjustable or fixed-width options are available.
Hydraulic Functionsside shift, Tilt, and fork positioning

Practical Uses

  • In warehouse management and cargo services, pallets, crates, and containers can be easily lifted and moved.
  • Loading and unloading construction, mining, and agricultural materials from trucks and trailers.
  • Stacking and storing inventory in recycling or manufacturing units.
  • Handling bulk materials in utility supply and distribution centers.
  1. Hammer/Breaker

Obviously, facilitating the demolition of selective parts required precise control over cutting and breaking hard concrete or metal parts. Therefore, hammers or breakers are deployed to break and demolish concrete structures, asphalt layers, and hard rocks.

Technical Specifications

Available in diverse sizes and classes, according to utility. Importantly, it is fabricated in handheld, skid steer-mounted, and excavator-mounted configurations. Moreover, use on the base of impact energy available in a few hundred to thousand foot-pounds. Additionally, some dynamic options are chisel and moil conformations for specific applications.

Technical SpecificationsDetails
Impact EnergyVaries from 100 ft-lbs to over 10,000 ft-lbs
WeightTypically ranges from 200 lbs to over 10,000 lbs.
Hydraulic Flow RateMatches device specifications
Tool DiameterSizes based on the breaker model

Practical Uses

  • Break hard concrete and asphalt surfaces in selective demolishing of some parts of walls, floors, and structures.
  • In site excavations, rocks and hard soil of site preparations are broken up.
  • In road development and maintenance operations, old pavement and foundations are removed.
  1. Sweeper/Broom

Indeed, the ubiquity and expansion of sweepers or broom designs are beyond traditional boundaries. Their prime purpose is to clean the roads or construction sites from snow, debris, and dirt. Moreover, additional support is needed for extensive cleaning operations at commercial scales.

Technical Specifications

Sweepers or brooms can be attached to tractors or other mechanical support to conduct functions quickly. Moreover, it is available in diverse widths and configurations. Typically, this includes rotary brooms, angle brooms, and pickup brooms. Indeed, they are manufactured with polypropylene, steel, and wire bristle materials. Innovative options are hydraulic angling and modifiable brush height.

Technical SpecificationsDetails
WidthRanges from 48 inches to over 96 inches
Bristle MaterialPolypropylene, steel, or wire options
MountingUniversal skid steer or tractor mounting
Hydraulic AnglingAvailable for precision sweeping

Practical Uses

  • Effectively support breaking the concrete structures and asphalt layers in road maintenance and the construction industry.
  • Cleaning the debris of demolishing walls, floors, and structures.
  • The community management services attach sweepers with tractors for cleaning roads.
  • The landscaping industry manages the dry leaves and soils from parks.
  1. Trencher

Trenchers are deployed for extensive operations to dig trenches at commercial scales. Remarkably, it streamlines the services of utilities supplies. Therefore, trench holes and sites for water supply pipelines, electrical cables, and municipal drainage pipes.

Technical Specifications

Available in various dimensions and types, it commonly comes up as walk-behind, tractor-mounted, and skid steer-adjusted trenchers. Trench widths are available in a few inches to several feet, according to the depths of the required trench. Moreover, chains, wheels, and rock trenchers are other options to fortify its functions.

Technical SpecificationsDetails
Trench WidthVaries from 4 inches to 24 inches or more
DepthDepths range from 12 inches to over 60 inches.
Chain TypeCup, rock, or shark tooth options available
Drive SystemHydraulic motor or PTO-driven

Practical Uses

  • Digging ditches for utility lines of water supply, sewer management, gas, and electric surplus.
  • In farming and landscaping, irrigation and drainage systems are installed.
  • Creating channels for hardscaping of roadways and sideways projects.
  • Burying telecommunications cables and conduits for secure and effective networking.
  1. Mower

Mowers have specialized blades fixed at considerable heights to cut the grass, weeds, and vegetation at an even level quickly. Therefore, practically involved in landscaping projects, the agricultural sector, and road sideways maintenance.

