Factors that will influence the choice of CAT 130G Motor Grader

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Cat 130G Motor Grader

When we talk about the versatility and creativity in earthmoving equipment then Cat 130G motor grader has the highest rank without any doubt. This piece of equipment can be used effectively to provide quality in rough grade, spread stone, produce a precisely finished grade, mix aggregate and lay different materials on a road, clear snow, clean or cut a ditch, and slope a bank. If you will add different attachments then it will enhance the performance and will be able to perform new tasks like rip up asphalt, scarify hard ground and doze construction materials. That is why this machine is considered one of the most demanding in the business market. The primary functions of this equipment are to move stone, dirt and can move other material on the sides. When we talk about the basics of this machine then this grading equipment includes a self-propelled moldboard that can be angled easily to left or right and it can even be tilted up and down at the same time. Even it can be pitched forward or backward and can be shifted left or right. The blade of the motor grader is attached with a circle that is located on the long-wheelbase frame. The frame consists of an axle that is located in front. All these features provide stability to the equipment. Experts have said that a motor grader is basically an averaging tool because if the front tires of the machine run overs a 2-inch bump then the front axle helps the machine to raise the front frame by 1 inch. The grading machine has an advanced chassis as well as ample power that helps the machine to move easily in different conditions from drifted snow to overgrown ditches. If the machine is kept on the road for a longer period that may affect productivity but this will be managed if proper maintenance is scheduled every month. There are other factors as well that plays an important role in the success of motor grader. This type of machine has enough weight and power that helps the operator to cut the material through as well as high-intensity engine horsepower and torque that makes it easy to push the blade. Also, the front wheels of the grader can easily be moved left or right that helps to offset the load of material that is put on the blade. Also, its frame can be articulated easily left or right that helps to change moldboard draft and it can extend as well to reach the blade. The end result is the machine which stands in a straight line by itself. By involving all these factors together the machine can provide a finer grade than any other heavy construction equipment. 

The basics of motor grader:

The Cat 130G motor grader can meet almost all the necessary requirements because this type of heavy machinery have multiple functions and mechanical parts like its hydraulic systems, engine, and other major components that enhance its performance. There are many manufacturers in the market that are providing quality graders in the market with unique and multiple features. All the equipment has some variations which make them more special and reliable one to work with.  

Choices of size:

Motor graders are available in different sizes that help them to perform a variety of tasks related to construction jobs like grading residential cul-de-sacs to touching up city alleys and pioneering roads in quarries and forests to building freeways. There are multiple manufacturers that are offering motor graders that have multiple functionalities and unique features. Just like this CAT is one of the most demanding construction companies in the business market where they manufactured and launched a cat 130G motor grader that is capable of doing multiple tasks simultaneously that is why most of the contractors buy this machine to complete their construction project effectively. These machines are categorized into different categories like their size, horsepower, engine type, etc. On most construction jobs, the contractor goes for those machines that are heavy because they have the capability to carry enough material and move it easily from one place to another and it can do proper grading as well. Smaller equipment does not provide you enough horsepower and weight that can complete the tasks in less time. 

Motor Grader’s moldboard:

The moldboard of the machine should be adjusted properly because it is the best fit to perform multiple grading jobs and it enhances the versatility of the machine as well. Its blade is attached to the circle that combines the frame of the machine. It includes multiple hydraulic cylinders which help to lift the circle and the third cylinder shifts circle from one side to another. The gear drive system of the grader helps the blade to rotate 360 degrees. All these features will give you options that can extend its moldboard left or right and it can even swing the blade up to almost 90 degrees and tilt it down to 20 degrees that can easily clean or cut the ditches and shape a bank. The edge can be lowered as well to 32in under the surface; this movement ability provides you different options for tilting and angling the blades. 

Motor Grader For sale

Controls Responsiveness:

The manufacturers have keenly focus to provide controls that should be extra responsive to the handlers and operators can complete the task within less time and increase productivity that is why they have introduced a variable displacement hydraulic pump system which is just the same as used in excavators. If the operators are not using any particular function then the pump will not draw power from the engine. But once the controls are activated then the hydraulic flow will immediately come up that will produce an excellent response. 


An air condition system was also included in the machines due to the heating weather and rough conditions. Also, gauges are easy to access, controls, and switches that helped to take care of the comfort level of the operator. A full-suspension seat with adjustable armrests is also provided along with a steering pedestal that can be adjusted easily as per the requirements of different operators. 

All these factors have created an urgency for the people who are looking to buy such types of heavy equipment for sale in the market because it not only provides the reliability to perform the task effectively but if they will offer this machine to sell in the market then they will get a huge return on investment.

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