Crawler dozers provides productivity boost

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All the brands we have are doing an enormous work in offering intelligent crawler dozer. In the heavy equipment market, the producers have all sort of sophisticated models that will give better results. Their is a new introduction in the bull dozer market. It also lowers the running costs of the users. Now most of the manufacturers have included a lot of horsepower machine from around 130 to 200s. Their is a mid range category which shows a bulk capacity. According to one survey manufacturers consider track type excavator from 130 to 300 horsepower.

Nowadays many crawler dozers provide telematics systems that usually report machine location, fault codes and operating parameters often including fuel use, machine hours, working versus idling time, and in some instances, forward versus reverse travel, which might be important for crawler dozer owners wanting to reduce undercarriage wear by limiting reverse travel. This data typically is available through the manufacture’s secure website. Telematics systems provide considerable benefit for all types of contractors.

Used Crawler Dozer are known for their blades and undercarriage. Although not universally true, most dozers at the lower end of the mid-range category are fitted with inside-mounted PAT blades, while construction equipment generally use outside-mounted straight and semi-U blades, some with proprietary designs aimed at improving the way the blade accumulates and carries the load. In the interest of expanded versatility, however, the PAT blade is now more frequently being offered on larger models.

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