The complete specification detail of Cat D400E articulated truck

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cat d400e Articulated Truck

Do you know which machine carries the huge pile of debris after the demolition project is done? Any heavy construction machine that is mostly used on a construction work site is not capable to carry a huge pile of debris from the construction site to the dump yard and for this task; you need a special articulated truck to get the job done. The articulated trucks are not only used by the construction equipment companies to carry debris, but are also used by many huge mining companies as well. The mining firms can’t spend a day without using articulated trucks. This intensive demand shows the importance and significance of articulated trucks. Not only carrying of debris, the articulated trucks are also widely used on the construction site when it comes to hauling other heavy construction equipment from the one place to another. An articulated truck plays a very vital role when it comes to transporting huge heavy construction equipment. The big machines can’t make it all by themselves, even if they can easily move on the roads. The heavy construction machine can move at a shorter distance and they are not designed to get transported on their own. So, it will take many days for an equipment to reach its destination if it has to move all by itself and therefore, the demand of articulated trucks are so high in the whole industry.

Almost all the famous and big brands of heavy equipment manufacturing companies are manufacturing the articulated trucks, but there are few articulated trucks that are simply outstanding when it comes to features, maneuverability and applications. Like, CAT, Hitachi, and Volvo are the well-known companies that have an incredible reputation in the heavy construction equipment market and they have also managed to maintain its market position over the years. Sometimes, these companies just change the ranking position, but they maintain their grip on the market, that’s why they have never faced any extreme fall in terms of sales figure.

Among all the models the Cat D400E articulated truck is the most reliable and work-efficient and we are here to brief you about its complete specification. The total gross and net power of the Cat D400E truck is 405Hp. The overall length of the machine is 34.9ft and the overall width is 11.3ft. The machine’s power is measured at 1700 RPM and it has a displacement of 928.6 Cu in. The height of the truck is 11.7ft, the dump height of the Cat 400E is 22.7ft and the dump angle is 55 degrees. The total number of cylinders fitted in this articulated truck is 6. Now, moving to the fuel capacity of the Cat D400E articulated truck, so its total fuel capacity is around 60 gallons. The total hydraulic system fluid capacity, engine oil capacity cooling system fluid capacity and the overall transmission fluid capacity is 62 gallons, 10 gallons, 20 gallons, and 19 gallons respectively. The truck has 7 forward gears and 2 reverse gears and it has a maximum speed of 35 mph.

The Cat D400E is perhaps one of those high demand products that every owner of a construction firm or a mining company would like to purchase because it is compatible with all types of hauling and equipment transporting projects.

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