How to know if a construction equipment is suitable or not?

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There are a thousand factors that need to be considered when you are about to choose the construction equipment for the job at hand. The construction industry has seen changing on a mass scale. With time, the demand changed and in turn supply had to change too. Most of you know that heavy construction equipment is most commonly used to perform any dedicated task at the construction site. The impact increases with the scale of the project. If the project is humongous and needs a variety of heavy construction equipment, then one has to take a meticulous approach when choosing the construction equipment.

“The shortest distance between two points is under construction.” – Leo Aikman

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Considering the economics

If taken a look from another aspect, it also has an effect on the economics of the project. Investor and builders always look for something that contributes towards a better and economical outcome. Hence, the use and selection of appropriate construction equipment is extremely important. Most of the time, one can’t decide which equipment is the best but worry no more because Mico Equipment is here to help you out.  We bring to you some tips so that whenever you are deciding, you can decide wisely.

Changing trends

Globally the trends are different when it comes to using different types of construction equipment such as in some regions construction equipmentused to move material, dominates the market. In some places concrete equipment leads the way. So it pretty much depends upon the use and the requirements. Even these are not accurate. With time and the site of application, fluctuation in norms is evident.

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Identifying the application

One of the first things to do while choosing heavy construction equipment is to identify the type of job. You must think step by step in order to get the best results. Once you have figured out the technicalities, only then you can progress. For example if you plan on doing excavation, you cannot expect articulated truck to do the job for you. So having a sound knowledge about the job is as important as knowing the construction equipment. Landscaping, hauling of materials, excavation, demolition, paving, grading, and planting are all jobs that might need different construction equipment each time. Equipment that can do a variety of jobs such as a backhoe loader has different specifications according to its model. Therefore one needs to know about that specific piece of equipment too.

Utilizing used construction equipment

People usually believe that there are no options other than buying new construction equipment. However, Mico C&E would like to bring this to your attention that you can also choose used construction equipment as an alternative. Although you need to be much more careful when it comes to Heavy Machinery but the benefits are great. Other than this you could also consider getting the old equipment repaired rather than buying a new one. One should know that there are more chances of the depreciation cost of a new machine being greater. Due to this one can expect increased prices.

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Be thorough

One needs to be extremely thorough when he/she is looking for construction equipment. Investigating and researching in an extensive manner might land you people a good match for your requirement. Generally construction equipment companies are quite extensive about their product details and they like to boast about their technical advancements, if any. So, whenever you think about going in that direction, you should always look up what you are getting.

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Conditions matter

Other than finding about the scale and nature of the job you should also know about the area and site conditions. Knowing these conditions is imperative to selecting the right construction equipment. For example, off road truck is a more suitable option when it comes to soft soil or other terrains. Articulated trucks can be used in the same conditions whereas rigid dump trucks do need a smooth road. You can always consult construction equipment companies for more information about the product.

Quality is important

This simply means that you need to buy a quality product. One that is tough enough to get the job done! For this you might require someone to assist you. Usually, having an expert onboard helps a lot. If you have construction equipment that is able to bear the wear and tear or is resistant, means that can be used for a long time – which can actually turn out to be pretty awesome for you.

Common is better

When it comes to construction equipment, common is better. Why? The answer is simple – uniformity. Suppose having a common engine type that can be used in other types of machines too. How awesome is that? You can take a sigh of relief because of this. So be sure to not choose many different types while working for the same project.

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Take the size into consideration

Regarding construction equipment, it is commonly believed that a larger in size construction equipment is better because it will be able to deliver work in larger quantities. However, one should also know that larger equipment might mean slow working, greater maintenance costs, increased maintenance intervals, and all in all greater project costs. Equipment that is able to maintain its versatility as it scales up in size is an ideal one. If you have a project at hand that requires larger equipment then you have no choice but to choose the same. If you have a choice then always try to choose equipment that brings feasibility to the field.


If you are thinking about importing the equipment that is required then you need to buy from a country where the currency rates are rather fluctuating rather than buying from a country where there are stagnant rates. This can land you in a saving zone.

Ponder over the unit cost of production

Whenever you are calculating the cost of purchasing, you should always consider the complete package. Transportation, commission, insurance and all other things should also be noted and accounted for. Sometimes people overlook these things and then regret later on. So it’s better to be careful of things in advance rather than being sorry.

Spare parts availability

It doesn’t matter whatever construction equipment you choose, it is going to need timely maintenance to keep up the production capacity. When any machine is worked with it, is also affected by wear and tear. In that case, spare parts are needed. A machine whose spare parts are easily available in the market is a good one because if anything other than this, you might experience great trouble finding the right spare parts.

So these are some of the things that you need to consider while you are choosing construction equipment. Still, if you have any questions regarding new or used construction equipment, you can always contact us. We’ll be more than happy to help you out.

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