Tips for CAT 730C articulated truck acquisition

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Articulated Dump Truck for sale

If you are looking for a secure deal for your next purchase of an articulated truck then a little research and careful inspection will go a long way in providing you a quality machine from the construction business market. As the technology is improving day by day so is it fine to purchase new equipment or is it more sensible to go for a used vehicle in the current market situation. The answer is basically different as per the knowledge of different dealers. Evaluation of the condition of a used articulated truck is a difficult task. This machine is not easy to evaluate just because it is a component-rich environment. A dealer has to go through different things to come up with a conclusive report that includes oil sampling, repair history, who ran it, and who owned it. When you are investing a lot of money then it is important to get the inspection report to see complete details of the machine. When you first approach any articulated truck then the first thing that you must check is its hours and serial numbers. After it, you must start its engine and warm it up to see if it has any kind of physical damage. Look for leaks by spending a little time inspecting each component and finally, you can look at the performance checks. If it is possible then you must place your truck in an uphill situation to make sure that it is shifting properly. This will give you an idea about the performance of the engine because in this situation the engine gives a fuel problem by high smoke or significant lug. You should pay more attention to those machines that have high hours because the higher the hours the more chance that their components might need service or maybe replaced. Most of the articulated trucks have a lifespan of around 9,000 to 15,000 hours and it all depends upon the level of service. There are chances that in this lifespan you might need to replace or repair some of its components. It is stated that now customers are more inclined towards auction buying and they are getting those machines on the basis of hours. If the machines have less than 5,000 hours then it is considered low hours nowadays. Machines that have around 10,000 to 20,000 have chances that they will have components tear and wear. Other factors are important as well to get you an idea and understanding about the used CAT 730C articulated truck that are discussed below in this blog.

Research and Documentation:

Machine’s maintenance records should be kept properly because it is an important asset for the business. The more history of the components is kept in the record the better idea you will have about it when you will be offering it in the market for sale. As per the buyer’s point of view, you should do complete research on the machine by checking the maintenance records as well as check the reputation of the dealer because both these aspects will help you in securing a profitable deal. While doing a visual inspection the first feeling you have is actually the best feeling because at that time you will be noticing all the components with complete focus and will not neglect any kind of broken component. It is important to do a comparison of prices as well so you can understand the current market value. There are multiple companies in the market that post their auction results that include the description of the machine as well. This is considered a fair indicator to know the current market value. 

The assistance of a dealer:

When you are looking to buy heavy equipment for sale and you don’t have enough knowledge about the machine you are looking to have for your business then you can get assistance from an expert technician because it can prove to be a valuable asset. A knowledgeable and experienced technician will not only check the engine motor of the machine but will also check the strength of the gauge fuel system that will give an idea about the overall hydraulic pressure and transmission strength.

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Telematics system:

Doosan is providing a telematics system which is known as The Doosan CONNECT telematics system. This system is provided for 36 months of service and it will provide proper information about the machine and its performance to owners and fleet managers. This technology is considered a worthy one just because the owner or contractor can track the machine through mobile or laptop and see its movement. This minimizes the chances of theft because if anyone will try to steal any component or the equipment then it will give a signal to the owner so he can check it immediately. This system will also provide information that for much time the machine is used, with the help of this data you will get to know that whether the machine is being used too much or too little on the job site. If you have an articulated truck that is sitting on a site and have not being used for a long time then you can send it to another job site to make the most out of it. This telematics data will give you information that where and for how much time the machine is being used for. This will give you an idea about the analytics of the vehicle so you can realize whether you should invest more into your business to get more machines or you should sell some machines from your stock list first to get more capital. 

Operator performance:

If you are looking to offer your articulated truck on a rental basis or for any construction project then you must make sure that the operator who will be handling the machine must be trained and knowledgeable and he must have complete information about the function and operations of the machine. This will directly impact the performance of the operator and machine. 

Now day’s construction equipment dealers are offering these types of articulated trucks in different regions so if you are looking to buy this machine for your business then you must choose the reliable and authentic one to get quality equipment.  

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