A Guide to Motor Graders

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Coupled with power and innovation, these machines are known for their grading properties. The category of Used construction equipment is incomplete without motor graders. Recently, the focus has shifted towards constructing projects that are large and can serve the needs of a larger mass of people. This thought process combined with re-engineering of construction equipment has led to an increased growth in the motor grader section. This trend is especially evident in those countries that are developing and need to construct highways, roads, dams, and other projects.

“Less is more. I truly believe in buying a few pieces with better construction” – Stacey London

A sustainable future

Basically each country is working towards creating a system that can help its people achieve a more sustainable future. Constructing roads and travel pathways is a major part of it. For those of you who don’t know motor graders are usually utilized for the construction or maintenance of road. Spreading of soil and flattening of the soil is usually done.

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A concern about price

The first and foremost question that everyone asks about the motor graders is that what would be the price of this construction equipment? Well the answer is simple – there is no specific price! It depends on the model and condition. If you are thinking about buying a newer model infused with advancements, you might have to pay more. Worried? Don’t be because Mico C&E wants to tell you that there is another option and that is of buying a cat used motor grader. The price range might fluctuate between $9000 and $440,000. Depending on your feasibility, you can select whichever model or condition you deem fit.

Little more than just economics

You should know that as mentioned there are other aspects that should also be considered in relation to price. Aspects such as the type of engine, incorporation of newer configuration, better technologies, body type, model number, and size of the engine should be assessed and analyzed when you are looking to buy either a new motor grader or a used motor grader.

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A bit of information

Positioned between the rear and front wheel of this construction equipment are long and adjustable metal blades that are used for fine or rough grading. Having three axles, the motor graders have cab and engine placed right above the rear axles. The variety is staggering and that is why we have decided to emphasize on the topic to help you get through this time taking process in an easy manner.

Power of the engine

One of the most important aspects to consider is the engine power. We all know that a powerful engine is imperative to improved efficiency. The same is true in the case of motor graders. Therefore you should check if the engine generates enough power or not. You might think that it is not as necessary but when on the work site, power is what you want because in some ways it can also increase or decrease your project costs. Depending on your work demand, you can choose an engine.

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Applications are important

If you don’t know where do you want to use the motor grader how are you going to determine which one is good for you? So before going on a shopping spree, make up your mind. As you now know that motor graders are not cheap so knowing the scale of the project and the application of the motor grader is going to help you to choose. Different models are better at performing different jobs. Some are good at fine grading while others might be better for other applications.

Know the technology

You should know that construction equipment companies now offer motor graders for sale that are an epitome of progress and operator ease. Now the companies take special care of the comfort and feasibility of the operator. Introduction of newer features such as sensors, telematics systems, and other automated functions has made operating and working with these motor graders easier. On top of all this, platforms such as Cat connect and Komatsu provide an opportunity for you to monitor the health status of your machine, know about its production capacity, and in turn see an increase in the efficiency of the work done.

A step in the right direction

Innovations, as we know have always been directed towards the betterment of mankind and so is the case with the heavy construction equipment. Particularly construction equipment companies such as CAT and John Deere have introduced task oriented functions that make grading more precise and accurate. Due to a more targeted approach, fewer passes have to be made and that proves to be cost effective and time saving, both.

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What makes single construction equipment even better? The answer is its ability to perform more functions. Now one might ask how that is even possible. The answer to that is with the help of attachments. Recently the focus has shifted towards launching motor grader models that are capable of performing multiple tasks with the help of attachments. A ripper, a scarifier, or some other attachments can be added to the rear for a versatile experience. So if you want do more with your motor grader, you can choose different models that can help you out.

Maintenance intervals

No matter what construction equipment you choose, all you want from its use is facilitation and early completion of your project. Achieving this requires minimum maintenance intervals for your equipment. A motor grader that comes with this quality is more beneficial to you than one that is always down. So keep a keen eye on what you are selecting and ask the dealer all these questions. You should also know that timely maintenance leads to enhanced work capabilities.

Buying a used motor grader

The decision of buying a new or a used motor grader rests entirely with you but there are some things that you should look out for before buying used construction equipment. Go around the equipment; take a deep and thorough look. Check for cracks, dents, leaks, rusting, and other issues that you think could have an impact in the long run. After this, take a look under the hood. Check hours, meter readings, working conditions, engine specifications, cab comfort, and transmission. Finally take a test drive if possible. Always keep an expert with you if you don’t have enough know how.

Customer service

There are suppliers out there that are very concerned about their product results and are therefore connected with their customers even after the purchase. These types of suppliers are reliable and would go to any lengths to facilitate you. Mico C&E takes this commitment very seriously and this is the reason that we make sure that our customers are getting their equipment on the promised time. You should also look for such a supplier to ensure peace of mind and equipment durability. Post sale service is an important aspect while purchasing and you should also investigate before you purchase. Make a list of all of these points mentioned and keep it with you while you are searching for a motor grader. Check or cross the category and select the one with the most number of green ticks on the paper. Still, if you have any questions or want to buy new or used motor graders form a trusted supplier, you can contact us. We are available 24×7. Happy searching!

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