Safety awareness tips while using CAT AP1055D Asphalt Equipment

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Used CAT AP1055D Asphalt Equipment

One of the most important aspects that we all should have in mind before using any asphalt paving equipment is safety. In the past years, we have witnessed multiple news regarding the incidents that took place in different construction projects where the operators did not follow safety procedures which caused fatal injuries. Each year there are thousands of incidents reported that involved the operator and it damages the equipment operation and machine. If the operator is using CAT AP1055D Asphalt Equipment then it is important that he has to be experienced and knowledgeable about machine functions and safety options that will help him to perform his task properly. In this blog, we will be discussing different safety awareness tips that will be helpful for the management of the construction business as they will provide information on how they can work in a safe environment. 

Get on and off the machine properly:

Have you ever had an idea that while getting on and off the machine the operators have faced injuries that have caused serious damage to the company? This is one of the most common reasons that cause injuries for the operators of these pieces of equipment. When you are running a paving machine then it is important to make sure that you have mounted it properly and you must exit the machine with complete safety as it is necessary for your safety. The operators must check their boots and gloves and clean the mud from them before climbing to the machine. They must use high grip gloves to have a secure hold. They must use a three-point stance coming and going. Also, they should use large-size footholds. They must engage and use the entire foot and hand and avoid finger-hold grip or toe-hold. If there are no hands or footholds are provided then they must use a step ladder and one thing that they must always avoid is to never carry any object while climbing on the machine. If the equipment requires additional steps or hands hold then the operator must do it. It is the duty of the operator to make it as safe as possible to avoid any kind of mishap while entering or exiting the machine. While exiting it is advised that the operator should never jump and make it their practice to always lower himself in a controlled manner. 

Don’t let people gather in the project area:

When you will ask any operator that is what is their biggest concern while working with any heavy equipment in any construction area then he will let you know about the people that gather near the surrounding of the machine. People always like to stand and watch how the machine is operating. But there is actually no reason for them to come over there and it is habitual for them. This creates chances for these people to face any kind of mishap or injury. People must understand that they should not have to be near the machine and they must stay away from the operating area. It should be forced by the foremen, not the operator as he must ensure that there should be no one near to the machine operating area. When the machine is ready to work then the operator must horn to alert the people so they can move back and if needed then stop the machine and always check on the backside before moving it backward. 

Overhead obstructions:

Be aware of underground utilities and overhead obstructions that mainly include water, gas, sewer, telecom, electrical lines, etc. There should be the proper mark or warning signs on these overhead lines so the operators have an idea about it while entering the work area. It is important to use signs, sawhorses, or barrier tapes for the indication of these obstructions and the management should not take any chances as it will not only secure them but also the people in the surroundings.

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Loading and unloading of machine:

Even when the machine is leveled on the ground, there are chances that it might roll over during loading or unloading. Make sure that the machine is straight and centered on the ramps. There should be enough room provided to maneuver the machine and trailer which is often not easy on those job sites that are tightly compressed. The operators can also use a spotter that will provide them guidance. Before turning it is important to make sure that the machine has cleared the ramps and always keep people away from the sides when the machine is loading or unloading. Always check the trailer stability, clearances, and deck. It is important to look for a proper tie-down process. Always use caution or compression chain binders while opening its handle. Use switch or safety tie wires to ratchet binders. 

Secure paving area properly:

Providing knowledge and training to your crew and staff is just the beginning of the safety process. It is important to have a clean and safe area for the traveling public. If this is accomplished properly then they will have a clear work zone that will be marked with barricades and clear signs that will help the nearby drivers or travelers to understand that they need to slow down or stay out. Contractors of these construction projects must provide a proper traffic control plan for the job sites and they must follow all the standard procedures to avoid injuries or mishaps. Proper reflective safety apparel should be provided to the entire crew member and it should be mandatory for every construction company. If you will take care of all these aspects then it will not only help your staff to stay safe but the general public as well. 

All types of heavy equipment for sale must be handled properly by the operators so that they can perform their tasks efficiently. This will help them to create a safe environment not only for their crew but for the people around them.

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