Komatsu D375-5 Crawler Dozers For Sale

The constructive Komatsu D3755 crawler dozer is powered by a Komatsu Tier 3 Interim built-in engine that delivers the maximum horsepower speed. The crawler dozer has a large and wide fuel tank and its maximum capacity of fuel storage is 12-liter. This large storage feature reduces the 10% fuel consumption rate and gives high performance with full productivity. Its latest hydraulic driven cooling system and powerful two types of transmission systems manage the machine’s constancy and commodity.

The centrally-mounted tilt blade helps in the non-stop working operation with high force and gives a forceful digging option. The Komatsu D3755 crawler dozer is a heavy machine and its operating weight is up to 45,000 lbs and its total lifting power is about 26,000 lbs. The crawler dozer’s unique hood option gives an easier access into the inner machine system. This model of crawler dozer has a trouble-free machine maintenance system due to the improved hydraulic system.

Sold Komatsu D375-5 Crawler Dozers