Technical Specifications

They are available in different types, like rotary, sickle bar, and flail mowers. Moreover, their cutting widths may vary a lot according to requirements. Typical limits are a few feet to several feet. Other advanced features are their adjustable cutting heights, hydraulic drive systems, and offset mounting mechanism.

Technical SpecificationsDetails
Cutting Width48 inches to over 120 inches
Cutting HeightAdjustable with different vegetation
Blade TypeRotary, flail, or sickle bar options available
Power SourceHydraulic or PTO-driven

Practical Uses

  • In amusement parks and gaming zones, grass and weeds are cut, especially in golf courses and sports fields.
  • lawn maintenance in residential and commercial areas and landscapes in properties.
  • Clearing vegetation along highways, roadways, and railways.
  • Vegetation trimming around fences in homes or offices.
  1. Ripper

Rippers break up hard soil, compressed ground, and stony terrain. They can effectively excavate and grade any surface with accurate outcomes. Therefore, it is used in high-demanding industries for its rugged design and outclass performance. 

Technical Specifications

In fact, the utility of rippers is enhanced due to their availability in various sizes and configurations. Manufacturers have designed single or multi-shank rippers to meet users’ requirements. Shank lengths and spacing are modified when adjusted with different applications. Moreover, their options facilities are hydraulic control for depth adjustment and teeth for soil penetration.

Technical SpecificationsDetails
Number of ShanksTypically equipped with 1 to 5 shanks.
Shank LengthVaries based on the ripper model
Shank SpacingAdjustable for different applications
Hydraulic AdjustmentAvailable for depth control

Practical Uses

  • In agriculture and farming, hardpan soil layers are broken up to make them fertile land.
  • Landscaping of parks and roadsides to loosen the soil for vegetation.
  • Pre-adjustments of terrain excavation and grading.
  • Efficient removal of roots, stumps, and rocks from soft ground.
  1. Snow Blade/Pusher

The roads and transportation tracks are choked with snow in extremely cold areas. Therefore, city management authorities must use snowblades or pushers to clear traffic flows. Parking lots and roadways required efficient and fast recovery operations.

Technical Specifications 

Available in diverse widths and arrangements, including traditional blades, box pushers, and V-plows. Moreover, it is integrated with different blade heights and angles for efficient snow removal, even on challenging surfaces. Options cover trip edges and skid shoes for obstacle protection.

Technical SpecificationsDetails
WidthRanges from 60 inches to over 120 inches
Blade HeightAdjustable for varying snow depths
Blade AngleHydraulic angling for efficient snow removal
ConstructionHeavy-duty steel or polyethylene construction

Practical Uses

  • Municipality services used these tools to remove snow from roads, driveways, and parking lots.
  • Huston city management companies are pushing snow into piles for melting.
  • Removing snow to regular traffic flow.

These attachments have versatility and functionality to improve the work efficiency of each industry. Hire specific professionals to assess the required accessories to enhance your machine’s performance. Moreover, contact experienced dealers like Mico Equipment to facilitate the purchasing g process.

How To Select Effective Used Attachment

Obviously, selecting suitable add-ons gives you the desired results. Therefore, executives should carefully examine and research strategies to make profitable and long-lasting decisions. So, we elaborate on some step-by-step guiding principles for second-hand attachments for sale.

Identify Compatibility

Determine the particular functions for which you search the markets for heavy construction machine accessories. Therefore, it is crucial to consider the type of equipment you are already working with, the size of the operational area, and the unique needs to fulfil. 

Ensure the characteristics of the selected accessory are compatible with your demands. Also, assess their weight-carrying capacity, advanced hydraulic controls, and mounting features.

Assess Condition and Maintenance

Inspect the physical conditions of the proposed attachment thoroughly for damage. Moreover, check for excessive rust, cracks, or dents. Take a test running to evaluate the functional accuracy.

Also, request the maintenance records from dealers to check the previous handling protocols. Likewise, it is essential to examine the technical specifications concerning manufacturing guidelines.

