Use of dump trucks in construction industry

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In the construction industry, one requires a lot of effort and planning to get the job done in a proper manner. Timing is crucial and you would never want to lose track of time while finishing a project. A considerable amount of time is saved if proper construction equipment is used to finish the job at hand. Multiple times, articulated dump truck plays an important role in the completion of construction projects. For those of you who don’t know, articulated trucks are a type of construction equipment that are used to haul different types of materials from one place to another. It is manufactured in such a way that its rear component lifts up to dump the material cleanly and swiftly.

“Where I come from your truck is a reflection of who you are” – Jase Robertson

Some things to keep in mind

There is a lot of variety when it comes to size and model of articulated dump trucks. The configuration, technology, and engineering are what that makes a dump truck different from its counterparts. Often, people are confused as to what might be the most suitable equipment for getting the job done at the construction site.  If you are looking for a used dump truck for sale and are confused about choosing which one, don’t worry! Because today we are discussing some of the most relevant dump trucks that are made to perform efficiently within the premises of the construction industry. However you need to keep some things in mind before you go on a shopping spree. The state and federal weight restrictions or some other frost prohibitions should be kept in mind.

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Common is not better

There is a common perception when it comes to construction equipment made for off road use that bigger is better. This simply means that people believe that equipment having more space or big in size is more suitable as it carries more material – ultimately resulting in a better cost/ton. What you should know is that bulkier machines may have reduced versatility! Therefore, construction equipment that has enhanced versatility as it is scaled up in size is a better choice. Articulated dump trucks are famous for the versatility. Year after year, innovative ideas have engulfed the manufacturers and as a result, we have seen some brilliant models roll out.

Rigid Vs. Articulated?

Every now and then, people also debate about the better type of dump truck – rigid or articulated?  However, according to the officials, this is not really even a topic for debate. The reason is that because these two types are not in competition with each other.  Articulated trucks are meant for rough terrain or off road situations whereas rigid trucks perform best on improved and paved routes. Now that you know about both of these trucks, you can choose according to your needs. As for some of the articulated trucks used in the construction industry, we’ll guide you.

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Hydrema LGP 922D Articulated dump truck

This low ground pressure dump truck is exceptionally impressive on areas that demand low ground pressure such as soft terrains. Combination of a pivot joint unique to this type and wide steering angle provides the best traction possible.  Performance/weight ratio for this construction equipment is the one of the market’s best. All of these indigenous features account for the maximum stability of this dump truck. So if stability is what you are looking for, then don’t look any further. Choose this machine and enjoy what you wished for.

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Doosan DA40 articulated dump truck

Applicable and best suited for working in multiple ground conditions such as mining, excavation, and quarry, DA 40 is regarded as one of the best dump trucks out there. Doosan has taken special care of the operator ease because if the operator’s comfort goes unnoticed, there is definitely going to be an impact on the production capacity. So it doesn’t matter, what ground conditions you are talking about, Doosan DA40 is made to provide comfort and reliability. As the name indicates, the DA 40 has the capacity to carry loads up to 40 metric tons.


CAT 740 articulated dump truck

Having an engine model CAT c18, and a rated capacity to carry payload weighing 42 ton in the US standards, this cat off road truck is an epitome of enhancements and progressive mindset. Loaded with features like hoist-assist system, protection of transmission, an advanced automatic traction control for better stability, this articulated haul truck is able to move a lot of material at a good speed. One of the best features of this construction equipment is a fuel saving economic mode because it doesn’t matter which vehicle you use, fuel efficiency is important.

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Morooka 1500 articulated dump truck

This U.S built articulated truck offers the customer versatility combined with improved performance. An air conditioned and heated cabin is now available with this variant. Features such as video display, easy-to-use controls, and back camera provide the operator with feasibility while doing the work. Rubber tracks, powerful engine, small maintenance intervals, and hydrostatic transmission accounts for its popularity. This all terrain machine is perfect for working in any kind of ground conditions.

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Bell B30E Articulated dump truck

These articulated trucks are built to successfully meet the emission requirements. Coupled with a customer oriented approach and advanced technology, the Bell B30E platform is for those who want to complete the job on time. Infused with software that is targeted towards consumption of fuel and engine power optimization, this articulated truck provides best economics. An automatically engaged inter-axle differential lock is responsible for full automatic traction control. Truthfully, nothing comes close to it in terms of traction.

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Mercedes Benz UNIMOG 430 truck

This series has largely been under the military use but the Australian division of the Mercedes is now trying to market a fair share towards the civilian population. The application sites can be the mining and construction industries. Having multiple attachment areas, it fulfills the call for versatility. Powered by a powerful engine, it is more than capable of carrying loads. Moreover, it can also be used a tractor unit. Its high traction gives it a certain edge over its counterparts.  For you, that means better fuel economics!

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Hitachi AH400 articulated dump truck

With the right formulation of consistently powerful and high torque engines, these dump trucks are known for their smooth shifting and good transmission. Payload to weight ratio is excellent. This dump truck is made for exceptional performance in soft and rough conditions. Good ground clearance and strong suspensions provide the operator with ease and stability of the equipment.  Even after having all of these features it doesn’t miss out on the fuel efficiency part and its electronically managed engines lead to the much demanded fuel efficiency within an articulated dump truck.

Hydrema 912ES articulated dump truck

Having a capacity to carry payload weighing up to 10 tons, this hydrema 912 ES is one of the best articulated trucks.  Maximum uptime and minimum maintenance intervals are due to its heavy duty design. With low ground pressure and high traction to outperform other vehicles in soft terrain, this dump truck is more capable than perceived. Due to a hydraulic stabilizer system, operator ease is evident in all ground conditions. Built with an innovative mindset and made to work passion, this construction equipment has multiple applications.

Now that you know about different types of articulated trucks, you are now free to make your choice. Depending on the type of industry and the work that you have, you can now choose what you think is suitable for you. If you still have any questions or you want to buy any kind of construction equipment, we have got you covered. Just contact us and we’ll be more than happy to help you!

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