Cat D9R Crawler Dozers For Sale

The Cat D9R crawler dozer achieves an 8% boost in power and 15% jump in fuel savings over all the previous generation of crawler dozers thanks to its latest SCR engine - an industry-first powerful Tier 4 Interim treatment for a crawler dozer. Other remarkable features such as huge cylinders and an original equistatic device that easily balance the blade stress. Its sharp blade attachment carry heavy loads without causing any issue and perfect for heavy earth moving jobs.

The Cat D9R crawler dozer was specially designed for tough lifting jobs. It offers up to 16% more power than the 1950K, nearly 91,000 lbs. of strong drawbar pull and a strong robust, box-style C-frame attached to the machine’s body to hold up the extreme blade's pressures.

The D Series of Caterpillar’s dozers are specially built to minimize the overall maintenance time. Strong swing-out panels with heavy-duty pressure-closing latches are attached on a solid, box-style frame that’s particularly designed to give easy access to major key service points, so routine maintenance/repair process can be done in a matter of minutes. Advanced and upgraded environmental control systems and a factory-installed high-frequency radio are also available in the operator’s cab. An automatic hydraulic joystick with flexible push-button controls is also available for blade shake and excellent grading process that also assist simplify the work- operation.

Sold Cat D9R Crawler Dozers