5 things to look for when buying a used excavator

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We understand that buying a new excavator is very expensive but the important part is that it is a one-time investment. That’s why you should buy a used excavator for sale. There are many private sellers in the market who can scam you by selling you a defective piece. Just like the other expensive things like cars need a proper inspection of each and every part so does a used excavator needs. This pre-checking of the excavator will ensure that you don’t suffer any loss and that the machine is perfect for ongoing projects or future projects. To make sure this thing you must know five important factors to look at when buying any used excavator or buying any other heavy machinery for sale.

Complete Inspection Of Excavator:

When you buy any used excavator for sale the first thing after choosing the brand that troubles you is whether the machine is damaged or not. To be on the safer side you should properly check the functioning of the machine. Buying a well-maintained excavator will help you in investing your money in the right place. There are some important parts of an excavator that should be well functioning. They are as follows:

1.     Fluid Checking:

Fluid checking is very crucial when buying a used excavator or any other heavy machine for sale. To check the engine condition it’s always good to take some fluid samples and test it yourself. There will be different results when you will test. If you find the engine a bit cloudy and dirty it can be a cooling system issue in the engine. If you find the engine a bit watery or greyish then it can be a major engine issue. So it’s always preferable to carry oil samples for testing different parts of a used excavator.

2.     Tires:

Tires play important role in the smooth motion of any excavator or any other heavy machinery. That’s why when you purchase a used excavator for sale you should examine its tire carefully. Make sure to ask about the hour life of the tires. On average, excavator tires have an hourly life of around 5,000 hours, but if you want to have a premium tire with an extended duration for your excavator you can buy them but they are a bit expensive. Some best names for excavator tires are Hitachi and Michelin’s tires having 7,000 hours of durability.

3.     Undercarriage:

Proper examination of the undercarriage is very important when you buy an excavator for sale because it’s the spot where all the essential parts of an excavator lie. It’s perfect for you if that’s in good condition otherwise its repair can cost you handsomely. While checking undercarriage make sure that the rollers roll smoothly, also make sure that sprockets have some lifetime left and the total number of track plates are perfect ensuring that none has been removed.

4.     Hydraulic Leakages:

When you buy a used evacuator make sure to check its hydraulics carefully because if there are a number of leakages it indicates that the excavator is not well maintained. Make sure to check all cylinders, hoses, and lines to see if there is any leakage. If you find a little leakage at any spot it does not mean that the machine is damaged. It’s common that hydraulics gets damaged by the time and needs timely maintenance or any replacement of the damaged part. But if there is a leakage is present then it must be repaired so that the machine can work with its full capacity.

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Maintenance Cost:

Whenever you purchase any heavy machinery for sale you always prefer a machine having an affordable maintenance cost. Similarly, while buying a used excavator make sure that it includes a warranty or service package. You should consider the ongoing cost of maintenance. It’s vital to consider the approximate cost of the repair of the possible wear and tear and the regular maintenance of different parts and fuel. Timely maintenance not only increases its durability but also makes it easier to sell in the future.

Consulting An Expert:

Not every person knows about the qualities of the perfect excavator that is why it’s important to consult with a person who has experience in buying heavy machinery for a long. This will prevent you from buying an excavator according to your project’s requirements. Someone having every minor detail about the model you are willing to buy can help you much better. Even someone who repairs the excavators and checks their functionalities can help you.

Final Testing Drive:

After examining all the possible wear and tear in the excavator internally and externally you should try a testing ride and have an overview of its working. This will clear your inspection more as you will be running the excavator testing the hydraulics, attachments, and all the cab accessories making you familiar with the machine. It will clear the whole picture of that excavator for you so you can make smart decisions. It will give you a feel that you are operating the machine at your site and will get to know the minor issues which you don’t get to know if you did not take a test drive yourself.

Smart PPSR Checking:

Most of the time people purchase heavy machinery for sale from the well- known brands so they don’t suffer loss by receiving the damaged machine from the local seller. If in case, you purchase the excavator from a private seller you must ensure that PPSR (Personal Private Securities Register) is performed well. This will ensure that the excavator belongs to that person and in that case you can buy it and become a new owner by doing all the legal processes. Also, check the recent history of the machine to make sure that the machine was maintained up to the set standards. A well-maintained machine is a key to making your money more worthy.

Wrapping it up! It can be said that you should be careful while purchasing such an expensive used excavator because it’s only the single time you are investing your money in the machine. To prevent these purchasing issues while buying a used excavator for sale or any other heavy machinery you should consider all the above-mentioned factors and inspect the excavator fully that will result in a successful purchasing of a used excavator.

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