D6H 03ZF01435 Crawler Dozers For Sale

The Cat D6H 03ZF01435 crawler dozer is a dynamic, work-efficient, easy to handle and comfortable machine, in short, it is the best machine to enhance the speed and performance. The special ISO-mounted operator’s station of the cab has been specifically designed for more expediency and safety. The operator’s cab has some amazing safety measurements because the product’s operator has to continuously work in the unsafe ground field and harsh weather conditions.

You can get the perfect results from the Tier III-certified built-in Caterpillar engine. The machine has huge four giant wheels, so the equipment has an excellent grip control option over any rough terrain. The powerful hydrostatic system along with a potent Drive shaft system of the Cat D6H 03ZF01435 crawler dozer give the non-stop operational work cycle times. It is the highly preferable machine for the grip control option because it has the highest breakout force. The forceful blade attachment has strong pump cylinders, so it can easily lift up massive loads while working on any kind of rough soil condition.

Sold D6H 03ZF01435 Crawler Dozers