Consider Budget

Indeed, the allocated financial resources for that purchase define the brand and model selection. Obviously, the late models are available at the lowest prices compared with recent ones. Additionally, the overall condition and age define the price tags.

Research Seller Reputation

Always contact suppliers with well-reputed used construction machines for sale and extensive customer satisfaction records. Also, visit their websites for reviews, testimonials, and references. Mico Equipment is a reliable dealer that has been working in this industry for the last three decades and has a proven track record.

Arrange Delivery and Installation

Coordinate with the service provider for efficient shipment and installation support after purchase. Ensure it is properly connected and verified before use to avoid any issues or accidents. Moreover, familiarizing oneself with safety procedures and operating directions for practical use is paramount.

By ensuring this pre-assessment, you can select a pre-owned attachment compatible with your needs, budget, and performance.

Professional Tips to Inspect Used Attachments for Your Machine

Before picking a used attachments for sale, thoroughly comprehend the specifications of existing construction equipment. They are remarkable, considering their hydraulic flow rates, weight capacities, pressure limits, and placement configurations. Ensure late-model attachment is compatible with your operations to prevent damage or inefficiencies.

Evaluate Technical Specification

Conversely, verify that the mounting system and hydraulic connections are upgraded to emerging trends. Moreover, the certified technician should be involved in inspecting compatible machine’s specifications. Ensure the addon’s dimensions and configurations do not exceed the desired criteria.

Inspect Structural Integrity

Conduct a wide-ranging inspection of the accessory’s structural integrity to assess its overall durability. Likewise, analyses signs of wear or damage in critical frame components, pins, hinges, and welds. Look for deformations or excessive usage that can impact their performance and safety.

Assess Hydraulic Components

Review the hydraulic system for critical component’s well-being and precision. Commonly, it would be best if you inspected connected hoses, extra fittings, and cylinders for leaks and corrosion. Moreover, the hydraulic functions are tested to measure smooth executions without flaws. Check for proper wheel and axle alignment and accuracy of cylinder and valve operations.

Calculate Return on Investment

Evaluate the return on investment (ROI) of this specific used attachment for sale. Importantly, consider tangible factors of labor savings, reduced downtime, productivity gains, and resale value. Likewise, analyses upfront costs, operative expenses, and upkeeping requirements. All these costs are added against add-ons efficiency, performance, and profitability. 

Choose appropriate attachments that yield the most significant worth and value over their lifespan. Therefore, choose Mico equipment for the value-adding purchase of late-model construction machinery for sale to maximize your investment.

Obviously, technical considerations and inspection measures give you the confidence to select a good addon. Additionally, this scrutiny leads to excelling in the performance and reliability of your equipment.

Top Brands and Their Reliable Attachments in Houston

In Houston, the market of second-hand heavy-duty machinery is rich with renowned and registered brands. They are known for the reliable production of equipment attachments. Indeed, there are several brands; we discuss top leads for their standard attachments:

  1. Caterpillar (CAT)

CAT offers numerous accessories for excavators, dockers, and skid steer loaders to improve work efficiencies. In fact, the popular attachments are different sizes of buckets, immersive thumbs, hydraulic hammers, and drills. Caterpillar is the most demanding company, and its attachments are famous for their design durability, high performance, and extensive compatibility features.

  1. Bobcat

The Bobcat manufacturers are at the forefront when needing an extensive inventory of add-ons. In fact, their comprehensive lineup of attachments has the best compatibility with compact excavators, compact track loaders, and skid steer loaders. Importantly, their frequently purchased accessories are trenchers, buckets, brush cutters, augers, and grapples.

  1. John Deere

They are the prime partner in providing reasonable pricing for construction equipment for sale worldwide. Moreover, they have massive customer reliance and satisfaction in upgrading their compact utility tractors, excavators, and loaders. John Deere offers reliable integrations of forks, buckets, blades, landscape rakes, and grapples.

