Cat D6MLGP Crawler Dozers For Sale

The strongest Cat D6MLGP crawler dozer has been proven its work efficiency by its non-stop work operational quality. The machine has some incredible user-friendly features like an improved load management system, an advanced Tier 4 Interim CEGR Caterpillar built-in engine, and a large hydraulic motors and pumps. The Caterpillar’s engine gives the highest horsepower speed that helps in the smooth work operation.

A new driver’s cab-forward design and a unique sloped hood give the machine’s operator a crystal-clear visibility of the front and backside and maximum view of the blade attachment. The other standard features include ProCare™ product support, self-cleaning track covers, shuttle sensitivity and adjustable shuttle settings. The steering sensitivity matches the Cat D6MLGP crawler dozer equipment overall performance to the particular ground conditions. The sloped hood area and advance operator’s cab design increase the blade visibility and product’s ride quality. The Mico Equipment Company sells and distributes new and second-hand Caterpillar crawler dozer at a competitive cost price.

Sold Cat D6MLGP Crawler Dozers