Tadano Cranes Heavy Equipment

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Tadano Ltd Company started business in 1948 and was founded by Mr. Masuo Tadano. Headquartered in Kagawa, Japan, Tadano Ltd is one of the largest crane manufacturers in the world and this is why it is best-known, or sometimes even only known for their hydraulic Tadano cranes. The company offers a varied product line that includes all terrain, rough terrain, Tadano truck cranes and cargo cranes through its Construction Division. Tadano has potential customers in over 90 countries and they place full trust on Tadano for their reliable products and services.

The company also sells crane-related machines such as self-loaders and aerial platforms, which are also highly profitable products for Tadano. Pneumatic gears and automobile attachments are also manufactured by its Pneumatic Equipment Division. Tadano cranes (specifically the Tadano GT Model) have exceptional performance records and a maximum lifting capacity of 55-80 tons. For half a century, Tadano has been strengthening its position in the domestic construction market by offering modern products outfitted with the latest technologies and facilities. The Mico Equipment Company also has powerful Tadano truck cranes for sale, and any interested buyers can visit our extensive catalog in the cranes for sale section.

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