  1. Komatsu

Komatsu Manufactures is a Japanese multinational corporation fabricating a variety of attachments for excavators, loaders, and dozers. Moreover, their attachments are approved to deliver the expected results. Commonly available as buckets, rippers, thumbs, hydraulic breakers, and couplers. Komatsu attachments are widely accepted because of their durability and compatibility with different brands.

  1. Volvo Construction Equipment

The Volvo assembly’s excavators, wheel loaders, and articulated hauliers can be easily integrated with innovative add-ons. In fact, they are considered the most reliable sources for specialized attachments prepared on demand. Typically, they cover rippers, compactors, buckets, and couplers. Moreover, supports the availability of hydraulic thumbs.

  1. CASE Construction Equipment

CASE manufactures high-performance accessories for loaders and excavators that are easy to install. Obviously, these used attachments for sale cover an extensive range of ruggedness and versatility. 

  1. JCB

JCB offers upgrades to telehandlers, skid steer loaders, and excavators with their approved attachments of breakers, buckets, sweepers, grapples, and forks. They are renowned for compatibility with different models and innovation.

  1. Kubota

Kubota is the leading company that pervades the Houston local and international platforms with buckets, mowers, augers, grapples, and snow blowers. Their add-ons boost the efficiencies of loaders, tractors, and excavators to outstanding levels.

These top brands provide a wide selection of accessories to fulfil construction professionals’ unique and simple requirements. Whether you’re a seasoned company or a start-up, take advantage of these economical and high-productivity parts.

Why Mico Equipment to Purchase Used Attachments 

Obviously, dealers need to carefully examine the addition of extra parts to boost the performance of the existing machinery fleet. Always considered a well-reputed company with an approved entity to support professional assistance. Here, we listed some bright sides of Mico Equipment, which offers several compelling advantages.

Extensive Experience

With over 50 years of legacy in the used construction equipment for sale, Mico Equipment was established in 1965 and proved to be a trusted dealer with high-quality, heavy-duty machines and attachments. Our extensive acquaintance and expertise in this sector deliver reliable products and professional advice tailored to your requirements.

Wide Selection

We provide a diverse inventory of second-hand attachments from top brands. Moreover, providing ample choices based on project requirements and technical specifications. Whether you want to install buckets of different sizes, mighty hydraulic hammers, precise grapples, or drills, Contact us for professional assistance and affordable solutions.

Quality Assurance

At Mico Equipment, we comprehend the importance of excellence and reliability in meeting the challenging dynamics of the construction industry. That’s why our engineers meticulously review and refurbish late-model attachments to comply with stringent quality standards. Trust us to purchase quality-assured attachments in excellent condition.

Competitive Pricing

We strive to provide competitive pricing on used accessories, allowing you to meet the allocated budget without compromising equipment quality. Whether you want to purchase or rent these innovative solutions, join us for cost-effective attributes.

Exceptional Customer Service

Indeed, our dedicated team of specialists is committed to delivering exceptional customer support throughout the purchasing process. From assisting in selecting the correct attachment that is compatible with the application. Also, provide ongoing support after-sale and regular maintenance provisions.

Convenient Delivery Options

Obviously, our convenient delivery options facilitate the provision of attachments at your job site. They are vigilant and professional in deeds with fast delivery time. Whether you are local to Houston or anywhere, contact us for a secure shipment facility globally.

Trusted Reputation

Mico Equipment is the most reputed supplier because of equipment reliability and vigilant customer satisfaction. Our long-standing friendly relationships with previous customers testify to our professional commitment and dedication. When you choose Mico Equipment, you are trusting a partner who is striving to provide excellence in each aspect of quality assurance. 

Upgrade Your Project: with Mico Equipment Perfect Attachment

Are you ready to enhance your project’s productivity and performance? within limited resources. Choose Mico Equipment for a used attachments for sale! Browse our quality products with a wider selection of options. 

We deliver all top-brand designs and approved model records. Contact us now for devoted guidance on streamlining profitable purchases.

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